Shot Blasting Machine for Sale in Thailand

The shot blasting machine for sale is hot sale equipment in our company. It can clean the road surface, remove impurities, steel rust, and paint. The customer from Thailand wants to buy equipment for steel plate rust removal, our sales manager recommended YG-550 shot blasting equipment for him. Can fully meet his needs. The customer is very satisfied with the machine and paid the full price.

The industrial shot blasting machine sent to Thailand contains the main engine, dust collector, pipeline, and other accessories. Because the measure of products is bigger, we had loaded them into two containers. shot blasting equipment and pipes are in one container, and the other contains a dust collector and random accessory. For more information and shot blasting machine prices, you can send an email to I will reply promptly.

Industrial Sandblasting Equipment
Industrial Sandblasting Equipment

Shot Blasting Machine for Sale
Shot Blasting Machine for Sale

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Floor Shot Blaster Parameters:

Model YG550/600(Double) YG-850(Double)
Shot Blasting Wheel Diameter 200 mm
Working width 550/600 mm 800 mm
Walking speed 0.5~33 m/min
Concrete surface cleaning efficiency ≥400 m2/h ≥600 m2/h
Steel plate surface cleaning efficiency 75-100 m2/h 100-160 m2/h
Dust connection pipe diameter 150 mm
Suggest the diameter of steel balls 1.5-1.8 mm
Steel pill consumption 10 g/m2
Supporting dust collector Eight-core automatic backflush vacuum cleaner
Shot wheel motor Power consumption 11*2 kW 15*2 kW
Input Current ≤ 22*2 A ≤ 28*2 A
Walking motor Power consumption 1.5 kW
Input Current 3 A
Size (mm) 1950*720/775*1400 1950*1020*1550
Weight 570 kg 700kg
Power connection requirements 400V, 50Hz, 100A, CEE socket

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Application of Shot Blasting Machine for Sale:

  • Clean up and grind the asphalt pavement, improve the friction of the road.
  • Remove old marking lines on the road surface.
  • Remove tire tracks from the airport surface.
  • Trust and roughen the surface of ships and steel plates.
  • Solve the problem of cracking, loosening, and unevenness of the waterproof base.
  • Apply to tunnel maintenance and industrial anti-corrosion treatment.
Concrete Shot Blasting Equipment
Concrete Shot Blasting Equipment

Bridge Shot Blasting Equipment
Bridge Shot Blasting Equipment

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What are the types of shot blasting machines?

There are many types of shot blasting machine for sale:

  1. Roller-through shot blasting machine for sale can be used to clean the surface of steel plate, steel structure, steel pipe outer wall, channel steel, H-shaped steel, steel wire rod, and other workpieces.
  2. Pavement shot blasting machine can be used for roughening cleaning of bridge decks, tunnel pavements, highways, bridges, etc.; cleaning of steel plate surface rust; cleaning of epoxy floor; cleaning of airport, tunnel, asphalt road markings, etc.
  3. A stone shot blasting machine is used to cleaning the surface of marble, granite, quartz stone, Dutch brick, sidewalk brick, curbstone, cement board, etc., to increase the coefficient of friction and improve the sliding resistance.
  4. The hook shot blasting machine is used to clean up large castings with complex and irregular structures.
  5. A crawler-type shot blasting machine is used to clean up structural parts such as pipes, valves, etc. that have small sizes and weights for a single workpiece.
Shot Blasting Machine
Shot Blasting Machine

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Application areas of Shot Blasting Machine for Sale

  1. It can be used in the manufacture of bearings. Generally speaking, the bearing surface is required to be smooth. Shot blasting can be used to remove burrs and impurities. Used to reduce the fatigue life of parts, increase different surface stresses, increase the strength of parts, or prevent fretting.
  2. It can be used in shipbuilding. Most of the steel plates used in shipbuilding have rust, and the rust removal operation can be done well by using shot blasting.
  3. It can be applied to the manufacture of automobiles. Many steel plates and castings used in automobiles require polishing, but they need to be able to maintain the original shape and strength of the plate. The shot blasting method can be used to polish without physical damage. , To achieve the purpose of strengthening the workpiece.
  4. It can be used in the manufacture of hardware products. Shot blasting machine for sale can meet the requirements of flat, smooth, and clean hardware.
  5. It can be used in the field of motorcycle accessories manufacturing, usually using roller-type equipment to complete the shot blasting operation.
Shot Blasting Machine Price
Shot Blasting Machine Price

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As a professional manufacturer of road machinery, YG Machinery can provide you, besides shot blasting machine for sale, with many products, such as sandblasting machine, mortar sprayer machine, mini concrete pumpshotcrete machine, floor grinding machine, hydraulic rock splitter, concrete trowel machine, asphalt recycling machine, pile breaker, fog cannon machine, road marking machine, asphalt crack filler machine, road roller machine. To get the shot blasting machine for sale price, you can click the message box below or add  WhatsApp +8613598866720.

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