Small Directional Boring Machine | Mini Horizontal Directional Drill for sale

A small directional boring machine, also known as a horizontal directional drill or HDD, is a powerful piece of equipment used in underground utility installation, replacement, and repair projects.

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mini-directional drills
mini-directional drills

Small Directional Boring Machine For Sale

Here are some things that a small directional boring machine can do:

  1. Install new underground utility lines: A small directional boring machine can be used to install new utility lines, such as water, gas, and electrical lines, by drilling horizontally underground without disturbing the surface.
  2. Replace damaged utility lines: In cases where existing underground utility lines are damaged or need to be replaced, a directional boring machine can be used to install new lines without the need for extensive excavation.
  3. Repair utility lines: Small directional boring machines can also be used to repair damaged utility lines by creating access holes at the site of the damage, allowing for easy repair.
  4. Install conduits and cables: The machine can also be used to install conduits and cables for telecommunications and fiber optic networks.

Overall, a small directional boring machine can provide a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution for underground utility installation, replacement, and repair projects, while minimizing disruption to the surrounding environment.

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Technical Parameters of small hdd drilling machine

Model YG-160
Engine power 48kW, 65HP
Rated torque 3200 N.m
Max diameter 50 – 500mm
Max push &pull speed 10m /min
Max inclination angle 22°
Walking speed 2 km/h
Drill distance 10 – 200 m
Weight: 2300 KG
Machine Size 3800 x1600x 1800mm



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Small directional boring machines, also known as mini-directional drills, offer several advantages over larger machines:

  1. Compact size: Small directional boring machines are designed to be compact, making them ideal for tight or narrow spaces where larger machines may not fit. This makes them ideal for use in urban areas or areas with limited access.
  2. Maneuverability: Due to their small size and weight, mini-directional drills can be easily maneuvered into position and operated in areas with limited access. This allows for precise drilling and reduces the risk of damage to surrounding structures.
  3. Cost-effective: Small directional boring machines are generally more cost-effective than larger machines, making them a good choice for smaller projects or contractors on a budget.
  4. Reduced environmental impact: Because mini-directional drills are smaller and lighter than larger machines, they generally have a smaller environmental impact, including less noise and fewer emissions.
  5. Increased productivity: Mini-directional drills are designed for quick set up and operation, allowing for increased productivity and reduced downtime on the job site.
Small directional boring machine
Small directional boring machine

Small directional boring machine
Small directional boring machine

What is the Small directional boring machine price?

The price of a small directional boring machine can vary widely depending on various factors such as brand, model, features, and location. It is recommended to do thorough research, compare prices from different sellers, and consult with experts before making a purchase decision. If you want to get a quote, please leave your requirements here. Our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible. Click the button to get the drill rig machine’s price.

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