Road Line Marking Machine

Road line marking machine has the highest quality and perfect performance on highway, airports, parking, road construction and more. LineLazer series of line products are improved continually to meet the ever-changing needs of the road marking industry, bringing affluent benefits to professional marking contractors. Graco LineLazer is a unique professional airless road marking system, this system has revolutionized the pavement marking industry. Airless spraying refers to the spray material is atomized by high pressure and applied to the surface of road.

Graco Road Marking Machine
Graco Road Marking Machine

Parameter of Graco 3400 Road Marking Equipment:

Model Graco Linelazer 3400
Maximum nozzle size 0.027
Maximum pressure psi(bar) 3300(227)
Maximum flow lpm(gpm) 2.8(0.75)
Engine displacement cc(hp) 120(4.0)
Weight kg(lbs) 65(145)
Hose 6.4mm*15m
Fuel tank capacity L(gal) 2.5(0.66)

As a single-gun professional performance device, the LineLazer 3400 is the preferred choice for small parking lots, seal coating contractors, schools and so on.

Features of 3400 Road Marking Machine for Sale:

  1. Handle bars are designed for more comfort, the control deviceis on the handle bars, the operator can control the machine better without stopping production.
  2. Swivel front wheel makes striping up to the curb easier. Stripe arcs and curves with ease.
  3. The design of tapering lock bolt provides a reliable guarantee for long-term operation.
  4. Electronic pressure control canimprove marking quality.
  5. High qualityChromex pump is ideal for low to high viscosity traffic paints spraying in the most demanding striping applications.
Road Marking Machine Cold Paints
Road Marking Machine Cold Paints
Road Marking Machine
Road Marking Machine

Parameter of Road Line Marking Machine:

Model Graco Linelazer 3900 Graco Linelazer 5900
Maximum nozzle size 0.036 0.043
Maximum pressure psi(bar) 3300(227) 3300(227)
Maximum flow lpm(gpm) 4.7(1.25) 6.0(1.60)
Engine displacement cc(hp) 120(4.0) 160(5.5)
Weight kg(lbs) 96(212) 105(232)
Hose 9.5mm*15m 9.5mm*15m
Fuel tank capacity L(gal) 2.5(0.66) 3.6(0.95)
Dimension(L*W*H) 1651mm*813mm*1016mm 1651mm*813mm*1016mm

The models of Graco LineLazer 3900 and Graco LineLazer 5900 are the clear leader in two guns road marking equipment, the special design can achieve the most precise and consistent lines in the road industry. Those spraying materials can be used, such as most heavy, low volatile organic compounds, waterborne and rubberized traffic paints. Both models of the machine are ideal for the mid to heavy-duty striping solution for professional contractors, they are applied in large parking lots, city streets.

Advantages about Graco Linelazer 3900/5900:

  1. Advantage drive system: heavy duty clutch can adjust and align automatically for extending life; hardened gears are durable for efficient operation.
  2. Lightweight gun fixture device: minimize spraying activity caused by uneven ground; durable extruded aluminum design; spring cable can prevent the gun from closing actively.
  3. Advanced damping system: reduce engine vibration and improve marking quality.
  4. Easy out filter: filter from inside to outside; easy to take out filter cap and filter together; flush quickly.
  5. Spray gun rear bracket system: the spray gun is close to the rear axle for spraying straighter long lines and smoother arcs; watch the gun operation more convenient , especially glass bead application; versatile gun bracket can be adjusted according to your working demands.
Line Marking Machine for Sale
Line Marking Machine for Sale

Parameter of Road Marking Machine for Sale:

Model Linelazer IV200HS Linelazer 130HS
Maximum nozzle size 0.047 0.029
Maximum pressure psi(bar) 3300(227) 3300(227)
Maximum flow lpm(gpm) 8.14(2.15) 4.9(1.30)
Engine displacement cc(hp) 200(6.5) 120(4.0)
Weight kg(lbs) 125(277) 108(240)
Hose 9.5mm*15m 9.5mm*15m
fuel tank capacity L(gal) 3.6(0.95) 2.5(0.66)

The models of Graco LineLazer IV 200HS and LineLazer 130HS are hydraulic airless marking machine, they can spray the heaviest, low VOC, waterborne and rubberized pavement marking paint. These marking facilities are ideal for large continuous striping construction.

Advantages about Graco Linelazer IV 200HS and 130HS:

  1. SmartControl Digital Tracking: digital pressure display,easy control and operate; provides stable spray pressure and reduces pulsation and line changes.
  2. Chromex pump rod: it is proved mature process, the hardness is 4 times than ordinary chromium.
  3. New cooling fan design: increase more air volume and keep the hydraulic pump cool well.
  4. High capacity cooling system: increase capacity hydraulic fluid tank, sustainable cooling system; improved cooling grid is under the hydraulic cooling box, increase air flow.
Professional Road Line Marking Machine
Professional Road Line Marking Machine

Why the Graco Road Marking Machine Is Popular In the World?

Automatic stakeout system is unique supplied by Graco company, the Graco marking machine can stake out accurately and paint at the same time. This automatic stakeout system can help you solve various puzzles in marking process, reduce workload and increase efficiency. The hand-push road marking machine is equipped with this system,the work efficiency can be increased by 30%. With the help of automatic stakeout system, you don’t need bend over to mark the line, no need read the number on the tape, no need calculate the distance and area.

Graco offers a high-performance ride system that connects to the road marking machine,which can improve the efficiency of marking work greatly. The unique lighting system is adjustable for a variety of low visibility construction conditions. Special engine start system makes the traction reduce 50%, which can prevent the tie rod from breaking. When the weather turns cold, the effect is better than manual traction and electronic start system.

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