Nitrogen generator for sale refers to equipment that uses air as raw material and uses physical methods to separate oxygen and nitrogen to obtain nitrogen. According to the different classification methods, namely the cryogenic air separation method, molecular sieve air separation method (PSA), and membrane air separation method. If you are looking for a nitrogen generator for sale, please leave your message.

PSA Nitrogen Generators Parameters

Nitrogen production1-3000Nm3/h
Nitrogen purity95%-99.999%
Inlet pressure≥0.6mpa
Nitrogen outlet pressure0.1-0.65Mpa
Dust particle size≤0.01um

Carbon molecular sieve has a service life of more than 5-8 years.


PSA Nitrogen Generator for Sale

The PSA nitrogen generator is a nitrogen production equipment designed and manufactured according to pressure swing adsorption technology. The nitrogen generator uses a high-quality imported carbon molecular sieve (CMS) as the adsorbent and uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) at room temperature to separate air to produce high-purity nitrogen. Usually, two adsorption towers are used in parallel, and the imported PLC controls the imported pneumatic valve to automatically operate, alternately perform pressurized adsorption and decompression regeneration, complete the nitrogen and oxygen separation, and obtain the required high-purity nitrogen. Click here you can check our nitrogen generator for sale.

Nitrogen Generation System Composition:

PSA nitrogen production equipment is composed of a compressed air source, air purification system, and PSA nitrogen production device. Now contact us to get a cheap industrial nitrogen generation factory price.

  1. The compressed air source is a screw air compressor. Smooth and reliable operation, low noise; low exhaust temperature and clean exhaust; easy operation and convenient maintenance; compact structure and small footprint.
  2. The air purification system is composed of C-level filters, refrigerated dryers, T-level filters, A-level filters, activated carbon filters, and air buffer tanks.
  3. PSA carbon molecular sieve nitrogen production device is mainly composed of adsorption tower, pneumatic, and control system, electrical control, etc.
  4. The electronic control system is the brain of the PSA nitrogen generator for sale, which controls the operation of the entire nitrogen generator and can display the instantaneous flow rate, cumulative flow rate, and nitrogen purity of nitrogen. If the user needs it, the communication module can be carried to output the collected nitrogen flow, pressure, and purity signals to the user’s computer through the communication interface.

Application Field of Nitrogen Generator

  1. Electronics industry: Nitrogen protection for the production of semiconductors and electronic components.
  2. Heat treatment: bright annealing, protective heating, powder metallurgy machine magnetic material sintering, etc.
  3. Food industry: Equipped with sterilizing filters, which can be used for nitrogen-filled packaging, food storage, fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables, wine, and preservation.
  4. Coal industry: the underground explosion-proof box fires fire every day.
  5. Chemical industry: nitrogen blanketing, replacement, cleaning, pressure conveying, chemical reaction stirring, chemical fiber production protection, etc.
  6. Petroleum and natural gas industry: petroleum refining, leak detection of nitrogen filling purge box for container machine pipeline. Nitrogen injection for oil production.
  7. Pharmaceutical industry: Nitrogen-filled storage of Chinese and Western medicines, the pneumatic transmission of nitrogen-filled medicinal materials, etc.
  8. Cable industry: production of protective gas for cross-linked cables.
  9. Others: metallurgical industry, rubber industry, aerospace industry, etc.

Industrial Nitrogen Generator Price

The price of the nitrogen generator is related to the nitrogen output, nitrogen purity, nitrogen dew point, and the configuration of the nitrogen generator. A complete nitrogen generator system includes an air compressor, gas storage tank, dryer, filter, nitrogen generator, nitrogen Storage tank, etc. The main factors affecting the price of nitrogen generator for sale are as follows.

  1. How big an industrial nitrogen generator is needed?
  2. What is the purity of the nitrogen generator required? Generally, the purity of the nitrogen generator is 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%.

Advantages of PSA Nitrogen Generator:

  1. Nitrogen purity is stable: completely monitored and displayed by the instrument to ensure the required nitrogen purity.
  2. Reliable performance: imported microcomputer control, fully automatic operation, no need for special training operators, just press the start switch, it can automatically run, to achieve continuous nitrogen production.
  3. Low cost: The advanced PSA process is a simple nitrogen production method. It uses air as raw material and consumes only the electric energy consumed by the air compressor. It has the advantages of low operating cost, low energy consumption, and high efficiency.
  4. It has a large adsorption capacity, high compression resistance, and long service life.
  5. The equipment is compact in structure, skid-mounted as a whole, and occupies a small area. No infrastructure investment is required, and the investment is small. Nitrogen can be produced by connecting the power supply on-site.
  6. Convenient and fast nitrogen production: Advanced technology and unique airflow distributor make the airflow more evenly distributed. The carbon molecular sieve can be used efficiently and qualified nitrogen can be provided in about 20 minutes.

How to Extend the Service life of the Nitrogen Generator for Sale?

  1. It is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the supporting cold dryer, suction dryer, and other equipment, and the operation must be carried out in accordance with the instruction manual. The normal operation of air drying equipment is critical to nitrogen production equipment.
  2. Check the purity, gas production, and other performance indicators of the nitrogen-making equipment; check whether the oxygen meter (oxygen analyzer) equipped with the nitrogen-making equipment is working properly and whether the oxygen electrode needs to be replaced.
  3. The pipeline filter should be checked regularly and the filter element should be replaced on time. The service life of the filter element is generally 2000-4000 working hours (depending on the air quality of the equipment used); the activated carbon in the activated carbon filter must be replaced for 7000h; gas storage The tank should be drained regularly.
  4. If a large amount of powder is found at the outlet of the nitrogen generator, it means that aging or pulverization has occurred, and it needs to be dealt with in time and the equipment filler should be replaced. Click here you can check our nitrogen generator for sale.

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