Road shot blasting equipment
Road shot blasting machine

New order! A client from Romania ordered 5 sets of road surface shot blasting equipment this Monday. Customers will receive the goods in about 30 days, looking forward to customer feedback. Here, let me introduce this road shot blasting machine to you.

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What is a concrete road surface shot blaster?

The road surface shot blasting equipment is mainly used for asphalt pavement to treat the surface roughness, further improve the adhesion of the road surface, and ensure safe driving. At the same time, asphalt fixing devices (such as oil, engine oil, etc.) have nowhere to escape, thereby improving the anti-skid performance of the road surface. The application of shot blasting technology in steel bridge anticorrosion coatings cannot be denied.


Concrete pavement shot blasting machine is widely used in sandblasting treatment of concrete floors, ship plate steel plates, expressway concrete pavement and bridge waterproof and anticorrosion. There is no dust pollution in the whole process, which can effectively remove laitance and ground stains. It can also be used to remove hardened floors and terrazzo floors; it is widely used in the field of steel plate methane derusting treatment.

The surface of the concrete pavement treated by the shot blasting equipment is smooth and bright, which can effectively improve the adhesion of the material.

floor shot blaster | shot blasting equipment
floor shot blaster


The main components of the shot blasting machine for concrete pavement are composed of cleaning room, roller conveyor, shot blasting machine, shot circulation system (including elevator, separator, longitudinal screw conveyor and shot blasting supply pipeline), dust removal, cleaning system, electrical control, and others components.

  • Clean room: The clean room is a box-type welded structure with a large-capacity cavity, and the inner wall is lined with a special wear-resistant maintenance plate. The cleaning operation takes place in a closed chamber.
  • Roller conveyor: This type of roller is divided into indoor conveying roller and loading and unloading section conveying roller (frequency conversion control). The surface of the indoor roller table is covered with high chrome wear-resistant sheath and limit ring. The high chromium wear-resistant sheath is used to maintain the roller table and withstand the impact of projectiles. The limit ring can make the workpiece run according to the predetermined position, so as to avoid errors and accidents.
  • The crane is manufactured with Swiss GB technology. It is mainly composed of upper drive, lower drive, barrel, belt, hopper and so on.
  • The dust removal system includes dust collectors, fans, fan pipes, connecting pipes between the dust collectors and the host, fans, etc.
  • Electrical control: The electrical control system adopts conventional control to realize complete machine control. It uses domestically produced high-quality electrical components, which have the advantages of high reliability and convenient maintenance.

Advantages of concrete pavement shot blasting equipment

  1. Waterproof and anti-corrosion shot blasting equipment, waterproof and anti-corrosion pretreatment equipment;
  2. Economical and practical, easy to operate; the ground treatment is completed at one time, and the work efficiency is high;
  3. The size of the steel shot, the size of the flow, and the walking speed can obtain different ground treatment effects;
  4. The concrete road shot blasting equipment walks actively, and adjusts the walking speed according to the road conditions; equipped with a professional vacuum cleaner, which can actively recover the steel shot and the waste generated by the treatment. There is no pollution and discharge during the entire operation process, and there is no residue on the surface after treatment. No need to process it again.

How to choose a shot blasting machine manufacturer?

  1. On the home page, we can first check the professionalism of the following companies or whether there is any negative information from the Internet.
  2. Second, telephone communication to judge whether the technology is qualified.
  3. Third, on-site inspection, which is also the most critical one, we can go to the factory to see if they have the strength to produce, and see if they have the ability to provide after-sales service.

How to distinguish the quality of the shot blasting equipment?

  1. Good equipment starts with a light sound and low noise.
  2. The appearance is exquisite, and the quality of the paint spraying is qualified. The equipment made by big manufacturers usually has a very delicate appearance.
  3. Whether the wearing parts of the equipment meet the standards and whether it is easy to replace

What is the difference between a shot blasting machine and a sand blasting machine?

Both shot blasting machines and sandblasting machines are equipment for surface rust removal and surface roughening, so what is the difference between them? Here we will answer for you.

  1. First of all, the sand blasting machine uses compressed air as the power, and the compressed air impacts the surface of the workpiece with sand to achieve the effect of polishing the surface of the workpiece, while the shot blasting equipment uses an electric high-speed impeller to project steel sand and impact the surface of the workpiece to achieve the effect of cleaning the metal surface. Purpose.
  2. Secondly, sand blasting machines generally use high hardness and wear-resistant materials such as corundum and emery, and shot blasting machines use special metal particles for shot blasting.
  3. Third, the surface hardness obtained by the sand blasting process and the shot blasting process is different, and the surface of the shot blasting workpiece has a more hardening effect.
  4. Fourth, the general wear-resistant materials of the sandblasting process cannot be recycled, and it is troublesome to clean up the site, and the operators must wear special sandblasting clothing. The advantage of low price. The shot blasting equipment has a relatively high degree of automation, good cleaning effect, can realize assembly line operation, abrasive materials can be recycled again, and has little environmental pollution.

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