Concrete Floor Grinder Machine

The concrete floor grinder machine is popular in the road industry. The weight of the floor grinding machine is different according to a different area. Some floor grinding machines are too heavy to control, workers are unbearable in high labor intensity and dusty construction environment. If you want to operate easily, the concrete polishing equipment can meet your needs. As large-scale equipment, the intelligent concrete grinding equipment not only has an intelligent floor grinding method but also supports the dust-free floor construction concept. It can create a dust-free, healthy, and easy construction environment for workers.

Concrete Floor Grinder Polisher
Concrete Floor Grinder Polisher

Parameter of Concrete Floor Grinder Machine:

  • Model: YG-380
  • Grinding width: 380mm
  • Working speed: 900r/min
  • Power: 4KW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Electric current: 8.8A
  • Dust collector power: 0.75 KW
  • Max. Airflow: 180 mm3/h
  • Max. Pressure:  220 bar
  • Dust collector Voltage: 380 V
  • Dust collector Electric current: 3A

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What is a Concrete Floor Grinder Machine?

The Intelligent concrete grinder polisher is mainly used for grinding ground in our company. It can effectively polish terrazzo, concrete surface, epoxy mortar layer, and old epoxy floor. After grinding and solidification, the concrete floor becomes more flat, resistant to pressure and wear, as bright as a mirror, and easy to clean. The cement floor grinder is equipped with a special grinding disc, and can also be used for floor renovation and polishing in different areas. The multifunctional concrete polishing equipment is a true multi-purpose tool and an ideal machine for floor treatment.

Features of Concrete Floor Grinder Machine:

  1. The machine is movable, light, flexible. It is the best choice for epoxy construction.
  2. The dust removal device of the floor grinder can do dust-free work during the construction process, and it is superior to the water grinder.
  3. High work efficiency, good grinding effect, reduce the wasting material.
  4. Long service life, the rubber connector is connected to the sand disc, which can avoid vibration caused by mechanical abrasion.
  5. Leakage protection devices can prevent electric shock.
  6. Economical: cheap grinding tools and widely grinding area.
  7. The machine can achieve multi-purpose operations.

    Floor Grinding Machine
    Floor Grinding Machine

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How Can the Cement Floor Sander Achieve Multi-purpose Operations?

The truly multifunctional grinding machine can be equipped with different grinding discs according to a different purpose.

  1. Diamond grinding blocks: used to grind the concrete surface and hard resin floor.
  2. Sand disc: used to the epoxy intermediate layer, sand floor.
  3. Diamond disc: used to remove the oily deposits on the surface of the floor, handle floor surface with good flatness, smooth rough surface, or trowel marks.
  4. Epoxy knife: used to handle epoxy floors of 1mm and 1mm or less. The treated floor can be directly painted with a primer. It is a relatively cost-effective and old floor renovation tool.

The Installation and Update about Grinding Disc:

  1. Put the handle of the machine on the floor, so that the grinding disc can be separated easily.
  2. Remove 3 screws on the grinding disc, remove the original grinding disc and install the new.
  3. Tighten the screws with a wrench after fixing the grinding disc.

    Road Grinder Machine
    Road Grinder Machine

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How to Operate the Concrete Grinder Floor Polisher?

  1. Check whether the working direction of the working motor and the dust cover outer the disc is attached to the ground. Press the handle down, make a working plate of the machine is suspended.
  2. Turn on the switch of the working motor, the grinding disc is gently touched to the ground, and the grinding operation begins. (If you want to change the direction of operation, you need to make the motor stop.)
  3. Make the grinding disc off the ground before turning off the switch.


Don’t operate the diamond discs on extremely uneven floor or the ground around with raised objects, such as floor nails, remove them completely before starting work. If not, it can damage and shorten the life of the concrete grinding equipment. The grinding efficiency will be slower when the surface of the grinding discs is stuck with resin and rubbish. Please check and remove the rubbish on time.

Floor Grinder Machine
Floor Grinder Machine

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How to Remove Dust from Concrete Floor Grinder Machine?

If the dust bucket is full of garbage, push and pull the dust putter 3-5 times so that the powder dust will not fall on the ground. Then hold the handle of the bucket and pull the lock, so as to remove the dust bucket from the machine. Finally, install tightly for preventing dust leakage. The normal operation of the machine is inseparable from regular inspection and maintenance. There are some parts that need to be checked: grinding discs, base steel plate, dust cover, and connecting hose, blower, filter, conveyor belt.

Concrete Floor Grinder Machine Manufacturer- YG Machinery

In addition to the concrete floor grinder machine, our company also produce other road machines, such as floor shot blaster, road marking machine, road roller for sale, trowel machine, pile breaker machine, curb machine, asphalt crack filler machine, non-curing spraying machine, vibratory plate compactor, concrete floor scrabbler and so on. Apart from road machinery, drilling rig machinery, steel machinery, construction machinery, and cutting machinery are popular in our company.

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