Concrete Core Drills | YG-20 200mm Concrete core drilling machine

Concrete core drills, also known as asphalt coring equipment, pavement core drilling machine, is an ideal high-efficiency electric tool for building and construction quality inspection for coring and drilling of reinforced concrete.

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Concrete core drills | 4-8 inch Concrete Core Drill Bit for sale

How do drill holes in concrete with safety and precision? The answer is using a trade-quality core drill from the huge range at YG Machinery. The power tools from YG Company – Concrete core drills – are one of the best concrete drills from leading brands like Weka, Bayer, Husqvarna, and Ramset.

Main Structure of Concrete Core Drills

The structure of the coring machine is very simple. It consists of three parts: a bracket, a walking device, and a drilling rig. The bracket mainly supports the rig. Three wheels make walking more convenient. The handle can adjust the drilling speed.

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Concrete Core Drills Parameters

Model: YG-20
Hole Depth: 200mm
Maximum Borehole: 700mm
Speed: 800-1200r/min
Power: 13HP
Dimension: 10807801150mm
Weight: 140kg

Core Drilling Rig Machine

Features of Concrete core Drills Rig for Sale

  1. Adopts double-column structure, spiral feeding method.
  2. Has the advantages of good stability, simple and labor-saving operation.
  3. Beautiful appearance, strong and durable, easy to start.
  4. High drilling efficiency, good hole formation quality, no damage to the road.
  5. Uses ultra-wear-resistant chromium column, service life is 5 times of ordinary material.
  6. High-grade aluminum thickened walking wheels make walking more brisk and stable.
  7. Adjusts the height of the four bottom angles for drilling in various sites.
  8. Uses ultra-high finish ball screw and thread mother, makes the rise and fall particularly smooth and labor-saving.

Applications of Concrete Core Drilling Machine

There are two main applications for the concrete core drills rig machine. One is for drilling on the horizontal plane, which is suitable for drilling in bridge and integrated building pile foundation, installing spike and road pile, etc. The second is for coring, which is suitable for a test in the pavement, and it has been widely used in testing centers in various places.

Concrete Coring Machine
Concrete Coring Machine

Why Drill Cores in the Bridge?

Bridge handrails and traffic safety bars are designed to protect people’s safety, they need a certain depth of holes to support, otherwise, they are easy to fall. The purpose of the bridge guardrail is to prevent out-of-control vehicles from getting out. It also has the function of beautifying the bridge construction.

During the construction of the guardrail, the engineer should grasp the information on various facilities accurately, especially the exact locations of various pipelines. No damage to underground facilities is allowed during construction. When the drilling core is too deep, the column cannot be pulled out for correction. It needs to pull out the rest, and consolidate the foundation, or adjust the position of the column.

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Why do a Coring Test?

For new roads, the engineer will check whether the road is qualified. So how does it reach the standard? Workers usually adopt road coring methods. It will test the sample to determine if the road is eligible. Core testing items for concrete pavement mainly include pavement thickness, compaction, flatness, anti-sliding, and water seepage performance. These have a greater impact on the strength and durability of asphalt pavements. Contact us to get the concrete core drills machine price.

How to Operate Concrete Core Drills Machine?

  1. Install an appropriate asphalt drill bit.
  2. Move the drill machine to the workplace. Fix the drill hole with expansion screws, and adjust the anchor screws, so as to make the drill rig stable. Or you can fix the core drilling machine with a sufficiently heavy baseplate, in order to prevent it from moving.
  3. Connect the water source, and check if the water is flowing out.
  4. Start the generator and turn on the circuit switch.
  5. Rotate the handle, drill bit touches the road, and drills coring. When the depth is about 10mm, the handle can be pressurized to speed up the rotation.
  6. After coring, you can keep rotating and raise the drill bit. When it is about 5mm away from the road surface, you can turn off the power.
  7. Remove the fixing bolts, and remove the drilling sample with clamps.


  1. When the concrete core drills are drilling, the feed speed should be uniform, about 3 ~ 5 cm/min. If the drill bit is stuck, the operator should reduce speed appropriately. It needs to raise the drill bit if necessary and then drill slowly, so as not to damage the drill and machine.
  2. During the drilling process, when the motor temperature exceeds 70 ℃, reduce the loading force, and replace a new drill bit.
  3. Prevent the drill from hitting hard objects, and avoid damaging the drill bit.
Asphalt Coring Equipment
Asphalt Coring Equipment

Concrete Core Drilling Machine Manufacturer -YG Machinery

Rock drilling equipment is high-efficiency borehole drilling equipment. It has a wide range for drilling holes, broken concrete or cement, dismantling walls. Rock drilling tools are ideal for mining, energy exploration, road construction, and other blasting engineering. Core drilling rigs can explore metal and non-metal solid minerals. In addition, they also apply for oil and gas field surveys, and water well drilling.

Whether you’re drilling thick concrete and need a powerful three-phase core drill with a 5 kW motor and a multi-speed gearbox, or you just want a handheld drill that’s perfect for residential applications, just leave your needs here, and you will get a reply call soon.

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