Concrete Road Cutting Machine

Concrete road cutting machine is mainly used for cutting off the pits, grooving road, cement products, and slate materials. The pavement slitting machine is widely used in transportation, stone processing, municipal projects, and construction works. It is not only used to repair the road or asphalt pavement but also used to cut concrete, brick, masonry, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials. It is one of the indispensable equipment for pavement maintenance. Click the western message box to get the price or send an email to

Concrete Road Engraving Machine
Concrete Road Engraving Machine

Road Slitting Machine for Sale
Road Slitting Machine for Sale

Parameter of Concrete Cutting Machine:

Model YG-18
Engine Electric Gasoline Diesel
Power 7.5kw 13hp 15HP
Blade diameter 300-500mm 400-500mm 300-800mm
Max.Cutting depth 180mm 180mm 180mm
Water tank capacity 37L 45L 55L
Size 1150*720*950mm 1150*720*950mm 1150*720*950mm
Weight 225kg 255kg 255kg

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How Concrete Road Cutting Machine Works

A concrete road cutting machine is a multifunction road cutting and grooving machine for grooving roads with different blades. Road grooving machine is used for cutting anti-skidding slots in airports, cattle farms, parking lots, flow tanks, floor, concrete pavement, which can make road skid-resistant, wear-resistant, flat. It is also an excellent machine for road construction and maintenance of municipal, industrial, mining, enterprise, and construction units.

Features of Road Slitting Machine for Sale:

  1. Large volume water tank—better cooling for the blade.
  2. The hinged front and lift-up blade guard makes the diamond blade replace conveniently.
  3. An adjustable height handle can easily raise or lower cutting depth.
  4. The thickened frame makes the whole machine stable.
  5. Simple structure, small size, and flexible operation.
  6. High cutting speed, cutting lines are straight and beautiful.

    Road Groove Milling Machine
    Road Groove Milling Machine

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Features of Concrete Grooving Machine:

  1. The machine cuts the anti-skid line automatically, the depth is adjustable, the anti-skid slot is straight, even and beautiful.
  2. It adopts the famous brand spindle drive motor and the stepless variable speed motor, have strong power and superior performance.
  3. The rotary handle wheel has manual locking, which is easy to adjust and the depth of the engraving is consistent.
  4. Equipped with a large-capacity water tank, automatic spraying water to the saw blade during operation, so that the blade life is longer.
  5. The product has the advantages of convenient movement, flexible operation, and high efficiency.
Concrete Road Cutting Machine
Concrete Road Cutting Machine

Road Slitting Machine
Road Slitting Machine

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Factors Affecting Road Cutting Machine:

1. The cutting time has always been a factor to be considered in road construction, cutting crack is an important step in road maintenance. If the slitting time is not properly controlled, it will cause great damage to the next crack repair. If the slitting time is too early, the strength of the concrete is not enough to meet the cutting strength requirement, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of missing corners.

If the time is too late, the stress generated by the temperature cannot be released in time, and when the stress exceeds the limit of the flexural strength of the concrete, the phenomenon of breaking the plate is caused. If any of these two conditions occur, the slit will lose its meaning, so it is very important to accurately control the cutting time.

2. The slitting time has a great relationship with the temperature. At the same time, the different temperatures, the slit will not be the same. Under normal circumstances, the cutting time should not exceed 24 hours. Unreasonable depth of cut seam has a great influence on the construction of the road surfaces and also has a very important impact on the service life of the road, which leads to the mixture not fully utilizing its own potential and causing wasteful resources.

3. Further, if the depth of the slit is too deep during the construction process, it causes a large amount of wear of the saw blade, and wastes a lot of manual labor, and can not achieve the desired effect. If the depth of the slit is too shallow, the panel cannot be broken at the corresponding position.

Road Groove Machine
Road Groove Machine

Working Principle of Road Engraving Machine:

The pavement engraving machine is composed of the main motor, walking part of traveling motor reducer gear, clutch, working lifting device, frame, cooling system, electric appliance, and other main components. The main motor drives the spindle to rotate at a high speed, the handwheel adjusts the depth of the engraving of the blade, and the walking switch controls the automatic walking.

Grooving Machine

In the road construction project, when the road surface is too smooth, the car traveling on the road is very prone to slipping during the operations such as turning and braking, so the road surface structure must be rough by milling, grooving, or others. The groove is a mechanical stripe on the road surface, commonly known as engraving. Because the engraving can make the road surface have a smooth texture effect, it can achieve the purpose of increasing the friction of the road surface and preventing the slip, so the road cutting and the grooving machine has been widely used.

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