Mini Road Roller

With the development of the city, mini road roller is popular in the world. What does the mini road roller do? It is mainly used to repair the pit and cover around the edge, the compaction of the asphalt for small groove backfill, which is applied to asphalt roads, sidewalks, bridges, parking lots, sports grounds and other narrow spaces. YG pavement roller is divided into single drum vibratory roller, double drum roller, ride-on roller.

Walk Behind Road Roller
Walk Behind Road Roller

Full Hydraulic Ride-on Roller
Full Hydraulic Ride-on Roller

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Features of Ride-on Roller :

  1. The working radius is small, and it can work in a narrow area.
  2. Superior performance, easy to start and operate.
  3. The surface is sprayed against rust and corrosion.
  4. Using hydraulic actuator, variable speed, convenient commutation.
  5. The handrail adopts a flat gear adjustment mechanism, which is suitable for workers of different heights.
  6. Low cost, more economical, high efficiency.

YG-600S/600D Road Roller

The YG-600S walk behind road roller is used to compact the asphalt surface, compact gravel, and sand, crush the lawn. The working radius of a single drum road roller is small, the armrest adopts a plane gear adjusting mechanism, which is flexible and convenient to operate for workers of different heights. The walk-behind vibratory roller has a high roadside clearance and a small side clearance, it is ideal for wall and road rock compaction.

The YG-600D double drum road roller can be moved back and forth, has the characteristic of convenient commutation, flexible steering, labor-saving, and convenient operation; the device of “reverse” forced reversing lever makes the operation safer. Its armrests can be erected to reduce transportation space.

Mini Road Roller for Sale
Mini Road Roller for Sale

Paver Compactor
Paver Compactor

Parameter of  Road Roller:

Model YG-600S YG-600D
Power/Speed 5.5HP 6.0Hp / 3600rpm
Walking Speed 2.4km/h 0-4km
Climbing Capacity 25% 30%
Load 45N/cm 45N/cm
Drum Wheel single drum double drum
Drum Wheel Size 426*600mm 450*600mm
Excitation Force 20KN 20KN
Water Tank Volume 15L 15L
Engine Honda GX390 Honda GX390
Engine Type Diesel/Air cooling/4stroke  OHV Single Cylinder Diesel/Air cooling/4stroke  OHV Single Cylinder
Oil Tank Volume 3.6L 3.6L
Package Size 1050*900*1200mm 1050*900*1200mm
Weight 330kg 550kg

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YG-850/880 Ride-on a Roller

The YG-850/880 ride-on a roller has a famous diesel engine, uses international famous brand SAUER hydraulic rotating unit. The handrail adopts a flat gear adjustment mechanism, which is flexible and adaptable to workers of different heights. It adopts international famous NSK bearings, MITSUBOSHI (Samsung) triangle, guaranteeing the working performance of the machine. The ride on roller is compact, small in size, powerful in excitation, and can be moved forward and backward for convenient conversion. Moreover, it has an adjustable folding handle for easier transportation and storage.

Small Road Roller
Small Road Roller

Tandem Vibratory Roller
Tandem Vibratory Roller

Parameter of Ride-on a Roller:

Model YG-850 YG-880
Power 6.0HP 25HP/20HP
Walk Speed 0-4km/h 0-5km/h
Climbing Capacity 30% 30%
Static Linear Load 45n/cm 45n/cm
Exciting Force 20KN 50KN
Vibration Frequency 70HZ 70HZ
Drive Mode Hydraulic Drive Hydraulic Drive
Water Tank 15L 15L
Hydraulic Oil Tank 3.6L 19L
Engine Model Honda GX270 HONDA GX390
Steel Wheel Size 580*700mm*2pcs 800*850mm
Dimension 1550*850*1100mm 2100*1000*1650mm
Weight 750kg 1000kg

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Why is Road Roller Important for Road Maintenance?

  1. The mini road roller machine is very convenient on road maintenance, it is easy to operate for compacting the cement stabilizing layer on the road.
  2. The vibratory roller has a very important role in the edge zone of some groove angles. In fact, when compacting the cement asphalt at the corners, it is inconvenient with a large road roller. In this case, the advantage of a mini road roller is obvious, it is very flexible to finish the work.
  3. When backfilling compaction on pipes, passages, bridges, and others, the large road roller will certainly destroy the structure of these facilities, but this problem will not appear on a small road roller.

How to Maintain Road Roller Machine?

The maintenance of the vibrating drum roller is important, which can increase the life of the machine. The maintenance work includes cleaning the body and fitting accessories correctly.

  1. Clean up the mini road roller: including engine, gearbox, hydraulic pump, tubing connection, etc. Flush the water tank, radiator and cooling passages to monitor leakage and help to enhance heat dissipation.
  2. Pay attention to observe whether the bolts of the connecting parts of the mini road roller for sale are complete. For example, engine claw bolts, drive shaft bolts, gearbox fixing bolts, etc. Fasten the loose bolts in time and complete the lost bolts.
  3. Put butter on each lubrication point, and replace the hand-held roller antifreeze oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, and coolant according to the requirements of the instruction manual. Replace the oil filter, diesel filter, hydraulic oil filter, and hydraulic transmission oil filter as required.
  4. If the road roller is idle for a long time, the water in the engine water tank must be discharged. Especially in the cold winter, the water must be drained after daily work.
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