Yg-18 Pavement Road Cutter Machine is exported to Thailand. Concrete road cutting machine is used for cutting various asphalt and concrete pavements and squares. Factory supply. Good price. 7/24 after-sales services. Contact us to get the road pavement cutting equipment price.

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pavement cutting equipment for sale | road cutter machine
pavement cutting equipment for sale

Concrete Road Cutter Machine for sale

This machine is widely used in cutting operations of asphalt, cement pavement, concrete products, stone, etc. You can use it in many industries such as municipal, construction, building materials, highways, bridges, tap water, heat pipelines, airport construction, etc. It has good dynamic performance and extremely high work efficiency and reliability. Request a quote now.


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YG-18 Concrete Road Cutter for Sale Parameters

Model YG-18
Engine Electric Gasoline Diesel
Power 7.5kw 13hp 15HP
Blade diameter 300-500mm 400-500mm 300-800mm
Max.Cutting depth 180mm 180mm 180mm
Water tank capacity 37L 45L 55L
Size 1150*720*950mm 1150*720*950mm 1150*720*950mm
Weight 225kg 255kg 255kg
Concrete Road Cutting Machine
Concrete Road Cutting Machine

Road Slitting Machine
Road Slitting Machine

Features of Road Cutter Machine

  1. Adjustable or the handle is equipped with a shock-absorbing device, making the operation comfortable and simple
  2. The thick protective steel cover can protect the engine and prolong the service life of the machine.
  3. Save maintenance cost: the fully enclosed belt protection cover prevents the belt from being damaged by dust.
  4. The detachable water tank is equipped with an enlarged water filling port and a quick connector, making water filling simple and convenient.

In short, the pavement cutting machine has the advantages of simple structure, stable cutting, fast speed, and straight and smooth cutting, so it has high efficiency and flexible operation.

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Why do we need to cut the concrete road?

In life, when you walk on the cement road, I wonder if you have noticed that every few meters on the road under your feet, there will be a horizontal slit. And some roads will also have a vertical slit in the middle. Do you know why?

This is because the material used in the road, concrete, will slightly expand and contract due to temperature changes. When the concrete expands or shrinks, it will crack the surface with many cracks. This crack is disordered and irregular. Yes, it is very unsightly like broken mirrors put together.

In order to prevent this from happening, the experts came up with a way—since cracks will definitely occur, and we can’t eliminate them, then simply cut out the cracks according to the aesthetics we can accept. When the concrete expands with heat and contracts with cold, this crack is equivalent to the buffer zone between two adjacent concrete slabs after cutting, offsetting the limit of expansion and contraction of the material itself.

That’s why there are horizontal and vertical gaps that we saw on the road today.

Concrete Cutting Safety Construction Requirements

  1. Before starting, check whether the motor and cables are normal, whether the protective grounding, protective devices, and saw blades meet the requirements, and whether the installation is correct.
  2. After starting, run the road cutter machine with no load first, check the running direction of the saw blade, whether the lifting is flexible, whether the operation is abnormal, and work only after everything is normal.
  3. The cutting thickness should not exceed the machine factory regulations.
  4. Prevent jamming of saw blades, wire saws, etc.
  5. During the concrete cutting operation, if there is an abnormal sound, stop the road cutter machine immediately for inspection, and continue the operation after troubleshooting.
  6. The size of the cut concrete block should be strictly calculated.

Road Cutting Equipment for Sale Price

Although the concrete road cutter machine is a small-sized machine tool, the structure is simple. However, it plays a huge role in the construction of cement pavement, and the cutting joint is also an indispensable link in the construction, which directly affects the strength and life of the pavement. Its working principle is to complete the cutting operation by driving the diamond saw blade with power. If you are looking for a road cutter machine, please leave your name and email below. We will send you the machine details for reference. 

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