Concrete Floor Shot Blasting Machine in South Korea

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Floor shot blasting machine
Floor shot blasting machine

My partener recommend Yugong’s shot blasting machine. The construction period was tight, and the order was placed in a hurry. I didn’t expect the efficiency and speed to be so good!


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Working case: Concrete Floor Shot Blasting Machine for Sale in South Korea

Project: The construction area is 20,000 square meters, and the construction period is urgent.

In order not to affect the normal traffic of the bridge, the road shot blasting machine works 24 hours a day. After several days of construction, the cleaning effect and quality of the road shot blasting machine are very good, which has won praise from customers.

Floor shot blasting machine with dust collector

Road shot blasting machine, concrete surface laitance, impurity cleaning, roughening, special equipment for steel plate derusting! The machine has high cleaning efficiency, good cleaning effect, excellent dust removal effect, safety, and no sand leakage, and effectively reduces the labor intensity of workers.

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The floor shot blasting machine is mainly used in concrete roughening, highway construction, marking cleaning, ship deck derusting cleaning, asphalt pavement cleaning and roughening, etc.

Shot Blasting Machine Price
Floor Shot Blasting Machine Price

floor shot blaster machine for sale
floor shot blaster machine for sale

Floor Shot Peening Machine Parameters


Advantages of the road floor shot blasting machine:

  1. The high degree of automation. The equipment can climb and walk, and the pellets used can be recycled.
  2. No pollution. The equipment is equipped with a dust collector, which can recover dust for purification.
  3. Low energy consumption. Only 0.2 yuan of electricity is charged per square meter, which can save hundreds of thousands of loss costs for enterprises every year.
  4. Mobile is more convenient. The equipment can be walked, the design is reasonable and compact, and the floor space is small, so it can be brought to the construction site for use at any time.
  5. Low investment. The investment capital is about one-tenth of the traditional investment. Moreover, the purchase of domestic equipment produced by Qingdao Huazhu is less than one-tenth of the price of imported equipment.
  6. It can carry out derusting process on flat large steel plates with high efficiency. It can clean up to 260 square meters per hour, above SA2.5 level.

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Shot Blasting Equipment
Shot Blasting Equipment

Description of the components of the road floor shot blasting machine

  1. Shot blasting chamber: The installation of the shot blasting chamber shell needs to be positioned strictly according to the drawings, and the centerline of the conveying roller table and the centerline of the shell must be consistent with the drawings. The installation allows a certain error, but it must be controlled within a certain range, otherwise, it will affect the operation of the equipment and the life of related parts.
  2. Shot blasting machine: As a whole, the shot blasting machine has been assembled and tested before leaving the factory. Now it needs to be checked again to check the fixed position of each component and the fixing of the fasteners.
  3. Input and output cooling beds: The shape and structure of the input and output cooling beds are basically the same, the difference lies in the force direction of the thrust rod, and the position of the input and output must be paid attention to during installation. In addition to keeping the height of the roller table of the cooling bed consistent, the joint position between the roller table and other components must be free from obstacles.
  4. Lifting bucket: The lifting bucket is located at the end of the shot blasting chamber, and the belt must have a certain degree of tension during installation.
  5. Shot and sand separator: The shot and sand separator mainly checks whether the ram is flexible. In addition, after adding the steel shot, check whether the running state of the steel shot is smooth and uniform.


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Are you looking for a high-quality floor shot blasting machine? Please leave your requirements. We will contact you as soon as possible for a quote.

Besides the shot blasting machine, Yugong Machinery provides also a sandblasting machineAsphalt Crack Sealer MachineConcrete Floor Grinder MachineMini road roller, etc.

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