The polyurethane spraying machine is designed for spraying the elastic surface layer of the plastic field. It is used for spraying various adhesive and viscous chemical coatings, anti-corrosive paints, PU (polyurethane), EPDM (high elastic-plastic) color particle mixed glue, etc. Its main structures include an air compressor, hopper, pump, chassis, spray gun. If you are looking for a polyurethane spraying machine for sale, please leave your message.

Parameter of Spray Paint Machine:

Spraying Output12-15kg/min8-12kg/min

Features of Polyurethane Spraying Machine:

  1. Small size, lightweight, easy to work, and transport.
  2. High work efficiency and low labor intensity.
  3. The spray tube rotation device is installed, the material tube can be rotated arbitrarily during spraying.
  4. The material pump can transport solid-liquid mixture, and its flow rate varies with the rotational speed.
  5. The machine can realize stepless speed regulation.
  6. The chassis is equipped with two pairs of rubber wheels and brake equipment, which can be flexibly moved by the handle.

PU Pressure Spray Machine

Polyurethane Sprayers

PU Spraying Machine can spray polyurethane and EPDM in the plastic runway. The plastic runway is made of polyurethane prepolymer, mixed polyether, waste tire rubber, EPDM rubber particles or PU particles, pigment, auxiliary agent, and filler. It has certain elasticity and color, has certain UV resistance and aging resistance. It is recognized as the best all-weather outdoor sports floor material in the world. Send your requirement to us if you need to buy a polyurethane spraying machine for sale.

Applicable Venue of PU Spraying Machine

The plastic track is widely used in schools and professional stadiums, track and field stadiums, indoor stadium training track, playground road pavement, indoor and outdoor runway, parks, residents activity venues, and other venues. When a plastic runway has reached the end of its service life and is no longer able to serve you, or the external damage caused by improper, it needs to be refurbished. Now contact us to get a cheap polyurethane spraying machine factory price.

Polyurethane Sprayer Equipment

How to Renovate Plastic Track?

  1. Cleaning runway with floor removal machine: In order to ensure the quality of the plastic surface layer, the base surface must be thoroughly cleaned. It can increase the adhesive strength of the polyurethane, and keep the plastic surface layer thickness uniform. Remove all damaged plastic layers where cracks are formed on the surface.
  2. Fix the underlying: Remove the plastic layer, first brush the primer, then fill the bottom layer with a mixture of glue and particles. The newly laid plastic particle layer should be flattened, the edge seam should be consistent with the original bottom layer.
  3. Spray materials twice with a professional spraying machine. After the black rubber layer is solidified, the rubber layer can be sprayed on the surface, and the ratio is EPDM colloid: PU slurry = 1:1.2. Firstly, PU slurry was added to the appropriate amount of catalyst to mix evenly. EPDM colloids were added in the stirring process. The EPDM particle size is selected according to requirements, generally about 0.5~1mm. Then pour materials into a professional sprayer and spray them onto the surface of the black rubber layer. An appropriate amount of thinner can be added according to the thinness of the glue during the spraying process.
  4. Mark line with a professional road marking machine. YG thermoplastic road marking machine is ideal for the marking work with thermoplastic paints in kinds of roads, vehicle parks, schools. The specially manufactured high-precision cast iron marking equipment to ensure that the marking line is neat, uniform, and beautiful. The machine has the advantages of high performance, innovative tech, proven quality, very fuel-efficient, easy operation, and maintenance.

How to Operate the Polyurethane Spraying Machine?

  1. Check if the compressor oil and reducer oil are normal before starting the machine.
  2. Turn on the power to test the machine, and check whether the compressor and reducer are rotating forward.
  3. Add the solid-liquid two-phase plastic mixture to the hopper, start the compressor, open the compressor air ball valve, and then open the gun air valve to the normal spraying.
  4. Open the gun valve, reduction gear, and pump button, then the material can be sprayed by the nozzle.
  5. After the end of the work, switch off the material pump reducer, gun head air valve, compressor, and compressor air ball valve in turn.


  1. The reducer handwheel can only be adjusted during work. It can’t be adjusted when it is not working, so as not to damage the machine.
  2. Adjust the speed between 80~200 rpm. In the spraying process, the gun can adjust the size of the airflow according to different construction process requirements.
  3. When cleaning the machine, put methanol solvent into the hopper, close the air valve of the gun head and small ball valve of the compressor, open the gearbox, and the pump is running normally.

In the construction of the plastic runway, it is necessary to grasp the viscosity of the material and temperature. Avoid the case where the viscosity of the coating material is too large, and the construction temperature is low. The mixed material should remain for a while before the construction. The ratio of the solvent and the catalyst should be controlled, under the condition of too much concentration, the low boiling point volatility will make the material appearance quickly dull. The material and primer contain moisture, dirt, and oil, which may also cause the material to be bonded weakly, resulting in delamination.

Polyurethane Spraying Machine Manufacturer —YG Machinery

This model has high mixing pressure, good atomization effect, uniform mixing, smooth spray surface, stable performance, low failure rate, simple and easy operation. It is the preferred equipment for construction. In addition, producing and selling a variety of other machinery. Now contact us to get a cheap polyurethane spraying machine factory price.

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