Core drilling rigs are deep-hole drilling equipment in the fields of geological prospecting, hydrological water wells, coalfield geological prospecting, oil, and natural gas exploration and development. The core drilling machine has the characteristics of modular design, easy disassembly and assembly, high drilling efficiency, easy transportation, low cost, and environmental protection.

In most cases, it can drill into stratums with depths of more than 350 meters and more than 500 meters and can be widely used in core drilling work with extremely complex ground conditions. It is an ideal equipment for deep-hole geological exploration drilling. Contact us to get a cheap YG core drilling machine price.

trailer type core drilling machine

Classification of YG Core Drilling Rig:

YG Machinery can be divided into various types of core drilling machines for sale according to different drilling diameters and drilling depths. We have a series of hole drilling equipment for sale. If you want to get core drilling machine specifications, please feel free to contact us.

1. HZ Series Hydraulic Core Drill:

It is suitable for drilling projects such as water well drilling, general survey exploration, geophysical exploration, road and construction exploration, and blast hole drilling. If you are looking for core drilling rigs for sale, please leave a message.

Main features of hydraulic core drill:

  1. With hydraulic automatic feed mechanism, improve drilling efficiency, and reduce labor intensity.
  2. The ball clamp clamping mechanism is used instead of the chuck, which can realize non-stop inverting of the rod, convenient operation, safe and reliable.
  3. Equipped with a pressure gauge at the bottom of the hole for easy control of the situation in the hole. Compact structure, centralized handle, small footprint, lightweight, strong decomposability (reassemble at the construction site), and easy to move. Suitable for plain or mountainous operations.

Technical Data for Core Drilling Equipment

Drilling Depth (m)600600600
Open Drilling Diameter (mm)325325325
Final Hole Diameter(mm)757575
Drill Pipe Diameter(mm)42-6042-6042-60
Drill Pipe Inclination (°)90-7590-7590-75
Power (kW)YN27/39YN33GBZ/65YN27/39
Weight (kg)180062003600
water well drilling machine

2. Aluminum Alloy Core Drilling Rig:

  1. The gear of the drilling rig is made of titanium-magnesium alloy and made by special processing technology, which is light in weight, high in strength, and corrosion-resistant.
  2. The main components of the box body (vertical axle box, split box, hoist, etc.) are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the tower and bottom frame are made of high-strength aluminum alloy welding and special processing technology to ensure the performance of the drilling rig.
  3. The drilling rig adopts a modular design as a whole, with strong disassembly and fast assembly, which solves the difficult and high cost of relocation of mountain equipment.
  4. The core drilling rig adopts high-frequency and high-frequency inlay slides, which have high wear resistance, long service life, and reduce maintenance costs. The car gearbox is attached with an accessory box, which can realize high and low-speed switching, with large output torque, wide speed range, and strong accessories versatility.

Technical Parameter 

Drilling Depth (m)300-1400
Drill Pipe Diameter(mm)42-89
Drill Pipe Inclination (°)0-360
Power (kW)37/81
Spindle L. D (mm)93
Power SpeedUp to 2800r/min
Weight (kg)2300

3. Walking Type (trailer type) Core Drilling Rig

The core drilling rig is designed with a wheeled walking mechanism and hydraulic cylinder pillars, making it easy to move and adjust the rig’s level. It features a hydraulic feed mechanism that enhances drilling efficiency. Instead of a chuck, the drilling rig is equipped with an upper ball clamping mechanism, enabling continuous bar reversal and ensuring high work efficiency. This mechanism facilitates convenient, safe, and reliable operation.

Additionally, the rig is equipped with a pressure gauge at the bottom of the hole, allowing for easy monitoring of pressure levels and the overall situation inside the hole. The lifting and lowering towers are operated hydraulically, providing convenience and reliability during operation. Moreover, the diesel engine is equipped with an electric start, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

Overall, these features make the core drilling rig user-friendly, efficient, and dependable.

 Parameter of Core Drilling Rig for Sale

Drilling Depth (m)130180200
Open Drilling Diameter (mm)220220325
Final Hole Diameter(mm)757575
Drill Pipe Diameter(mm)42-6042-6042-60
Drill Pipe Inclination (°)90-7590-7590-75
Power (kW)13.213.215
Weight (kg)335034003600
core drilling rig machine for sale
core drilling rig machine for sale

4. Truck-mounted Core Drilling Rig

The drilling rig chassis is equipped with essential components like the driving system, hoisting equipment, and mud pump. The layout is designed to be reasonable and compact, ensuring simple operation.

To ensure the drilling depth and hole diameter, the drilling rig is equipped with a high-pressure mud pump that provides a large flow rate.

The drilling rig is also equipped with a mobile device, allowing for easy front and back movement of the rig itself. This feature is convenient for wellhead operations. Additionally, the hydraulic lifting and lowering automatic telescopic drilling tower of the rig ensures safe and convenient operation.

5. Crawler Core Drilling Machine

The rig adopts an automatic telescopic rig, supported by two high-strength oil cylinders, and a set of hydraulic valves control the rig supine, which saves time and effort, is safe and reliable, and maximizes the benefits for users.

The chassis adopts a rubber track, which is lighter in weight and lower in life cycle cost. It can reduce the noise of the vehicle’s running mechanism, reduce the vibration of the vehicle body, and greatly reduce fuel consumption. It can walk on urban roads without hurting the road surface.

The chassis comes with four high-strength threaded legs (or hydraulic high legs) for quick and convenient installation and adjustment. They can be used for leveling the working plane. Loading and unloading trucks can reduce the cost of lifting and improve efficiency. It can be used as auxiliary support during work.

The 48V electric start diesel engine greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator, especially when it is difficult to start the diesel engine in the cold season, it shows great advantages.

This machine is equipped with an independent mud pump, which has a large pump flow and pressure and is convenient for maintenance. Parts and accessories can be easily purchased all over the country. Optional installation of hydraulic pipe screwing machines to improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

How to Choose a Core Drilling Rig?

What kind of core drilling rig is the best choice? This is a common problem that plagues most customers who want to purchase a core drilling machine. The main considerations for purchasing a drilling rig are the choice of the driving force, drill rods, drill bits, and transportation dimensions.

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