Curb and Gutter Machine

A curb and gutter machine is a piece of special equipment for building road curbs, shoulders, side trenches, and intermediate isolation belts. It is widely used in the molding of high-grade highways, county-level highways, and municipal road curbs. As a new multifunctional curbing machine, it can be used for a variety of curbs, roadside stones, U-shaped sinks, raised water-blocking belts, and other curbs. If you are looking for a curb and gutter machine for sale, please leave a message.

Curb MachineFor Sale
Curb MachineFor Sale

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Parameter of Curbing Equipment:

Model YG-41
Type Diesel engine, water-cooled, four cylinders Hydraulic Vibrator Bar Connector 4
Power 97kw/2200rpm Basic Width 600mm
Oil Capacity 9L Maximum Width 1600mm
Driving Mode Crawler The Depth of the Leveling 150mm
Driving Pattern Hydraulic Drive Including Tool Diameter 500mm
Steering Modes Synergy/yaw/front wheel/rear wheel/auto Maximum Lift 760mm
Running Speed 0-30m/min Hydraulic Height Regulation 400mm
Working Speed 0-15m/min Mechanically Adjusted Height 360mm
Lateral Adjustment of die 1000mm Lateral Expansion 1280mm
Mold Height Adjustment 400mm Hydraulic Height Control 980mm
Maximum Die Height 1300mm Mechanical Height Control 300mm
Maximum Mold Width 1500mm Basic Machine with Feeding Screw 6975*2500*3420mm

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Features of Curb and Gutter Machine:

  1. High efficiency, beautiful appearance, low cost, and high quality.
  2. The formed curb has high impact strength and stability.
  3. The hydraulic vibrating bar has a high vibration frequency and large vibration pressure.
  4. The machine is easy to operate and can adapt to various construction requirements.
  5. It is equipped with a high-pressure cleaning pump, which can clean the machine at any time.

    Concrete Curbing Machine
    Concrete Curbing Machine

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Parameter of Concrete Curb Machine:

Model YG-31 Automatic Control High-precision sensors are used for steering, longitudinal and transverse slopes
Type A gasoline engine, double cylinder Excitation Force 11KN
Power 20HP/3600rpm Control Mode Manual/automatic
Fuel Tank Capacity 60L Vibrational Frequency Adjustable frequency
Lubricating Oil Quantity 1.5L Power hydraulic motor
Fuel Consumption 313g/Kwh Theoretical Flow 20L/min
Drive Cycloid hydraulic motor The Theory of Hydraulic 7MPa
Vehicle Wheel  solid tire Paving Speed 0-15m/min
Speed 0-70m/min Curb Size wide*high 80cm*50cm
Vibrating Spear Hydraulic vibrator Boundary Dimension 2660*1970*1450mm
Amplitude 1.5mm Weight 1200kg

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How Curb and Gutter Machines Work

The asphalt curb machine adopts the screw extrusion feeding method for curb construction. The machine is small and compact, especially suitable for the construction of asphalt in the green space of the living area. The asphalt is fed into the hopper of the extruder and is forced, under pressure, through a specially designed mold. The result is a pre-shaped, free-standing, and structurally sound curb with a smooth finish. The curb may be placed on a compacted subgrade.

Curb Stone Slip Machine
Curb Stone Slip Machine

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Parameter of Curb and Gutter Machines

Model YG-11
Speed 1-2m/min
Curb Size wide*high 18cm*20cm
Motor HONDA Gasoline Engine
Type Air Cooled 4 Stroke, OHV, Sigle Cylinder
Tower 5.5HP/3600rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6L
Lubricating Oil Quantity 0.6L
Fuel Consumption 313g/Kwh
Dimension 1670*700*1100mm
Weight 160kg

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What Factors Affect the Formation of Curbs?

  1. Select suitable cement for varieties of the climate in the construction area of the project. The cement should have high strength and good durability. It is also necessary to use the corresponding special cement according to the conditions of the curb sliding machine, such as refractory cement.
  2. Control the proportion of raw materials strictly, which will affect the strength and durability of the finished product.
  3. Incorporate an air-entraining agent or water reducing agent, adding these additives will improve the performance of antifreeze and leakage, and it can save the use of cement.
  4. Good quality sand and gravel materials will ensure the better construction effect of the concrete curb and gutter equipment.

    Curb Forming Machine
    Curb Forming Machine

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Why Build the Kerb?

Curbs are generally required to protect the road surface and regulate the road shape on both sides of the road. In order to make the kerbstone and road surface proportion coordinated, strong, and beautiful, the size of the prefabricated block becomes larger. Large prefabricated blocks have certain difficulties for handling, and bumping is serious during transportation. If it is subjected to strong extrusion after installation, the prefabricated block is easily offset, and the integrity is poor, which affects the appearance and protection of the road surface.

Concrete Curb and Gutter Machine
Concrete Curb and Gutter Machine

Curb and Gutter Machine
Curb and Gutter Machine

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Application of Concrete Kerbing Machine:

The curb and gutter machine has been applied to the construction of highway curbs. It has broken through the traditional manufacturing model and has a very high site versatility. In a variety of harsh conditions, it can be produced on-site, which can avoid material waste during prefabrication and loss in transportation and installation. Because the curb is directly formed on the site and can be embedded in the ground as the foundation. Therefore, the formed curbstone is linear, has a beautiful appearance, and also has high impact strength and stability. Its overall strength and stability are unmatched by the traditional curb prefabrication process.

Small Curb and Gutter Machine
Small Curb and Gutter Machine

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Curb and Gutter Machine Manufacturer-YG Machinery

Curb and gutter machine It has been widely used in many road constructions and has achieved good economic and social benefits. The curb pouring machine is used to form the curbstone. YG Machinery has a complete range of models and types, and there are many options such as road marking machine, floor shot blaster,  mini road roller, automatic sandblasting machine, mortar sprayer machine, water well drilling rig, pile breaker machine, hydraulic pile cutter, anchor drilling machine, hydraulic rock splitter, concrete floor scabbler, asphalt crack sealer machine, dust cannons, sand blaster machine, and so on. Get the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

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