Concrete Trowel Machine for Sale

The concrete trowel machine is also called a cement polishing machine. The concrete trowel machine for sale can polish the cement pavement after a defined pre-curing time, it has a power trowel to give the concrete smooth surface. Its main structure is a trowel rotor driven by the gasoline engine, four trowels are installed on the bottom of the cross in the middle of the rotor. The tilting direction of the spatula coincides with the direction of rotation of the rotor, and the V-belt is driven by the gasoline engine to rotate the spatula rotor. After the construction of this machine, the construction surface is smoother and smoother, which can greatly improve the compactness and wear resistance of the concrete surface and greatly improve the work efficiency.

Troweling Machine for Sale
Troweling Machine for Sale

Troweling Machine
Troweling Machine

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Parameter of Power Trowel for Sale:

Model YG-900H
Power 5.5HP
Disc Diameter 900mm
Disc Thickness 2mm
Blade Quantity 4PCS
Blade Size 350*150 mm
Working Diameter 900mm
Working Thickness 2mm
Size 1050*1050*690mm
Weight 100kg

Concrete Ride on Trowel Machine

The concrete ride on trowel machine is equipped with a double troweling plate, which increases its own weight and working area. The driving effect is obviously higher than a walk-behind trowel, which has a better compaction effect on the ground. The ride-on trowel machine can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency.

Power Trowel
Power Trowel

Concrete Trowel Machine
Concrete Trowel Machine

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Parameter of Ride on Power Trowel for Sale:

Model YG-800 YG-900 YG-1000
Engine Lifan 2V78(24HP) or Honda GX 690(24HP)
Blade Size 260*150*2mm 300*150*2mm 350*150*2mm
Blade Quantity 10 10 10
Disc Diameter 800mm 900mm 1000mm
Rotation Speed 140r/min 160r/min 180r/min
Fuel Tank 16L 18L 20L
Lubricant Oil 1L 1L 1.5L
Cylinder 2 2 2
Dimension 1850*950*1050mm 1950*1010*1100mm 2080*1050*1180mm
Weight 320kg 380kg 430kg

Features of Concrete Trowel Machine for Sale:

  1. Equipped with large horsepower engine, quality assurance, superior performance, providing strong and reliable power.
  2. Large-module design of the gearbox, aluminum alloy box, maintenance-free, long service life.
  3. Trowel blade support arm adopts strict heat treatment super large diameter carbon structural steel, has high strength.
  4. The scientifically centrifugal clutch transmission mechanism design has large transmission torque, long service life, and convenient maintenance.
  5. Mechanical steering, flexible operating system, easy to operate, has the variable gear.
  6. The control screw can adjust the blade angle.
  7. Equipped with a large-capacity water tank, it has an independent sprinkler system to ensure the quality of the construction.
  8. Equipped with LED lighting, the work can be continuing even at night.
  9. Walking wheels can be raised and lowered, easy to change the smear, and walk for the machine.
  10. Safety cut-off switch can quickly shut down the engine to ensure safety.
  11. The low center of gravity design makes the machine run smoothly and flexibly.
  12. The sprayed power trowel surface is beautiful, rust, and corrosion resistance.
Concrete Trowel for Sale
Concrete Trowel for Sale

Ride-on Concrete Trowel Machine
Ride-on Concrete Trowel Machine

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How to Operate Concrete Power Trowel Machine?

A concrete power trowel machine is ideal for roughing and fine grinding on concrete surfaces. The concrete surface smoothed by the trowel is smoother than the manual, which can greatly improve the compactness and wear resistance, and the working efficiency is more 10 times than manual operation. Floor trowels can be widely used in high-standard workshops, warehouses, parking lots, squares, airports, etc. When the machine starts to operate, first you should hold the joystick, start the gasoline engine, and the spatula starts to rotate for troweling the concrete road. When the trowel machine is working, you should be sure to stabilize the trowel and adjust the direction in time, prevent the machine from losing control. After the bottom grinding disc is roughing for any general uneven areas, removing the grinding disc and finely grinding with finish blades to meet your needs.

How to Choose An Right Electric Trowel?

A power trowel, walk-behind trowel, or ride on trowel machine, its main job is to create a level, smooth concrete surface for indoor and outdoor. Different jobs require different types of trowels. If you want to use a power trowel, you must understand the blade first. Its quality is directly related to the effect of smearing the concrete. The trowel spatula often rubs against the concrete surface, it will inevitably cause wear after a period of time, so the blade should be replaced in time. When we choose the blade, first look at the material. If the material is too soft, it will be easily deformed, which will cause unevenness. So we must choose those materials with high rigidity.

Concrete Ride-on Power Trowel
Concrete Ride-on Power Trowel

Hand Held Power Trowel
Hand Held Power Trowel

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How To Operate the Concrete Trowel Machine Correctly?

  1. Check whether the motor, electrical switch, cable, and wiring are normal, and install the leakage protector.
  2. Clean the debris on the wiper to avoid the whole machine beating.
  3. Test the trowel perforce after turning on the power, and the blades should be rotated in a clockwise direction and can’t be reversed.
  4. The operator and assistants should wear insulated shoes and insulated gloves, prevent the cable insulation from being broken, and an electric shock. The cable should be taken by the auxiliary personnel.
  5. If the machine encounters any problem, it must be shut down and cut off the power.
  6. The trowel machine should be stored in a dry and clean environment. The handle should be placed in the specified position and not be handled in a rough manner during transfer.

Concrete Trowel Machine Manufacturer -YG Machinery

Regardless of the type of troweling machine, you should pay attention to these operational matters for ensuring construction safety and reducing wear and tear. The power trowel is used for faster construction and more convenient operation. The important thing is that the ground effect is more uniform, smooth, and beautiful. The power troweling machine is an important investment for any construction engineering. Just send an enquire, YG machinery can help you make the right choice for your business.

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