Floor Shot Blaster

Floor shot blaster can clean the slurry and impurities, and make the road surface uniform and rough. The machine greatly improves the adhesion strength of the waterproof layer and concrete surface. And it can also expose the cracks of the concrete fully, so as to prevent the accident. This series is special equipment for road surface treatment. In order to increase the separation effect, a bead blasting machine should equip with a dust collector.

Pavement Shot Blasting Machine
Floor shot blaster for sale

Parameter :

  • Model: YG-550
  • Power: 29.75kw
  • Working Width: 550 mm
  • Concrete Cleaning Efficiency: 400㎡/h
  • Steel Plate Cleaning Efficiency: 80㎡/h
  • Shot Blasting Power: 2*11kw
  • Shot Blasting Quantity: 2 set
  • Steel Pill Consumption: 10 g/㎡
  • Separation Ability: 20t/h
  • Shot Blasting Wheel Diameter: 200mm
  • Shot Blasting Capacity: 200kg/min
  • Walking Mode: electric
  • Walking Speed: 5-25m/min
  • Walking Device Power: 0.75kw
  • Steel Balls Capacity: 100kg
  • Diameter Of Steel Balls: 1.5-1.8mm
  • Dimension: 2050*725*1460mm
  • Weight: 595kg

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  1. Adopt frequency, PLC, text display, and other advanced electrical control technology.
  2. Set the cleaning speed, supply amount of the steel pill, pulse back-flushing time period, and cleaning interval of the dust filter cartridge.
  3. Have high efficiency and easy to operate.
  4. The construction process is dust-free and pollution-free.
  5. No damage to pavement structure during construction.
  6. Pulse automatic back-flushing and dust removal function can achieve continuous operation.
  7. Steel shots are circulated automatically inside the equipment, and the consumption is very low.
  8. The structure is reasonable and easy to maintain.

Application :

  1. Most bridges are cleaned and roughen by shot blasting process.
  2. Floor coating base treatment.
  3. Decontamination of nuclear power construction.
  4. The shot blasting process can reach the steel plate cleanliness requirements of SA2.5/SA3.
  5. Airport runway and municipal road maintenance: remove mark lines, tire tracks on concrete and asphalt pavement, and restore and increase the roughness of airport runway.
Road Shot Blasting Machine
Road Shot Blasting Machine

Concrete Shot Blasting Equipment
shot blaster machine for sale

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Working Principle:

The centrifugal force and wind force are formed during high-speed rotation of motor-driven shot blasting wheel. The shot blasting is thrown onto the working surface at a high speed and a certain angle. The road surface is rubbed and the residue is removed when the pellet impacting the working road surface. The medium will be rebounded to the high-pressure chamber and into an air separation system after blasting. In the separation system, the dust and another impurity will be separated. Dust will return to an abrasive storage tank, then steel shot enters into shot blast cabinet and recycles. A large amount of dust is absorbed by the connected vacuum cleaner. We can obtain different ejection strengths and treatment effects by controlling and selecting the size, shape, and flow rate of the pellets.

Floor Shot Blaster
Floor Shot Blaster Working Principle

Working Conditions:

  1. Working surface unevenness <10mm; no water accumulation and relatively dry; slope <25°.
  2. Ambient temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C.
  3. Humidity: the relative humidity for concrete shot blasting is not more than 95%.
  4. Altitude: 0 ~ 3000m; not allowed to operate in rain and snow weather.

Supporting Special Dust Collector

The dust removal system mainly includes a dust collector, a fan, a fan pipe, and a connecting pipe. A YG-856 Dust collector is a back-flushing dust removal device, specially designed for YG-550 road shot blasting machine. It can also match with other road surface cleaning equipment. The dust collecting machine is small in size, easy to move and operate. It is the best choice for pavement cleaning equipment.

Shot Blasting Equipment
Dust Collector


  • Model: YG-856
  • Cleanup Mode: Automatic backflush cleaning
  • Filter Elements Number: 8
  • Hopper: Small cart
  • Power: 4kw+3kw
  • Weight: 580Kg
  • Dimension: 2030*870*1500mm

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Working Principle of Vacuum Cleaner:

The vacuum cleaner machine uses the sequential control principle, which can ensure smooth circulation. The polyester hose is used to assure the connection wear-resistant and reliable. Imported filter paper ensures the dust-removing effect. Fan drive bearings use imported high-speed bearings, so as to guarantee stable and reliable transmission.

Bridge Shot Blasting Equipment
bead blasting equipment

How to Maintain Floor Shot Blaster ?

  • Regular maintenance: The motor and transmission components of the floor shot blaster need to keep smooth, and the viscosity of smooth oil changes with the oil temperature. If viscosity is too low, the wear of the transmission components will increase. Viscosity is too high, the operation will be hard. Therefore, the regular addition of smooth oil can extend its service life.
  • Improve the operating environment: In order to ensure the reliability of the electric actuator, it is necessary to ensure its suitable operating environment. The wet environments can form circuit short circuit or other problems.
  • Regular viewing: detect the hidden dangers timely in operation, and solve the problem.

Floor Shot Blaster Manufacturer – YG Machinery

Pavement shot blasting machine is mainly used for road surface operation. YG company also supplies other sandblasting machines. They can remove the oxide scale and the sticky sand on the casting surface, and improve the surface quality and obtain a perfect effect. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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