Mortar Sprayer Machine
Mortar Sprayer Machine

The cement mortar spraying machine is a screw-type high-pressure mortar sprayer machine with advanced technology, simple operation, and maintenance, and can be operated skillfully without special training. The mortar sprayer machine is mainly used for building interior and exterior walls, cement mortar spraying machine, exterior wall insulation material mortar spraying, and refractory spraying. One machine has multiple functions and is not affected by regional and environmental conditions and the shape of the spraying surface. In addition, YG also owns a mini concrete pump, non-curing spraying machine, hydroseeding equipment, and polyurethane spraying machine. Please click below for detailed information and a quotation.

Parameter of Mortar Spraying Machine:

ModelMortar Spraying machine
Conveying Tube IDΦ32mm
Max. Aggregate Size≤4mm
Hopper Volume50L
Screw Length400m
Particle Diameter≤5mm
Machine Size1650*750*1190mm
Applicable Material Proportion1:1:3(Water: Lime: Sand)
Mortar60m           40m

Working Principle of Mortar Sprayer Machine:

The mortar spraying machine can spray mortar with particles smaller than 5mm. The concrete spraying machine can transport the mixed spray material along the pipeline under the action of the screw pump. Spray on the wall. The concrete mortar spraying machine does not need to move the equipment or repair the stubble. Both the male and female corners and the roof can be sprayed freely, which shortens the construction period and improves the progress. Now contact us to get a cheap mortar spraying machine factory price.

Mortar Spraying Machine
Mortar Spraying Machine

Features of Mortar Sprayer Machine:

  1. There is basically no floor ash, which saves water and materials and can reduce the cost by more than 20%.
  2. The operation is simple, no need to set up a scaffold, no need to move the equipment, you can switch the machine at will.
  3. With high speed, high efficiency, and low labor intensity, one head mortar spraying machine can easily spray 150m² per hour.
  4. The project quality is guaranteed, and there will be no hollowing, cracks, etc.
  5. There are not many suitable spraying materials, generally such as paint, putty powder, fireproof materials, heat insulation materials, etc.
  6. Less restrictive, not affected by regional and environmental conditions and spraying shape.

Advantages of Mortar Spraying Machine:

  1. The design of the rapid mortar sprayer machine is reasonable, the pump and compressor are integrated, and the movement is convenient.
  2. The feeding of the screw mortar spraying machine is continuous without a pulse.
  3. The mortar sprayer equipment has wide practicality and can spray dry powder, mortar, and ordinary mortar.
  4. The cement mortar spraying machine sprays evenly and has strong adhesion.
  5. The cement spray plaster machine has complete functions and can be sprayed as well as sprayed.
  6. The spray gun and nozzle can be connected in any direction, which is convenient for operation.

What are the Precautions when Applying Mortar Sprayer Machine?

  1. There should be water and electricity on the construction site to facilitate construction;
  2. The construction site should try to choose a safe and flat ground;
  3. During the construction process, the operator should wear gloves, masks, goggles, and a hard hat to prevent accidents;
  4. When the sprayer is working, do not put the staff’s hand into the hopper.
  5. Equipment and circuits must avoid stacking in wet and open areas to avoid circuit failure.

Maintenance and Repair of Mortar Sprayer Machine:

  • After the sprayer equipment is completed, it should be cleaned in time, and maintenance, maintenance, and repair work should be carried out to keep the equipment in good condition.
  • The daily maintenance of the equipment should add lubricating oil according to the use requirements, keep the piston pump tubing unblocked, check the tightness of the overload safety valve, and disassemble and disassemble.
  • After a week or 50 hours of operation, check the sealing of the pump body, cylinder, and bowl of the mortar unit, the sealing of the belt of the transmission part, the sealing, and sealing of the pipe joint, and clean the outside of the pump body. Pump and supply thin oil to prevent dirt from sticking.
  • Main components such as clutches, unloading valves, speed reducers, air compressors, etc. Should be regularly checked according to their use requirements. If it is worn or damaged, it should be adjusted and replaced in time.
  • Before grouting in the mortar mixer and mortar combination machine, please remove the dirt in the oil injection hole and the oil hole.

Mortar Sprayer Machine Manufacturer—YG Machinery

The cement spraying machine can make the paint more evenly sprayed on the wall to increase the adhesion between the paint and the wall, and avoid rework due to bad conditions. The bigger advantage is that it can be applied to different wall work. Help us save costs and work energy while improving our work efficiency. Therefore, it is still necessary to purchase a mortar sprayer machine on the construction site. If you are looking for a mortar spraying machine, please leave a message.

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