A small asphalt milling machine is one of the main types of pavement maintenance construction machinery. It is mainly used for the renovation of asphalt concrete surfaces such as highways, urban roads, airports, freight yards, etc. The small asphalt milling machine for sale is used to mill the damaged old coating and then lay the new surface layer. It has high working efficiency, simple construction technology, easy control of milling depth, convenient and flexible operation, good maneuverability, and environmental protection characteristics. It is an ideal model that other large motorized milling machines and ordinary small milling machines cannot replace.

mini asphalt milling machine for sale
mini asphalt milling machine for sale

In addition, YG Machinery also has asphalt crack filler machines, shot blasting machines, concrete floor grinders machines, sandblasting machines, and so on. For more maintenance equipment, you can click on the message box below for free consultation.

YG-300Z Mini Self-propelled Asphalt milling machine

Number and diameter of cutter shafts6 pieces/Φ16
Number and diameter of blades120 pieces (8 teeth) -Φ80*8
Bearing seal typeSealed type (maintenance-free)
One time milling width300mm
Milling depth (concrete)5mm–20mm
Milling depth (asphalt)5mm–30mm
Walking speed4m/min
Air shock absorber2pcs
Self-propelled motor1.5KW

YG-300 Small Asphalt Milling Machine

ModelYG-300 (Electric/gasoline/disel type)
Milling depth0.3-10mm
Motor power11-1.1kw
Milling width300mm
Working voltage380v
Working efficiency50 ㎡/h
Machine weight300kg

YG-250 Electric/Gasoline/Diesel Small Asphalt Milling Machine

Specification of blades8 stars 108 blades
Milling Depth3-5mm
Milling Width250mm
Working Efficiency30-100㎡/h
250 Diesel/electric/gasoline small asphalt milling machine
250 Diesel/electric/gasoline small asphalt milling machine

YG-400 Asphalt/Concrete Road Milling Machine

ModelYG-400 Electric/Diesel
Motor power9Kw
Blade Number200
Milling Depth3-5mm
Milling Width400mm
Working efficiency50-150㎡/h
YG-400 ELECTRIC DIESEL road milling machine
YG-400 ELECTRIC DIESEL road milling machine

YG-500 Small Asphalt Milling Machine

PowerHonda 25HPHonda 25HP or 11kw
Knife Shaft Number66
Milling Depth0mm–40mm(concrete)0mm–40mm(concrete)
Milling Width0-200mm300-500mm

YG Hydraulic Road Milling Machine

Hydraulic Road Milling Machine is widely used in the removal of various high-strength concrete, asphalt and other super-high parts. The machine is powerful enough to move automatically, the milling depth and width are moderate, the body is stable, and the milling surface is uniform. It is an ideal model that cannot be replaced by other large motorized milling machines and ordinary small milling machines.

PowerKOHLER CH40/730 20HP11kw
Knife Shaft Number4 – 64 – 6
Milling Depth10mm (adjustable)10mm (adjustable)
Milling Width295mm295mm
Working Efficiency200㎡/h220㎡/h
Internal Combustion Hydraulic Milling Machine
Internal Combustion Hydraulic Milling Machine

Applications of Mini Asphalt Milling Machine:

  1. Flatness and waterproof treatment of bridge and road.
  2. Milling rutting, reticulated cracks, and pits. Clear the snow on the bridge and road surface.
  3. Milling the old pavement before the paving of the asphalt, or the large milling machine is used to complete the milling operation in the corner and steel-reinforced area.
  4. Remove the ground coating, paint, and various traffic markings; remove the old floor when the ground is damaged and refurbished.
  5. Clear the airport road markings, the brake tracks of the aircraft runway tires, etc., and regain a rough surface with a high friction coefficient.

Features of Asphalt Milling Machine for Sale:

  1. The design of the undercut mode and the adjustable depth ensures good milling quality.
  2. Milling inserts with cutter shaft mounting are convenient to exchange.
  3. The adjustable handle is easy to operate and improves the operator’s working comfort.
  4. The control frame system has a locking function, and the milling depth control is more flexible.
  5. The blade is made of imported high-quality hard alloy, which is sharp and wear-resistant, and has a long service life.
  6. Supplies a variety of tools for handling various materials.
  7. The full hydraulic device not only reduces the wear and tear of the wearing parts but also ensures the optimum milling depth and flatness of the construction without damaging the road surface.
  8. It has a vacuum port and a water inlet that can connect with dust collectors and water sources.

What does Small Asphalt Milling Machine Contribute to Road Maintenance?

  1. Asphalt grinder can be used to handle road surface diseases (cracks, pits, ruts, loose, subsidence, bridgehead culverts, surface damage) quickly, remove uneven areas, and keep the road surface flat.
  2. The refurbished road can maintain the horizontal elevation of the original pavement with the milling process. The small asphalt milling machine can remove the damaged road surface, fill the space with new materials, the height is equal to the original road surface after compaction.
  3. Ensure a good combination of new and old pavement materials and increase the integrity and longevity of the pavement. The pavement milling process can make the sides and bottom of pits tidy and uniform in depth, forming a tooth-shaped geometric surface that is easy to combine with new and old materials.

Contribute to the recycling of old pavement materials. Since the cutting depth can be adjusted, the milled material is clean and has regular small particles. They can be recycled without further crushing, which greatly reduces the construction cost and is also an environmental protection measure. Contact us to get a small asphalt milling machine price right now.

How to Maintain the Concrete Milling Machine?

After the purchase of the small asphalt milling machine, the wear and consumption of the machine are inevitable. In order to extend the life of the machine, proper operation and maintenance are required.

  1. The small asphalt milling machine must be operated by professionals, the operator reads the operation manual carefully.
  2. The main working part of the machine is composed of milling cutters, bearings, gaskets, and milling drums. This part is often consumed during work, regular replacement and inspection can better extend the service life.
  3. The milling machine must be placed on a flat surface for maintenance. Prevent the machine from tipping over when checking the milling cutter.
  4. Check whether all fasteners are tightened, check the bearings, and the protective covers.
  5. Check the belt tightness before each operation. Keep the proper belt tightness. Broken and severe wear belts should be replaced immediately.
  6. Check the milling cutter shaft and bushing each time you change the milling arrangement. If a worn groove appears on the shaft, it needs to be replaced.

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