Pile Breaker Machine

The pile breaker machine is a new type of construction machine developed to solve the practical problem of slow pile construction and high labor intensity. It is a construction machine suitable for cutting pile heads quickly in pile foundation engineering. It is suitable for cutting various forms of pile foundation. Adopting modular advanced combination, the diameter of pile heads that are not the same can be installed and removed quickly, and it is not restricted by the region.

YG Machinery has four models: square pile breaker, modular pile breaker, round pile breaker, and fixed pile breaker. Generally, the round pile breaker is suitable for 250mm-2500mm, and the square pile breaker is suitable for the pile side length of 250-800mm, which can meet all types of foundation construction. In addition, YG also has a concrete core drilling machine, concrete laser screed, mortar sprayer machine, and more machines to choose from. Please leave your contact information, we will provide you with a competitive price.

Pile Breaker Machine
Pile Breaker Machine

Modular Hydraulic Pile Breaker For Sale
Modular Hydraulic Pile Breaker For Sale

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Parameters of Pile Breaker:

Module Number PCS 4 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Combination of the total weight KG 1600 2640 2970 3300 3630 3960 4290 4620 4950 5280 5610 5940
Pile diameter range mm 400-600 600-800 800-1000 1000-1150 1150-1300 1300-1500 1500-1650 1650-1800 1800-1970 1970-2200 2200-2360 2360-2500
Hydraulic excavator T 20T-30T 30T-40T Hydraulic system/pump station
Max.Thrust 300KN Max.

Cylinder required

20L/min Machinery Tonnage ≥20T Location pin



Cylinder Trip

300mm Chisel diameter 110mm Single

module weight


Cylinder Pressure

300MPa Max.

Hoist Capacity

≤500mm Single




Working Principle of Pile Breaker:

Mainly the piles are broken by the power of the excavator or hydraulic station, and the modular combination can quickly remove the pouring pile head. It uses the principle of hydraulic pressure to provide pressure to multiple oil cylinders of the pile breaker. The oil cylinders directly drive the drill rod and simultaneously squeeze the pile body to cut off the pile head.

It is suitable for cutting off round square pile heads of pile foundation projects such as high-speed rail bridges, industrial and agricultural buildings. Through the remote control of construction machinery, the cutting of the pile head is realized safely and efficiently. The risk of personal injury caused by manual construction can be avoided, and the efficiency is dozens of times that of manual construction.

It is mainly composed of a hydraulic pump station, demolition device, lifting device, and locking device. There are multiple hydraulic cylinders of the same model combined into different diameters of demolition devices to meet the requirements of different diameter piles. The end of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod is equipped with a demolition head, which can meet the requirements of various types of concrete demolition. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, convenient displacement, durability, time and labor-saving, high efficiency, and environmental protection.

Hydraulic Pile Breaker
Hydraulic Pile Breaker

Pile Breaker
Pile Breaker

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Advantages of Pile Breaker Machine:

  1. Versatility: Diversified power sources, can be equipped with an excavator or hydraulic system according to site conditions; free and flexible connection method, can be freely connected with a variety of construction machinery, truly realize the versatility and economy of products; retractable lifting chain design to meet the requirements of multi-terrain construction operations
  2. Safety: Construction personnel do not touch the construction, adapt to the safety requirements of complex terrain
  3. Environmental protection: full hydraulic drive realizes low noise operation of pile head construction, does not affect the surrounding environment during construction; hydrostatic radial construction has no impact on the parent pile and equipment
  4.  Low cost: The operating system is simple and convenient, and there are fewer staffing, which reduces the construction cost such as labor cost and machine maintenance.
  5.  Multi-function: The round pile machine and the square pile machine realize the common module, and the combination of the conversion module realizes that the round pile and the square pile can be broken, and one machine can be used
  6. Convenience: Small size, lightweight, and convenient transportation; simple module disassembly design, by changing the number of modules to meet the construction of different pile diameters, disassembly and assembly is simple and fast when the module is reorganized
  7. Long life: Reliable quality and longer service life.
Concrete Pile Cutter
Concrete Pile Cutter

Hydraulic Pile Breaking Machine Manufacturer
Hydraulic Pile Breaking Machine Manufacturer

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Construction Steps of Pile Breaker Machine:

  1. According to the construction pile diameter, refer to the construction reference parameter table to combine the corresponding quantity modules, and directly connect the pile cutting machine to the working platform through the quick-change joint.
  2. The working platform can choose the combination of excavator, lifting device, and hydraulic pump station, and the lifting device can choose car crane, crawler crane, etc.
  3. Suspend the installed hydraulic pile breaker at the front end of the excavator or crane, and connect the pipeline of the excavator or the hydraulic station.
  4. Adjust the height of the pile-cutting machine to an appropriate pile-cutting position, and put the hydraulic pile-breaker on the pile head to be removed.
  5. Adjust the system pressure of the excavator according to the strength of the concrete poured by the pile and pressurize the oil cylinder until the concrete pile body breaks under strong pressure.
  6. Use the platform lifting force to lift the concrete block directly after the pile body is cut off.
  7. Move the broken pile to the designated position to clean up the broken pile.

Pile Breaker Machine Manufacturer—YG Machinery

YG machinery pile breaker solves the practical problem of slow construction speed and high labor intensity. It has the characteristics of simple operation, safety and reliability, high working efficiency, and economic benefits. It is the best choice for your construction site.

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