Introduction: In this article, you will find 2 types of snow removal equipment, one is the commercial roller brush and another is a small snowblower for your home.

Heavy snow often occurs in winter. The roads are covered with snowflakes, the whole city is covered in silver, and the world is decorated with white snow, which is extraordinarily beautiful. The heavy snow brought picturesque beauty but also brought inconvenience to travel.

To clear snow on the road, we need some snow removal equipment to use with. Here I will list types of commercial and professional snow removal equipment.

Best Snow Removal Equipment for Sale

Roller brush for snow removal

A Roller brush for snow removal is a tool with high performance to remove the snow on the road. This roller brush has high speed, large torque, good snow-clearing effect, and high cleaning cleanliness. It can be widely used in the cleaning of snow, sand, and gravel on highways, urban roads, airports, and highways. At present, it has been widely used in winter snow removal operations and has been well received by users.

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Snow Sweeper Road Roller Brush Parameters

Product Model S-2000 S-2500 S-3000 S-3300
Dimensions 2000*1400*900mm 2500*1400*900mm 3000*1260*1650mm 3300*1260*1650mm
Operating speed 5km/h~20km/h
Snow clearing width 2000mm 2500mm 2600~3000mm 3000~3300mm
Left and right angle ≥30°
Roller brush diameter 660mm 600mm 800mm 800mm
Connection with forklift Drive-in quick connection
Tires Double tires
Bristle material Polyethylene propylene steel wire mix
Drive mode Forklift power Independent hydraulic unit
Control mode Telecontrol

Snow removal roller is mainly composed of automobile connecting frame, rear connecting frame of a snow shovel, rolling brush part, supporting wheel, rolling brush height adjustment mechanism, movable frame, fixed bracket, connecting frame, pendant, hydraulic system, lighting system, etc.

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Roller brush for snow removal
Roller brush for snow removal

Best Snow Sweeper Road Roller Brush
Roller Brush

Snow Blower for your home

A Small snow blower is a necessary machine for snow clearing in winter, which is widely used in institutions, schools, parking lots, squares, property communities, gardens, non-motorized vehicle lanes, etc. This small Work-behind snow removal machine plays an irreplaceable role, especially in the sidewalks, sidewalks, square bridges, and other key security parts that large-scale equipment cannot involve. As an essential tool for snow removal in winter, the snowblower can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency and ensure travel safety. Click the button to get the Heated Multi-Functional Snow Sweeper price.

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  • Product Model: Q1100C
  • Maximum working width: 1100mm
  • Maximum working thickness: 300mm
  • Roller brush diameter: 500mm
  • Type of roller brush: nylon wire
  • Rotation angle: ±15°
  • Fuel tank capacity: 6.5L
  • Power: 13HP
  • Transfer method: Full gearbox transmission
  • Start method: Manual start/Electric start
  • Weight: 220kg
  • Dimensions: 1800*1100*1200mm

Snow Blower for your home
Walk behind Snow Blower

Snow Removal Machine Manufacturers – YG Machinery

YG Machinery can provide types of Snow Removal Equipment for sale: Tractors for Snow, Snow Blowers, Telehandlers for Snow, Trucks for Snow, Skid Steers for Snow, etc. If you are looking for large snow removal equipment, YG Machinery will be your choice not to be missed.  If it is convenient for you, welcome to visit our factory. Click on the message box below to get the professional snow removal equipment price immediately.


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Our snow removal equipment is exported to Mexico, Singapore, Russia, South Korea, and other countries. In addition, we have other road construction machines for sale, for example, Road line marking machineConcrete Road Cutting Machine, Road Paver Machine, Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck, etc. Please feel free to contact us to get more details about the machine.

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