Mini Excavator for Sale

micro excavator mini digger with factory price
micro excavator mini digger with factory price

Mini Excavator for Sale
Mini Excavator for Sale

Small excavators are suitable for various working environments, such as agricultural planting, landscaping, orchard trenching and fertilization, small earth and stone works, municipal engineering, road repair, basement and indoor construction, concrete crushing, buried cables, laying of water pipes, garden cultivation and dredging of rivers and ditches, etc.

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Mini Excavator for Sale

The mini excavator for sale has the functions of excavating, crushing, hook clearing, drilling, and bulldozing. The accessories can be replaced quickly. The utilization rate of the machine is greatly improved. It can be applied to various soil types and site work. Various attachments such as a breaker, auger, wood grabber, and trencher are optional. Various functional attachments can be customized according to the needs, this mini excavator for sale is a truly multi-functional small excavator.

We have also 0.8 Ton, 1 Ton, 1.6 Ton, 1.8 Ton, 2 Ton, 2.2 Ton, and 3.5 ton mini excavator,  for you to choose from!

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Model YG-10B YG-10C YG-SZ20
Weight 1000kg 1000kg 1960kg
Bucket capacity 0.025cbm/120kg 0.025cbm/120kg 0.06cbm
Rated power 7.6kw 7.6kw 10kw
Walk speed 1.5km/h 1.5km/h 2-3km/h
Dimensions 2775*930*2219mm 2775*930*2219mm 3560*1350*2400mm
Total length of the track 1230mm 1230mm 1300mm
Platform ground clearance 380mm 380mm 475mm
Rear turning radius of the platform 784mm 784mm 640mm
Chassis width 896mm 896mm 990mm
Chassis ground clearance 132mm 132mm 180mm
Max excavating depth 1650mm 1650mm 2300mm
Max excavating height 2610mm 2610mm 3500mm
Max unloading height 1850mm 1850mm 2430mm
Max excavating radius 2850mm 2850mm 4120mm
Minimum rotation radius 1330mm 1330mm
The maximum improvement height of the bulldozer shovel 345mm 345mm
The maximum excavation depth of the bulldozer shovel 255mm 255mm


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1Ton Excavator Digger For Sale Price
1Ton Excavator Digger For Sale Price


Features of mini excavator for sale:

  1. Excellent work efficiency and cost performance;
  2. The standard configuration bulldozing blade can level the site, backfill the earthwork, and increase the stability of the whole machine;
  3. It is easy to operate, small and flexible, and convenient to transport. It can work in small places, especially suitable for orchards such as kiwifruit, vineyards, oranges, navel orange planting, trenching, fertilization, weeding, etc.;
  4. It has the functions of excavating, crushing, ditch clearing, drilling and bulldozing, and can quickly replace accessories, greatly improving the utilization rate of the machine;
  5. Boom side shifting device: the front of the body is equipped with a boom side shifting device, the boom can swing 90 degrees to the left and 50 degrees to the right, so as to truly realize the direct excavation work similar to the root of the wall without frequently moving the body. It is more suitable for narrow field operations.

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How to Choose Mini Digger Excavator For Sale?

For the selection of mini excavators, we mainly look at the following 4 points:

  1. Walking width. This width refers to the gap between the fruit trees on both sides. The width of the selected mini excavator should be smaller than this width so that it can walk normally. There is also a big difference in operation depending on whether there is a tail or no tail.
  2. Excavation depth. Generally, orchards do not need much excavation depth, as long as they can reach 1.5m. (The depth of buried lines or trenches generally does not exceed 1.5m.)
  3. Continuous working hours. According to the working intensity, the equipment for selecting several diesel engine cylinders is determined. Under normal conditions, it is no problem to work continuously for 8 hours, after all, the driver also needs to rest.
  4. The weight of the jib. You can choose a mini excavator suitable for orchards based on the above factors. 0.8 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 1.7 ton can all be used for orchard management. The weight of the boom is low, and the machine is fuel-efficient without losing flexibility.
mini digger for sale price
mini digger for sale price

At the end

The mini digger can be used for agricultural and forestry planting, farmland transformation, garden cultivation, road repair, basement and indoor construction, farms, vegetable greenhouses, and other operating environments. Our mini excavator for sale have been exported to many countries, for example, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Russia, America, Slovenia, Greece, Czech Republic, Philippines, etc. If you want to know about this powerful Hydraulic Mini Excavator, please leave your messages.

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