Congratulations. 10 sets of small electric street sweeper machine were exported to Thailand. This is just a trial order. They will buy more electric road sweeper machine after. The potential for future purchases indicates the customer’s satisfaction with the initial order and their intention to continue investing in this eco-friendly solution for maintaining clean and tidy streets.

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YG Machinery offers:

  • Street sweeper machine
  • Mini road sweeper
  • Electric road sweeper

Feel free to contact u to get the small road sweeper price for sale in YG Machinery.

What is the small sweet sweeper used for?

Small factory sweeper is a multi-functional electric sweeper that integrates cleaning, vacuuming, and spraying. It is suitable for small factories, small supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, train stations, bus stations, subway stations, parking lots, hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, exhibition halls, cleaning companies, etc. Electric road sweeper can work for different floors and places. It can be used in a wide range of applications. The cleaning effect is about 8-12 times better than that of traditional manual cleaning.

Advantages of Electric Street Sweeper Machines:

Electric street sweeper machine is an attractive choice for municipalities and organizations focused on sustainability and environmental consciousness. Here are some benefits of electric road sweepers:

  1. Electric street sweeper produces zero emissions during operation. It can improve air quality and reduce carbon footprint. Also, it reduces noise pollution, making them suitable for urban areas and noise-sensitive locations.
  2. Small road sweeper have lower operating costs compared to diesel-powered alternatives. They eliminate the need for fuel and require less maintenance due to the absence of complex engine systems. Over time, this can result in significant cost savings for the customer.
  3. It is more quietly than their diesel counterparts, reducing noise disturbances in residential areas and other noise-sensitive environments.
  4. Mini electric street sweeper is designed to be compact and maneuverable. So it is well suited for narrow streets, pedestrian areas, and spaces with limited access.
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About YG Machinery

YG Machinery offers types of road sweeper machines, including Street Sweeper Truck, small street sweeper machine, mini road sweeper, electric road sweeper. Contact us to get the small road sweeper price for sale in YG.


The export of 10 sets of small electric street sweeper machine to Thailand as a trial order demonstrates the market’s interest in sustainable and efficient street cleaning solutions. The advantages of electric road sweepers, such as eco-friendliness, cost efficiency, and versatility, position them as a promising choice for municipalities and organizations seeking to enhance their cleaning operations while reducing their environmental impact.

As the trial order progresses and the customer’s satisfaction is confirmed, it is anticipated that the demand for electric road sweepers will increase in Thailand. This positive trend reflects the country’s commitment to sustainable development and paves the way for further growth in the market for electric street sweeping machines.

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