Asphalt Recycling Machine

Asphalt recycling machines for sale can recycle asphalt pavement, save a lot of raw materials, such as asphalt and sandstone. Moreover, it is good for treating waste and protecting the environment. The asphalt equipment can heat the old asphalt pavement, regeneration agent, new asphalt. Mix them into a new mixture at a certain ratio, and the workers pave new materials on the road surface.

Asphalt Recycler
Asphalt Recycler

Parameter of Asphalt Recycler:

  • Model: YG-500
  • Power: 6kW
  • Voltage: 380V/220V
  • Fuel Consumption: 3L/H
  • Asphalt Conveying: Electric
  • Asphalt tank volume: 80L
  • Temperature Controller: Automatic
  • Heat Insulation Layer: ceramic wool
  • Dimension: 3550*1760*1560 mm
  • Weight: 1130kg

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Features of Asphalt Recycling Machine for Sale:

  1. It has the function of convenient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, has heating and regeneration on site.
  2. Maximize save material, reduce maintenance costs, achieve environmental protection.
  3. Integrated intelligent control: time controlling can prevent the asphalt mixture heating aging phenomenon.
  4. Adopts a double insulation system, the holding time is up to 3 hours.
  5. Trailing design, low investment, fast return, and high efficiency.
  6. The equipment design is simple and intelligent, has few mechanical transmission parts, easy to operate and maintain.
Asphalt Reclaiming Machine
Asphalt Recycling Machine
Model YG-800 YG-1500 YG-2500
Capacity 800kg/h 2000kg/h 3000kg/h
Walking Method Traction Type Traction Type Traction Type
Stirring method Horizontal Drum Mixing Horizontal Drum Mixing Horizontal Drum Mixing
Engine Diesel Diesel Diesel
Dimension 3500*1700*1700mm 4500*1950*1900mm 5800*1950*2700mm
Weight 1500kg 1800kg 2800kg

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Asphalt Recycling Machines

Apart from the above mini machine, the following asphalt recycling machines are also popular in the world. There is an insulating layer outside of the asphalt mixture mixing drum and heating drum, which can save the amount of heat. The Spiral arrangement of interior lifting and mixing blade increases the heating area of mixture materials as the drum turns. The asphalt of the hot asphalt tank is surrounded by heat-transfer oil, heats the oil and transfers heat to mixture asphalt, recycling heat makes the inside material have even heating. Residual asphalt of the flexible rubber hose can be cleaned by an air compressor. Diesel generating set is made of a high-speed diesel engine with director injection and swirl combustion chamber, insulation, and reliable performance electric generator. Generating set not only can guarantee the normal operation of the whole machine also can drive the electric pick crusher and road heater.

Asphalt Recycling Machine for Sale
Asphalt Recycling Machine for Sale

Asphalt Reclaiming Machine for Sale
Asphalt Reclaiming Machine

Model YG-C15 YG-T15 YG-T20
Capacity 700kg 1000kg 1500kg
Out-feeding Temperature 120-140℃ 120-140℃ 120-140℃
Time 10-15min 10-15min 10-15min
Dimension 3400*1800*220mm 4000*1900*3000mm 4400*2000*3000mm
Weight 2200kg 3000kg 3600kg

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Features of Drum Asphalt Recycler:

  1. High efficiency, artificial intelligence control, energy conservation, and environment protection.
  2. Uniform heating, rapid heating rate, no aging deterioration phenomenon.
  3. Low labor intensity, automatic lifting, and loading are adopted.
  4. Equip with tripod turntable traction, flexible turning.
  5. Good anti-vibration effect, rubber shock absorption mechanism makes mainframe very stable.
  6. Easy to operate, there are truck type, drag type, fixed type.
  7. Free from temperature and geographical influence.
  8. The machine can work anywhere and anytime.
Asphalt Reclaimer
Asphalt Reclaimer

What is Asphalt Regeneration Machine?

The asphalt regeneration machine is an economical and environmentally friendly machine. It can produce hot mix asphalt or thermal recycle the waste materials, the new asphalt is actually more durable, longer-lasting than the surrounding asphalt. It is mainly applied to recycling of old materials, heat cold materials, fry and mix new materials, filling the crack, and so on. Regardless of the outside temperature, the machine is suitable for patching potholes, utility patches, and others. The burner delivers heat energy to the heated material through the hot air, the machine heat softens and recycles the cold mix asphalt or waste asphalt mixture. It also can mix with asphalt and gravel on site.

How to Recycle Old Asphalt Pavement Effectively?

Large chunks of old pavement and a proprietary regenerant can be re-processed into reusable hot asphalt mix on site, which improves the performance of the entire repaired area. Asphalt is one of the most abundant recyclables on the planet, 100% recyclable.

Asphalt recycling machine for sale is the sustainable solution for repairing asphalt pavement, and it is available to businesses and governments around the world. In addition to the function of waste recycling, the asphalt regeneration machine can also produce pavement repairing and paving materials though adding new materials according to the ratio. It meets the requirements of saving the economy, protecting the environment, and guarantees road safety.

Asphalt reclaimer machine adjusts the adhesion of the aged asphalt to achieve the purpose of improving the function. Recycling steps: dig the aging asphalt road → transport to the recycling site → crush and sift the waste → mix and stir with the appropriate amount of new asphalt, new aggregate, regeneration → new asphalt material, mainly used for paving the base layer of the road or the layer below the surface.


The proportion of the mix ratio should fully consider the aging degree of the old pavement materials. During the recycling process of the old materials, do not mix dirt and other debris. If it has been mixed, clean up so that it can affect the quality of the recycled mixture, reduce the durability of the road.

Asphalt Recycling Machine
Asphalt Recycling Machine

Asphalt Equipment Manufacturer-YG Machinery

Based on the service road maintenance business, concentrating on the research and development of road maintenance machinery. YG company has determined the development direction of science and technology as the forerunner, carried out long-term cooperation with the highway management department. A series of products are focused on conservation, and achieve good economic and social benefits. We also have other asphalt equipment, such as asphalt distributor, crack sealing machine.

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