Portable Sand Blaster Machine

Sand blaster machine is a kind of machine that uses compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spray material on the surface of the workpiece to be processed at a high speed so that the mechanical properties of the outer surface of the workpiece surface are changed. mobile sandblasting equipment is widely used in shipbuilding, bridges, water conservancy engineering, mining machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical metallurgy, port construction, light industry, aircraft manufacturing, rolling stock, instrumentation, precision manufacturing, electronics industry, and other fields. Now contact us to get a cheap sandblasting equipment factory price.

Sand Blaster Machine
Sand Blaster Machine

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 Parameter of Automatic Sandblasting Machine

Model YG-600 YG-700 YG-800 YG-1000
Volume(m3) 0.26 0.3 0.6 1
Height 1150 1250 1700 2000
Sand peening capacity        5-10(m3/h) 6-11(m3/h)    10-12(m3/h)    10-30(m3/h)
Air source configuration           3(m2/min) 3(m2/min) 3.5(m2/min) 4(m2/min)
Control System Air control Air control Air control Air control
Diameter 600mm 700mm 800mm 1000mm

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Advantages of Sandblasters for Sale:

  1. The metal parts of the portable sandblasting equipment are basically not damaged, and the dimensional accuracy will not change;
  2. The surface of the part is not polluted, and the abrasive will not chemically react with the material of the part;
  3. The small sand blasting machine can easily handle difficult-to-reach parts such as grooves, and various abrasive grains can be selected for use;
  4. The processing cost is greatly reduced, which is mainly reflected in the improvement of the work efficiency of the sandblasting equipment, which can meet various surface finishing requirements;
  5. Low energy consumption and low cost;
  6. The portable sand blasting machine does not pollute the environment and saves the cost of environmental treatment.
Sandblasting Equipment
Sandblasting Equipment

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The Purpose of Sand Blaster Machine:

  1. The surface treatment of the automatic sandblasting machine can be used to treat the metal rust layer, residual dirt and tiny burrs, the surface of old parts, etc., to remove the surface adhesion layer and reveal the original color of the substrate.
  2. The portable sand blaster machine can be used as the pre-treatment process of various electroplating processes, brush plating processes, spraying processes, and bonding processes to obtain active surfaces and improve the adhesion between plating, coatings, and bonding parts.
  3. Sand blaster machine for sale can change the surface stress state of the workpiece, improve the lubrication conditions of the mating parts, and reduce the noise during the movement of the mating parts. It can harden the surface of the workpiece and improve the wear resistance and fatigue strength of the parts.
  4. sandblasters for sale the surface roughness Ra value of the workpiece can be changed. It can produce a matt or diffusely reflective surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of finishing.
  5. It is also very suitable for refurbishing old parts.
Portable Sand Blasting Machine
Portable Sand Blasting Machine

Industrial Sandblaster Machines
Industrial Sandblaster Machines

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Classification of Mobile Sandblasting Machine:

The automatic sandblasting machine is mainly divided into a suction dry sandblaster machine, press-in dry sandblaster machine, and wet sandblasting machine. Send your requirement to us if you need to buy sandblaster for sale.

Dry Sandblaster Machine

Dry sand blaster machine uses air pressure and the principle of a siphon to spray the brown corundum sand under the power of air compression and deal with the surface of the medium with extremely fast impact power. Because of the hardness of the brown corundum and the hardness of the medium surface, the medium is cut. It is smooth and achieves the functions of polishing, rust removal, and polishing in turn. The dry sand blaster machine does not use water, only the air pressure of the air compressor. Contact us to get the sandblasting machine price right now.

Dry Sandblasting Machine
Dry Sandblasting Machine

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Wet Blasting Machines for Sale

The water sandblasting machine uses the grinding liquid as the supply power of the grinding liquid, and the uniformly stirred grinding liquid is delivered to the spray gun through the grinding liquid pump. As the acceleration power of the grinding liquid, the compressed air enters the spray gun through the air pipe. In the spray gun, the compressed air accelerates the grinding liquid entering the spray gun, and is ejected through the nozzle and sprayed to the processed surface to achieve the expected processing purpose. In the liquid sandblasting machine, the grinding fluid pump is the power supply, and the compressed air is the acceleration power. Click here you can check our wet sandblasting machine for sale.

Wet Sandblasting Equipment
Wet Sandblasting Equipment

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Selection of Sand Blaster Machine for Sale:

  1. Depending on the size of the workpiece, choose a box-type sandblasting machine, a mobile sandblasting machine, and an automatic sandblasting machine;
  2. Depending on the shape of the product, choose the specifications of the sandblasting machine, generally, there are fixed for those below one-meter Specifications, especially large ones should be customized or open-ended.
  3. The degree of product surface requirements depends on whether it is dry spray or wet spray. If it is a dry spray, there are many options for abrasives. The wet spray is generally glass sand.

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