Road Marking Machine for Sale | Thermoplastic | Cold Spray

The road marking machine for sale is used to survey and map road and road traffic safety signs such as zebra crossings, sidewalks, lanes, and other road signs, and delineate road construction machinery with different constraints. According to the construction temperature, use method, and use place. The road marking machine is divided into two types: thermoplastic road marking machine and cold spray marking machine.


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road line marking machines for sale
road line marking machines for sale


You can choose a suitable road marking machine sold by YG Machinery Company according to your needs, and contact us for a quote. Now contact us to get a cheap road marking machine for sale factory price.

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Thermoplastic Road Line Marking Machine For Sale

A thermoplastic road marking machine is a machine used for thermoplastic marking of highway pavement. The thermoplastic road marking machine for sale is used to carry out road and other road traffic safety signs such as zebra crossings, sidewalks, lanes, and other road signs and traffic construction equipment. It can draw various marking lines with reflective properties such as road centerlines, traffic lanes, and airports. It is mainly used for the scraping operation of hot melt marking. After replacing the marking bucket, the marking construction of various widths can be completed. Click here you can check our road marking machine for sale.

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Thermoplastic Road Line Marking Machine For Sale
Thermoplastic Road Line Marking Machine For Sale

Road Marking Equipment
Road Marking Equipment

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YG-180 Road Line Marking Machine Parameters

Model  YG-180
Spraying Capacity 100kg/time
Width 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm
Thickness 1.0-3.0mm
Speed 1.5km / h
Heating Temperature 180-230 ° C
Heating Method petroleum liquefied gas
Volume 1400*900*1150mm
Weight 150kg

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YG-360 Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Technical Info

Model YG-360
Thermoplastic Paint Tank Double stainless steel heating insulation barrels; Capacity 100kg; Plug-in manual mixer device
Glass Beads Container 10kg/box
Adjustable Glass Beads Dispenser Synchronized with the line; Adjustable width: 50mm-200mm
Marking Mold High-precision ultra-thin material; Scraping structure; uniform and even marking line; 150mm standard equipment
Knife Under-frame Carbide with adjustable eccentric sleeve
Scope Marking Thickness 1-2.5mm
Tire Alloy wheel with special heat-resistant rubber; Rear wheel directional steering device ensures moving in a straight line and turning freely
Heating Method Liquefied petroleum gas
Marking Width 50/100/150/200/250/350/400/450 mm (optional)
Dimension (L*W*H) 1250mm*900mm*950mm
Weight 110kg

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What are the Advantages of Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

  1. Strong adhesion: the thermoplastic marking paint has strong adhesion to the ground, which fully guarantees the completeness and clarity of the marking.
  2. Wear resistance and long service life: thermoplastic marking paint should have a long service life, remain complete and clear for a long time, and can reduce the waste of manpower and material resources caused by repeated construction. Reduce the obstruction and impact on normal traffic.
  3. Good night-time reflective performance: thermoplastic night-time reflective markers can greatly improve the safety of night driving, and they can also improve night driving efficiency.
  4. Drying quickly during construction: The application environment of road marking paint is sometimes short and can dry quickly without affecting normal road traffic.
  5. Good weather resistance/water resistance: road traffic thermoplastic marking can maintain sharpness for a long time, and the natural aging degree is slow.

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Cold spray Marking Machine

The cold spray marking machine is the special equipment for road marking, used for straight lines, dashed lines, curves, guide arrows, texts, etc. of highways, urban roads, and markings. It has the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation, convenient use, free closing, neat marking, uniform coating, etc. Send your requirement to us if you need to buy road marking machine for sale.

Cold spray Road Marking Machine
Cold spray Road Marking Machine

Road Painting Machine
Road Painting Machine

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Cold spray Marking Machine Parameters

Model YG-8S YG-8D
Motor power 5.5hp Honda gasoline engine 5.5hp Honda gasoline engine
Plunger pump Electronic reversing Automatic Reciprocating Commutation
Number of spraying gun Single gun Double gun
Work mode Hydraulic Hydraulic
Pressure 8-12Mpa 8-12Mpa
Unloading flow 4.8L/min 8L/min
Spray width 100-300mm 100-450mm
Spray thickness 0.2-0.4mm 0.2-0.4mm
Size 1600*800*1200mm 1600*800*1200mm
Weight 120kg 120kg

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Features of Cold Spray Road Marking Machine for Sale

  1. Cold spray line marking machine uses the gasoline engine to drive high-pressure pump airless spray technology applied to sports field marking vehicles, the spray line is clear, smooth, full, uniform, and high efficiency.
  2. There are stoppers on both sides of the spray gun to ensure that the line width is free of burrs. When turning, the plate can be raised by pulling the line and can rotate freely.
  3. The spray gun is easy to disassemble, replace different nozzles, and control the width of different markings. Can be used for ordinary airless spraying, used for spraying marks or signs.
  4. Hand-push driving, free steering, reliable orientation, and flexible steering.
Road Marking Machine Manufacturers
Road Marking Machine Manufacturers

Road Marking Paint for Sale
Road Marking Paint for Sale

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Road Marking Machine Price—YG Machinery

YG Machinery has different types of road marking machines for sale, you can choose the machine according to your budget, construction site, working method, etc. We will provide you with high-quality machinery at the most competitive price. If you are looking for road making machine for sale, please leave your messages.

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