Down the Hole Drilling

DTH drilling rigs use impactors and drill bits that are submerged into the bottom of the hole to impact and crush the rock. Therefore, they are called down the hole drilling. It is suitable for large-diameter blast hole drilling operations in small and medium-sized mines, road construction, water conservancy, and stone works, as well as for drilling bolt holes in slope support, tunnel support, and foundation pit support. The main drilling object is a rock formation. Contact us to get DTH rock drilling equipment price right now.

Down the Hole Drilling
Down the Hole Drilling

Portable DTH Drilling Rig
Portable DTH Drilling Rig

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Small Outrigger Type DTH Drill Rig Parameters

Model YGD70/YGD80 YGD100 YGQ100 YGB100-4/YGB120-5.5
Drilling Diameter 50-90mm/90-120mm 90-130mm 90-130mm 90-130mm
Apply Rock ≥20 ≥20 ≥20 ≥20
Drilling Depth 15m ≥25m ≥25m ≥30m-40m
Drilling rotate speed 110r/min 110r/min 110r/min 110r/min
Working air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa 0.5-1.0Mpa 0.5-1.0Mpa 0.5-1.0Mpa
Air consumption 4m³/min 6m³/min 12m³/min 10m³/min
Cylinder Diameter 90mm 140mm 140mm 140mm
Propulsion Stroke 1070mm 1070mm 1070mm 1070mm
Max propelled force 3600N/8000N 9600N 9600N 9600N
Electric motor power 3KW/4KW 4KW / 4KW/5.5KW
Electric motor voltage 380V 380V / 380V
Rated speed 1440r/min 1440r/min 3200r/min 1440r/min
Drilling rod OD 42mm 50-60mm 50-60mm 60mm
Drilling rod length 1025mm 1025mm 1025mm 1025mm
Dimension 1740*260*420mm 2280*440*550mm 2230*380*550mm 2230*380*550mm
Weight 280/320KG 470KG 450KG 460/480KG

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Classification of DTH drilling rigs:

  1. According to the different use environments, it is divided into two categories: open-air down the hole drilling rig and underground down the hole drilling rig.
  2. According to the way of walking, it can be divided into small outrigger type DTH drilling machine and crawler type DTH drilling machine.
  3. According to the working mode, it can be divided into pneumatic and electric linkage, fully hydraulic, and full pneumatic.
  4. According to the power configuration of the drilling rig, it can be divided into diesel-powered down the hole drilling rig, diesel-electric dual-purpose down the hole drilling rig, electric down the hole drilling rig (need to be customized).
  5. According to the different hole diameters, it can be divided into light DTH drilling rig (with a hole diameter of 70-120mm), medium-size DTH drilling rig (with a hole diameter of 150mm), heavy-duty DTH drilling rig (with a hole diameter of 200mm), and extra heavy DTH drilling rig (the hole diameter is 250mm).

YG Machinery provides you with the most complete types of down the hole drilling. Which kind of down the hole drilling equipment do you need? Or Want to get the DTH drilling rig price, you can click the message box below to get more information.

Small DTH Drilling Rig
Small DTH Drilling Rig

Small Outrigger Type DTH Drill Rig
Small Outrigger Type DTH Drill Rig

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Working principle of Down the Hole Drilling:

The working principle of the DTH drilling rig is the same as other rock drilling rigs. It has the process of rock drilling and hole formation such as impact, rotation, ballasting, and advancement, and it belongs to percussion rotary drilling. The difference is that the impactor of the down-the-hole drill is installed at the front end of the drill rod, submerged into the bottom of the hole, and continues to advance as the drilling extends. Click here you can check our DTH drilling machine for sale.

DTH Drilling Dig
DTH Drilling Dig

DTH Drilling Machine
DTH Drilling Machine

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Crawler DTH Drilling Rig of Parameters

Model YGL130 (diesel engine and electric engine) YGM150T (diesel engine) YGM153 (diesel engine and electric engine)
Drilling diameter φ83-φ130mm φ90-φ150mm φ83-φ165mm
Drilling depth 30m 30m 30m
Rock Hardness f=6~20 f=6~20 f=6~20
Travelling Speed 2.5km/h 2.5km/h 2.5km/h
Climbing ability 30º 30º 30º
Electric System 24V 24V 24V
Power type Diesel engine+ electric engine Diesel engine Diesel engine+ electric engine
Diesel tank capacity 70(L) 70(L) 70(L)
Oil tank capacity 109(L) 148(L) 155(L)
Total machine weight 3.7t 5.2t 5.8t

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Product Features of DTH Drilling Rig

  1. Fast footage, flexible movement, and convenient operation, a high degree of mechanization, and less auxiliary operation time, which improves the operation rate of the drilling rig.
  2. The impactor directly acts on the drill bit, and the impact energy loss does not increase with the lengthening of the drill rod. Deep holes with large diameters can be drilled, and the drilling speed is not affected by the hole depth.
  3. Environmental protection and energy saving, because the impact is carried out at the bottom of the hole, the noise during work is greatly reduced.
  4. The action of the drilling rig is realized by the advanced hydraulic system, and only the impactor consumes the air volume, thus saving the purchase cost of the whole set of equipment in the configuration of the air compressor.
  5. The floating chassis is more mobile and flexible, with strong climbing ability, and more suitable for rugged field operations.
  6. The slewing mechanism is driven by a new type of dual motor, which can maintain strong power during large-aperture rock drilling operations.
  7. It can drill medium-hard or above-medium-hard rocks (f≥8).
  8. Good adaptability. Except for very soft formations, the down-the-hole drills are in the best working condition in all rock structures, and the drilled hole diameter and hole depth are more than top hammer rock drills.
DTH Drilling Rig Application
DTH Drilling Rig Application

DTH Drilling Rig Construction Site
DTH Drilling Rig Construction Site

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Safety Operating Regulations for Down the Hole Drilling Rig

  1. Before the operation, check the drilling tool, propulsion mechanism, electrical system, pressure system, air duct, and dustproof device, etc., and confirm that they are in good condition before use.
  2. Observe the sound of the impactor and mechanical operation at any time. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately for an inspection and troubleshoot.
  3. When drilling, give enough water to reduce dust flying. In operation. The powder discharge situation should be observed at any time, especially when drilling down holes, the blowing should be strengthened, and the drilling should be strengthened if necessary.
  4. Before adding the drill pipe, the center hole of the drill pipe should be blown clean to avoid dirt entering the impactor. Do not use drill rods that do not meet specifications or are severely worn. Drill rods that have been broken in the borehole should be taken out with special tools.
  5. When the drilling rig is shut down for a short time, a small amount of compressed air should be supplied to prevent rock dust from invading the impactor; if the drilling is stopped for a long time, the impactor should be lifted 1-2m from the bottom of the hole and fixed.
  6. When the sticking occurs, the thrust should be reduced immediately, and the rotation and flushing should be strengthened to gradually become normal. If the drill is severely stuck, you must stop the machine immediately, apply torque and tension to the tool, and the drill will turn loose, and then lift the drill while blowing until it returns to normal.
  7. In normal operation, when the air pressure is lower than 0.35Mpa, stop the machine for inspection.
  8. After the operation is completed, the drilling rig should be parked in a safe area for cleaning and lubrication.

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