Manhole Cover Cutting Machine

Manhole cover cutting machine is ideal for circular cutting concrete or asphalt pavement in municipal road maintenance. It is a new type of equipment for repairing wells and replacing manhole covers on municipal roads. Fix the manhole cutter around the manhole cover, adjust the radius of the cutting according to the needs, and the machine can cut the required circular shape automatically.YG manhole cutting machine includes hand push type and fully automatic cutter.

Parameter of Manhole Cover Cutting Machine:

Cutting Diameterφ1100-1400mmφ1000-1700mm
Cutting Depth150mm150mm
Blade Size450mm460mm
Blade Inner Diameterφ27mmφ27mm

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Features of Manhole Cover Cutting Machine:

  1. It not only cancut road along the straight line, but also cut a circular.
  2. One-time cutting and molding has the advantages of high efficiency, small cutting area, and material
  3. Keep maintenance pavement having beautiful shape, high quality, durable, strong carrying capacity.
  4. Adopts Japanese Honda gasoline engine, has high power and low fuel consumption.
  5. The machine is easy to operate, has a small size and flexible movement.
  6. Push-type travel cutting, cutting depth, and angle are easy to adjust.
  7. A fully automatic manhole cover cutting machine is more intelligent than a hand-push type. It can be operated by remote, which can save time and effort.

Features of Fully Automatic Manhole Cover Cutter:

  1. High-performance engine: high-durability gasoline engine makes the power supply more stable, and low fuel consumption makes the equipment more economical.
  2. Operation is convenient and simple: wireless remote control for cutting operations, the construction process is more reliable.
  3. Cutting radius is adjustable: select the appropriate cutting diameter according to the road damage, and improve the construction efficiency.
  4. Cut force is adjustable: set cutting force according to the road damage, so that the construction precision is higher.
  5. Descending speed is stepless adjustable: adjust the blade falling speed according to the different pavement strength, improve the construction efficiency.
  6. Automatic limit function: blade lifting has an automatic limit function. When the set cutting force is reached during the construction process, the blade will stop descending to ensure construction reliability. The blade rising also has limited, can avoid the misuse of damaging equipment, and improving reliability.
  7. Easy and reliable positioning: a separate base for cutting circle positioning, the device is simple and reliable, easy to operate.
  8. Simple walking mode: walking method is drag-and-drop.The whole machine has good performance and is suitable for a variety of workplaces.
  9. Rotating frame: ensure convenient and quick construction. When the equipment is towed to the designated construction position, the construction can be carried out simply by raising the frame, which is convenient and quick.
  10. Automatic dust removal and noise reduction device: The equipment adopts an automatic water dust removal device, which can meet the long-term construction requirements with a large-capacity water tank. At the same time, it can protect the blade, the construction is more reliable, and construction noise is smaller.

How to Install Manhole Cover?

  1. Set a fence around the manhole cover and place a warning sign.
  2. Cut the road around the manhole cover by YG circular manhole cutter machine.
  3. Break the structure around the manhole cover with a hydraulic power station, and remove the worn cover.
  4. Paveasphalt around the manhole cover and press tight for each layer of asphalt. YG asphalt recycling machine can produce new asphalt.
  5. After replacing the new manhole cover, compact the periphery of the manhole cover with a road roller, which can ensure the smoothness of the road surface. YG single drum road roller can complete the compaction work, it is ideal for road maintenance.
  6. The installation is convenient and fast, which greatly reduces the impact of replacing the manhole cover on the traffic.

How to Maintain Manhole Cover?

It is a troublesome thing for manhole maintenance. The first thing is to carry out the cutting cover, then replace the manhole cover. Cutting machines are rare, especially for specialized manhole cutters. Now, the manhole cover cutter has been becoming the key product of the enterprise.

In the current machining, most enterprises will choose to complete the production of the product, instead of the single machine. Therefore, it is necessary that the complete set of manhole cover machinery can ensure construction efficiency and quality. From the perspective of the construction company, the purpose of selecting a high-tech well cover cutter is to increase the rate and reduce the cost. Therefore, the factors of manhole cover machinery are essential, such as safety, reliability, and ease of maintenance. The manhole cutter machine produced by YG Machinery meets the demand of domestic engineering.

Manhole Cover Cutting Machine Manufacturers

YG circular manhole cover cutter is specially used for circular cutting of cement concrete or asphalt road and provides a divided area for clearing the damaged road surface. The restored ground is beautiful, road maintenance machine extends the service life of the road. Drainage pit cover cutting machine is very suitable for the repairing engineering of the manhole cover. There are also many road machinery for pavement construction and maintenance, E.g: mini road roller, road marking machine, asphalt crack filler machine, small asphalt milling machine, small water well drilling rigs, floor grinder machine, floor shot blaster, non-curing spraying machine. YG machinery can meet your needs whatever small or large machine.

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