Walk-Behind Roller Compactor for sale

YG Road Roller for Sale in India

In April 2019, Customers from India are very interested in YG road roller for sale. He got in touch with us through the message box on the website and communicated he planned to visit our factory with his colleagues next week, our foreign trade clerk told him our factory address. After a week, we received his message, he said they were on the way to our factory. Then we led them to the factory. Our business staff welcomed them warmly and introduced them to several different types of vibratory rollers for sale. There are their types: single drum roller, walk-behind roller compactor, ride on a roller for sale. Contact us to get road roller machine price right now.

Walk-Behind Roller Compactor for sale
Walk-Behind Roller Compactor for sale

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Road Roller Specification:

Model YG-850 YG-880
Power 6.0HP 25HP/20HP
Walk Speed 0-4km/h 0-5KM/H
Climbing Capacity 30% 30%
Static Linear Load 45n/cm 45n/cm
Exciting Force 20KN 50KN
Vibration Frequency 70HZ 70HZ
Drive Hydraulic Drive Hydraulic Drive
Water Tank 15L 15L
Hydraulic Oil Tank 3.6L 19L
Engine Model HONDA GX270 GX390
Steel Wheel Size 580x700mm 800x850mm
Package Size 1550x900x1200mm 2100*1000*1650 mm
Weight 750kg 1000kg

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Road Roller for Sale

Finally, they bought the ride-on roller, because the ride-on roller is ideal for their work. The road roller for sale adopts a hydraulic actuator, it is suitable for different height workers. And it can save working time and get great work efficiency. When the customers left, they said that they were very satisfied with this visit, and hoped to cooperate frequently in the future. For more information about road machinery, you can click on the message box below or add my WhatsApp +8613598866720 to contact us. If you are looking for a roller compactor for sale, please leave your message.

We YG Machinery are a professional road machinery manufacturer, such as road marking machines, crack sealing equipment, concrete road cutting machinefog cannon machinefloor shot blaster, mortar sprayer machine, sandblasting machine, hydraulic rock splitter, pile breaker machine, and so on. Welcome to consult for more related information for free.

Road Roller Machine for sale
Road Roller Machine for sale

Ride on Roller for Sale
Ride on Roller for Sale

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Advantages of Road Roller for Sale:

Roller compactor for sale can repair the pit and cover around the edge, it is suitable for the compaction of the asphalt for small groove backfill. It is suitable for sidewalks, bridges, parking lots, sports grounds, and other narrow spaces. The armrest of a single drum roller adopts a plane gear adjusting mechanism. The roller has a high roadside clearance and a small side clearance. It is ideal for wall and road rock compaction. Now contact us to get a cheap mini road roller compactor factory price.

Double drum walk behind road roller can move back and forth, the device of “reverse” forced reversing lever makes the operation safer. Its armrests can erect to reduce transportation space. YG Machinery sells various models of road rollers machine, there is any You can click on the message box below or email admin@ygroadmachine.comto contact us.

Small Roller Compactor
Small Roller Compactor

Road Roller for Sale
Road Roller for Sale

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Why Choose a Small Road Roller?

  1. Cost: The cost of a mini road roller is much cheaper than that of a larger roller. It is economical and practical, so it can be called “good quality and low price”.
  2. Construction scope: road roller for sale can enter some relatively narrow construction sites at will. This is not available and irreplaceable for large rollers, so it can be called a “monopoly advantage”.
  3. Storage space: The small roller compactor has a simple structure and a small footprint. It is very advantageous whether it is used or stored, so it can be called “portable advantage”.
  4. Service life: The workmanship of road roller for sale is very fine. Generally, the exterior of the roller is sprayed, which is not prone to rust and greatly extends its service life, so it can be called the “utility advantage”.
  5. Operation method: The small road roller is easy to operate. Because the whole machine is relatively light and handy, it is very convenient to operate. As long as the operator with relevant knowledge can operate it, it is called “fool advantage”.
  6. Maintenance: The road roller for sale is easy to maintain, and the whole structure of the equipment is simple because it is very simple to eliminate certain faults and maintain the equipment. Therefore, it is called the “easy maintenance advantage”.

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