We all know that Elon Musk, who runs SpaceX, has a folding container house in South Texas. You may also want your own fodable tiny house. How much is the foldable houses for sale? Where to buy the similar elon musk foldable house?

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foldable tiny house


Customized portable folding prefabricated house

YG Machinery can provide the folding houses according to your budget, size requirements, etc.

Explore Features

Foldable houses

Thermal insulation

Maintainin comfortable temperatures inside house.

Digital intelligent control

Integrated climate control. Smart locks. Cameras. etc.

Structural safety

Made with High-quality steel to ensure the structural integrity.

Long lifespans

Modern materials and engineering ensure weather resistance and long lifespans.

Convenient installation

Cut down on building time and minimize construction waste.


Highly resistant to moisture damage.


Multifunctional portable foldable house

Do you need dormitories for your workers? Or do you want to install a shop in the scenic area to sell and promote your products? Or are you looking for a suitable office space? No matter what your purpose is, you can use prefabricated foldable tiny house.

Staff domitory

Warmth preservation, good sound insulation, strong functionality, easy disassembly and assembly, multiple uses, convenient transportation, green and environmentally friendly.

Staff domitory container house
container house for hotel

Container Hotel

Equipped with a separate bathroom, a bar, a luggage cabinet, a bed, and two windows, it is fully equipped and comfortable to live in, clean and hygienic.


Class A fire protection. It not only saves construction costs, but also saves a lot of time. Container house is the preferred solution for office buildings in engineering projects.

folding house used as office
collapsible container house for camping

Outdoor camping portable foldable house

You can install a house within 30 minutes. The house can be equipped with bathroom, kitchen, necessary furniture for life.

Modular hospital

You must heared about that during the covid periode. It is just one of the scenarios of mobile container house application.

collapsible container house

Portable Folding Container House – Cases

Below are some real cases of our container houses.

foldable container house

Modular Hotel

Qatar World Cup organizers ordered 2,000 foldable houses for sale to be used as apartments for athletes and coaches.

folding houses tiny

Portable House

Mr.Bell purchased a folding container house as a temporary housing in countryside. With 3 rooms.

capsule mobile hotel

Seaside villa

Mr.Mohamed installed an integrated capsule camping house on his private beach.

Looking a foldable container house?

YG offers you unique one-stop service.

7/24 Services

Service staff are available online 24 hours a day to provide services. Installation service, worry-free after-sales service.


According to the customer’s on-site conditions, we will formulate reasonable plans and start from the customer’s needs to design products that satisfy the customer.

High Quality

Newly upgraded packaged container house. All steel frame, 3 layers of load-bearing. No hidden dangers. Waterproof. Class A fireproof. Safe and reliable


What Our Customers Say


from Alaska

YG’s container house has been a lifesaver in our remote Alaskan location. It’s durable, withstands the harsh weather, and the energy efficiency keeps our heating costs low. We’re grateful for this innovative and practical housing solution.


from UAE

Our folding house doubles as a guest house and home office. It’s incredibly functional, folds up for extra space when not in use, and the modern design complements our main house perfectly. Guests love staying in it, and it’s been a valuable addition to our property.


from Germany

We purchased a YG Folding house for our remote mountain property. Assembly was surprisingly quick and easy, and we’re amazed at how spacious and comfortable it feels. The folding mechanism is impressive, and knowing we can relocate it if needed gives us peace of mind.


from California

Our foldable unit saved us months of construction time and stress compared to traditional methods. The customization options allowed us to create a unique living space that perfectly suits our needs, and the quality is top-notch.


from Australia

My folding house has been my creative haven for the past year. It’s sturdy, energy-efficient, and folds up compactly when I need more space on my property. I love the modern design and how it seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings.


from Canada

YG built our foldable container homes in record time and at an unbeatable price. It’s surprisingly spacious and well-insulated, making it comfortable even in our cold climate. We are so excited about our choice!

Making Living Better for Everyone

If you are looking for a small portable container house, do not hesitate to request a free quote now.

In conclusion

Luxury container houses are a combination of environmental protection and fashion, because the possibility of using container houses has been explored. From shelters and hospitals to luxury apartments, villas, shops, and campsites, container houses can be almost Houses for any purpose. It is a renovated house that varies according to its use, and living equipment can also be installed directly. This method of building luxury container houses saves construction time, manpower, and reduces production costs. Even compared with prefabricated houses in the mobile housing market, creative containers transformed from containers still have their own cost advantages.

YG Collapsible Container Houses for sale have been exported to many countries and regions, for example, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Angola, Chile, etc.

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