You may see this shotcrete machine for sale in a construction site. What is this machine used for? How does it work? Should I buy one set for my project? Which model should I choose? We will answer all the questions about the shotcrete sprayer.

What is a Shotcrete Machine?

The shotcrete machine is a powerful tool used in construction to apply concrete pneumatically at high velocity. This process, known as shotcreting, offers several advantages over traditional concrete placement. It is widely used in the construction of highways, railways, tunnels, hydropower stations and other projects.

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Types of Shotcrete Machine for sale

There are two main types of shotcrete machines.

dry-mix shotcrete machine

Dry-mix shotcrete machine

It can mix the dry ingredients (cement, sand, and aggregate) at the nozzle before the material is pneumatically conveyed to the surface.

Wet-mix shotcrete machine

The machine pre-mix the concrete to a slurry consistency before pumping it to the nozzle for application.

Wet-mix shotcrete machine for sale

How does it work?

The shotcrete machine for sale is a mechanical equipment that combines mechanics, electricity and hydraulics. The hydraulic wet spraying machine uses the thrust generated by the hydraulic pump to make the two cylinders move back and forth alternately. The dense flow material is sent from the conveying pipe to the mixed flow pipe. The compressed air forms a thin flow and is sent to the nozzle through the pipe. A certain proportion of quick-setting agent is added to the nozzle and sprayed directly onto the spray surface.

Applications of Shotcrete


Shotcrete is ideal for lining tunnels due to its versatility, speed, and ability to bond to irregular surfaces.

Rockfall protection

Shotcrete can be applied to rock faces to prevent rockfall and stabilize slopes.

Architectural features

Shotcrete can be used to create decorative architectural elements such as curves and arches.

Swimming pools

Shotcrete is used to create the smooth, watertight shell of swimming pools.

Rehabilitation of structures

Shotcrete can be used to repair and strengthen damaged concrete structures.

Should I buy a shotcrete machine for sale?

What type of projects will you be using the machine for? What are your desired application rates and volumes? What is your budget for the purchase and ongoing operation of the machine?

In conclusion

The shotcrete machine is a valuable tool for construction projects of all sizes. Its versatility, speed, and durability make it a popular choice for a variety of applications. However, it is important to use shotcrete machines safely and responsibly.

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