Concrete Road Paver Machine is a kind of road construction equipment, mainly used for slurrying, tapping, and leveling concrete floors. The concrete roller paver machine spreads the mixed cement concrete along the roadbed according to the given thickness, width, and other requirements, and then does the next operation of tapping, leveling, and troweling to complete the construction of the road paving.

Parameter of the Road Paving Machine:

Paving thickness300mm300mm
Paving width3-6m3-6m
Exciting frequency32HZ32HZ
Exciting force5.5KN5.5KN
Diameter of roller168mm219mm
Walking speed8-10m/min8-10m/min
Power4kw +4kw4kw+5.5kw

The concrete spreader machine adopts an aluminum alloy steel structure. It is used for vibrating deep inside the construction of concrete road surfaces and can remove water and air in the concrete to reinforce the concrete. It is ideal for the construction of a bridge, road, workshop, or square.

Features of the Road Paver Machine:

  1. Compact structure, optimized design, stable and reliable transmission.
  2. The machine has two motors, and the power transmission is on rollers through a shifting mechanism, it is convenient to realize that the driving direction parallels the template.
  3. Easy to operate and quick to adjust. One person can operate it, it is easy to operate and flexible to turn, only need to turn off the vibration motor when adjusting.
  4. The compaction effect is good. During the construction, the front eccentric roller is mainly used to strike the cement pavement at a high speed, which far exceeds the effect achieved by the vibrating beam, and does not cause segregation of the concrete pavement.
  5. Advanced technology, high flatness, high work efficiency, and good construction quality, save the labor force.
  6. Its rollers are easy to change and transport.

Application of Road Paver Machine:

YG roller paver machine has the function of paving, flattening, tapping, pulping, and leveling, one person can drive and finish the whole operation. And this machine has no requirements for the template material and installation, wrapped by wooden and steel formwork. YG concrete paver is a self-rolling type paving and leveling machine, which is popular in the construction of cement roads, such as high-grade roads, airport runways, port terminals, and bridge decks.

Classification of Road Paver Machine:

The road paver machine includes a double and a triple tube concrete paver machine. One axis is working for walking, one is for leveling, and the other is for pulping. It can also be equipped with a screw shaft called a four-roller. This shaft mainly plays the role of scraping the material and reducing the burden on several shafts, making the paving effect more obvious.

The triple tube concrete road paver machine consists of 2 motors, a transmission, and 3 rollers. One motor drives the first eccentric rolling shaft to hit the concrete, the direction of the rolling shaft is always backward, which can scrape the high concrete and increase the compactness. And other motor drives the last two scroll axes to move back and forth freely so that the cement concrete surface layer can achieve ideal flatness. A concrete roller paver machine is always trusted by the construction team.

Advantages of Asphalt Road Paving Equipment:

  • Mature technology, high quality, better vibrating, and paving effect.
  • Low manual cost: easy to operate and maintain, a cost-effective device in paving equipment.
  • The transportation is relatively convenient, the crane can be fully shipped and unloaded.

The road paving equipment can be pushed and extruded at a constant speed, and the slurry roller can rotate the slurry at a high speed. Because the larger the shaft diameter, the larger the centrifugal acceleration speed at the same rotation speed, the concrete is easier to isolate. And the smaller the effective depth of action under the same vibration force condition, the bottom is difficult to be effectively compacted. Therefore, the concrete thickness is large, and a vibrating roller with a smaller diameter and a lower rotation speed should be chosen, so that the paving ability is stronger and the compact forming effect is better.

What Should We Do Before Operating the Machine?

  1. Check whether the motor power cable and grounding wire are safe and reliable.
  2. Check if the bolts are loose.
  3. Check if the electrical control system is sensitive and reliable.
  4. Check all lubrication points, such as bearings, and chains, and add the appropriate amount of lubricant to ensure the machine normally working.
  5. The steel formwork should be supported firmly. Ensure the upper surface is in the same plane.

How to Maintain Road Paver Machine?

  1. Clean the concrete adhered to the rollers after every construction, so that the machine can work normally.
  2. Add lubricating grease to bearings, and chains in time to avoid premature failure.
  3. Place the machine on the flat floor when it is out of work for a long time, and make the rollers touch the ground, avoiding the roll shaft curving.
  4. Remove the machine to another working place, when the distance is close and the space is spacious and flat, make it move automatically. Otherwise, you should use other transportation tools to carry.

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