Mask Making Machine

The mask making machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that can produce non-woven fabrics with filtering performance through multiple processes such as hot pressing, folding molding, ultrasonic welding, scrap removal, and ear band nose bridge welding. It is not just a single machine, but multiple machines to complete different processes. The mask machine is divided into different types: plane mask machine, N95 mask machine . Flat mask machine can be divided into: Types of one drag two , Types of one drag one .

Face Mask Making Machine
Face Mask Making Machine for Sale

Mask Making Machine
Mask Making Machine for Sale

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One Drag Two Plane Mask Making Machine

The one-to-two mask production line connects a mask body machine with a shunt machine and then connects with the two ear strap fusion machines through the shunt machine. When the machine starts, the main machine produces the product and is transported by the conveyor belt. To the shunt machine, the shunt machine transfers the mask to the band welding machine to weld the earband part to complete a complete mask product. The entire process realizes a fully automated production process, without manual operation, that is, one body machine and two sets The earband machine is connected.

Composition: Main machine (1 set), mask connecting line (1 set), and mask outer ear strap machine (2 sets) form a one-for-two disposable three-layer mask making machine production line.

One Drag Two Plane Mask Making Machine
One Drag Two Plane Mask Making Machine for Sale


  • Equipment size:  6500 * 3600  * 2000mm
  • Appearance color:  DB standard color
  • Equipment weight:  ≤5000kg
  • Working power:  220V ± 5 ﹪, 50HZ
  • rated power:  9KW
  • Operating environment:  10 ~ 35 ℃
  • Production efficiency:  90-100 pieces / min


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One Drag One Plane Mask Making Machine

The one drag one mask production line is a set of fully for the production of disposable flat masks. It consists of the main body machine, the inner ear belt machine, the outer ear belt machine, and the strap-on machine in a form of mutual matching. This machine is basically developed in the form of a single machine with each other to form a flat mask production process (one-to-one) flat mask production line equipment, through unique The computer program automatic control system, The main machine conveying system and mask body piece shunting system is very scientific to connect a mask body machine and a mask earband welding machine to achieve full automation of disposable mask production. Greatly saved labor costs.

One Drag One Plane Mask Making Machine
One Drag One Plane Mask Making Machine for Sale


  • Voltage:  220V
  • Production capacity:  40-50pcs / min
  • Power consumption:  6KW
  • Air pressure:  6kg / cm2
  • Frequency:  20KHZ
  • Power:  3kw
  • Machine weight:  300KG


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N95 Mask Making Machine

The device with an advanced program control system, can complete the fully automated process for the production of masks, including nose bridge straps, welding ear straps, and folding forming; the equipment is perfectly matched with each production site through PCL control to produce high Quality folding masks can be adjusted according to different molds to produce different types of folding masks.

N95 Mask Making Machine
N95 Mask Making Machine for Sale


  • Machine size: 8500*1500*700 mm
  • Motor power:   1.5 kW
  • Rated power:  12 kW
  • Air pressure: 0.6-0.8 Mpa
  • Stable production capacity:   45-60 pcs/min
  • Fold symmetry:  2 mm
  • Face mask type:  Built-in nose bridge
  • Machine weight:  2350 kg


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Equipment Performance Characteristics

  1. Fully automatic production, ultrasonic welding, high stability;
  2. Photoelectric detection, high reliability and low failure rate, photoelectric material breakage detection (automatic alarm shutdown when no material or abnormality occurs) with automatic counting function, the output is clear and intuitive;
  3. The machine has a small volume and a small footprint. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and sturdy without rust;
  4. Intelligent induction, it will automatically stop when it affects the normal production situation, reducing unnecessary waste;
  5. PLC program control, high output and strong stability.

Product Advantages:

  1. Adopt aluminum alloy structure, beautiful and solid without rust.
  2. Computer PLC programming control, high stability, low failure rate, and low noise.
  3. Photoelectric detection, to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
  4. One body can be connected to 1-3 inner ear strap machines or outer ear strap machines as needed.
  5. The machine adopts pulleys and fixed feet, which is convenient and fast to move, strong in fixation, and does not shake.
  6. This with a brand new advanced conveyor belt, with high accuracy, without manual inventory, only finishing and packaging.
  7. It can be modified according to product requirements, product size.
  8. According to different production orders, different earband machines can be configured, which is economical and practical, and completely solves the problems of capital cost and staffing.
Fully Automated Production
Fully Automated Production

Semi-manual Production
Semi-manual Production and Processing

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How to Buy a Mask Making Machine

In modern society, due to the continuous deterioration of the natural environment and the enhancement of people’s awareness of protection, The market demand for various protective masks continues to expand, Many customers are keenly aware of this business opportunity and want to participate in the mask production industry. but purchasing mask making machine, in addition to the selected raw materials, It is more important to choose the production equipment of the mask. How to choose a wide variety of mask production equipment?

Different people have different opinions. before purchasing this equipment, you must consider the specifications and types of masks to be produced. different types of masks require different equipment. don’t ignore more common sense information about masks, this will be related to future product quality and sales issues.

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