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automatic grocey plastic bag making machine price
automatic grocey plastic bag making machine price

Summary: This is multifunctional equipment producing polythene bags, like vest bags, and flat-opening bags with printing. Contact us to get the Plastic bag making machine plant cost here.

Polythene bags are widely used in the packaging industry. There are many types of plastic bags in the market, such as high-density polyethylene plastic bags, low-density polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene plastic bags, and PVC plastic bags. In this article, I will present an automatic machine that is suitable for making LDPE or HDPE plastic bags with printing.

High-Speed Automatic Plastic T-shirt Bag Making Machine

A plastic bag making machine is mainly composed of: storage device, stepping device, frequency conversion device, whole bag device, heat sealing cutter and control device. 

YG High Speed Automatic Plastic Bag Manufacturing Machine uses HDPE and LDPE tube film as raw materials. The machine can produce high-quality plastic bags at a high speed of 440 pcs per minute. It can complete feeding, back sealing, cutting, punching, and conveying processes at one time. With PLC control and LCD touch screen, the control device as a whole coordinates all aspects of the action.

Polythene Plastic bag making machine technical parameters

Max Bag Width370mm*2470mm*2
Max Bag Length300-999mm300-999mm
Max Feeding Diameter800mm800mm
Producing Speed150-220pcs*2/min150-220pcs*2/min
Film Thickness0.01-0.035mm0.01-0.035mm
Main Motor(KW)1.5KW1.7KW
Main Power(KW)9KW9KW
Machine weight2300KG2400KG
Machine size(L*W*H)5600*1550*1900mm5600*1650*1900mm
plastic shopping bag making machine
plastic shopping bag making machine

Performance and Features

  1. Novel design of sealing and cutting device, the pressure of sealing and cutting knife is easy to adjust, and the overall turnover can reach 180 degrees, which is easy to clean and replace the tape.
  2. Reflective photoelectric switch monitoring, stable and reliable feeding, automatic shutdown if the label is lost.
  3. The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and the stepper motor drags the material (servo motor control system is optional), and the sealing and cutting size is accurate.
  4. Automatic counting and settable counting alarm and whole output system.
  5. Special design, bag bottom shaping equipment, keep each bag neatly overlapped, so as to facilitate the correct position of the punching hole.
  6. The punching waste is transported and collected by automatic conveying bags, which are convenient for sorting.
polythene bag machine
polythene bag machine

How much is a plastic bag making machine?

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