Wet Wipe Machine

The wet wipes are made of wet-strength, soft-fiber, and high-permeability substrates, which are folded, humidified, and packaged to make disposable sanitary products. Because of their basic functions of cleansing and moisturizing the skin, as well as being easy to carry, they have become indispensable in people’s daily lives.

Now, most wet wipes are made of non-woven fabrics. The content of the disinfectant used in wet wipes should be distributed scientifically. It is used to clean hands before or after meals or without water and soap. For the face, wet wipes are still a better choice.

Wet wipe machines are mainly divided into 80-piece pillow-type wet wipes production line, 10-piece unsealed bag wet wipes making machine and single-piece wet wipes production line. Please click the message box below to leave a message, YG Machinery will provide you with detailed information about the wet wipe machine. In addition, YG also provides nitrile glove machines, PE glove making machines, and mask making machines for selection.

Wet Wipe Machine
Wet Wipe Machine

Wet Wipes Making Machine
Wet Wipes Making Machine

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Wet Wipes Making Machine Parameter:

Applicable materials Spunlace nonwoven, thermal bonding, degradable non-woven fabrics,wet-strength paper, etc
Specification of nonwovens Max W260mm, Φ1200mm
Applicable packing materials PET/PE BOPP CPP PET/AL and other hot sealable materials
Film rolling specification Max W230mm, Φ360mm
Size of wet wipes L:55-110mm W:30-60mm
Unfolded size L:110-220mm W:140-260mm
Packing size L:80-200mm W:40-70mm
Product capacity 80-200 bags/min
Source of air required 0.6-0.8Mpa,100L/min
Power AC220V 50/60Hz,8KW
Size of the whole machine L:4000mm,W:3000mm,H:2000mm
Machine net weight About 2200kg

Wet Wipe Machine for Sale

The wet wipe machine is a high-tech, green, and environmentally friendly smart electrical appliance. It uses non-woven fabric as raw material to produce disposable clean dry wipes. It folds square cold and hot wet wipes, realizing instant and fast conversion. And after ultraviolet disinfection, it is very convenient, fast, and clean. According to user needs, the product can be automatically controlled by a microcomputer to produce folded hot and cold wet wipes immediately, and can also quickly realize the conversion of cold wet wipes, hot wet wipes, and dry wet wipes.

Use servo drive PLC control system. It is composed of raw material unwinding device, tensioning device, folding device, automatic humidification system, automatic product counting and stacking device, automatic labeling device, automatic punching device, automatic coding, and printing device, finished product slitting device, and other mechanisms.

The wet wipe making machine adopts a reciprocating horizontal sealing device and is equipped with a mechanical gusset device. The relative position of the opening, label, and horizontal seal can be set on the touch screen with synchronization accuracy. The packaging film automatically opens the skylight, automatically encodes, and can set the opening position. Can realize automatic standard change. The body is covered with stainless steel. The main components are made of national standard food grade 304 stainless steel. The product is hygienic and safe.

Wet Wipe Machine for Sale
Wet Wipe Machine for Sale

Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machine
Single Sachet Wet Wipes Machine

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Features of the Wet Wipes Making Machine:

  1. The working principle of the equipment: automatic feeding → automatic slitting → automatic folding → automatic liquid filling → automatic cutting → automatic stacking → automatic counting → automatic product output, and the entire line is automatically completed.
  2. The equipment is equipped with two sets of 1.2-meter online slitting devices, the slitting knife can automatically lift up and left to move freely to adjust the product slitting width, and is equipped with pneumatic automatic feeding, air expansion shaft unwinding, and pneumatic wide belt synchronous conveying device.
  3. The equipment is equipped with a complete set of folding devices, which can be folded in N and in half, and equipped with multiple adjustment devices to ensure that the product size is accurate and does not rise.
  4. The entire conveying system of the equipment adopts imported conveyor belts, which is firm, durable, and pollution-free; it is equipped with a complete set of the automatic liquid adding system including stainless steel mixing tank with disinfectant.
  5. The equipment adopts an imported PLC program programming control system, computer touch screen display, frequency conversion, and joint control.
  6. The wiring specifications of the electrical parts are reasonable, beautiful, elegant, and easy to operate.
  7. The steel frame of the whole machine is welded by high-quality 45# channel steel in the national standard, and the surface is treated with anti-rust spray paint. The screws that are easy to affect the finished product are made of stainless steel. Simple operation, beautiful appearance, stable operation, it is the best choice for the production of non-woven wipes!
  8. Interlocking folding can be customized according to customer requirements, as well as an integrated machine connected with the packaging machine.
Wet Wipe Production Line
Wet Wipe Production Line

Baby Wipes Making Machine Price
Baby Wipes Making Machine Price

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Environmental Requirements for the Wet Wipes Making Machine?

The classification of wet wipes is mainly divided into ordinary wet wipes that are mainly used to clean the skin and disinfection wipes can disinfect objects. Different wet wipes have different requirements for the production environment. The production of wet wipes definitely requires a dust-free workshop and a production environment with high hygiene standards. In addition to the production and testing equipment for the decoration of the wet wipe machine workshop, the fully enclosed air-conditioned sterile, and dust-free essence production workshop is an indispensable condition.

Which lays the hardware foundation for the production of wet tissue products with high hygiene standards and combines the characteristics of the wet tissue production process, taking into account the requirements of practicality and energy-saving, special attention should be paid to personnel. The material in and out is strictly treated in accordance with dust removal, sterilization, and disinfection. However, YG Machinery’s wet wipe machine has been highly automated, and its characteristics of non-radiation and long life are especially suitable for the special needs of dust-free workshops.

Wet Wipes Machine Manufacturers

The wet wipes are products that are used everywhere in people’s lives. Especially in this epidemic stage, special attention should be paid to hygiene and safety. Therefore, the demand for wet wipes has greatly increased, and there are many types of wet wipes. Divided into two categories: disinfection wipes and ordinary wipes.

YG Machinery’s wet wipe machine can meet the needs of wet wipe production in the market. We will have professional technical personnel to provide investors with technical installation guidance. No need to worry about subsequent production line installation. One-stop service for key production materials. Direct supply at low prices reduces the costs for investors. This is a rare item for people who want to buy a wet wipe machine. Of course, we will definitely provide you with competitive prices and high-quality products. Please contact us as soon as possible to get a quote.

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