What is an Aluminium foil container? How to make it? This Aluminium Foil Container Making Machine is an aluminum foil lunch box processing equipment independently developed by Henan Yugong Machinery Co., Ltd. The price is reasonable. It is suitable for aluminum foil container processing enterprises that produce daily-use products such as aluminum foil lunch boxes, egg tart boxes, barbecue trays, smoke thin/smoke sheets, bellows, household, catering, food packaging, etc. The Aluminum Container Making Machine can process different types of aluminum foil lunch boxes for mass production of lunch boxes.

YG Aluminum Foil Container Making Machine

The use of aluminum foil containers does not cause any impact on the environment, it is safe, and easy to use. The price is at the same level as plastic products, and it can also save water. Aluminum foil has high recycling value. The demand is huge. So the aluminum foil container making machine can help you if you want to start the aluminum foil container business.

Components Of The aluminum foil container production line:

1. Auto-feeder with lubrication system
2. Punching machine
3. Auto-stacker
4. Auto-scrap collector
5. Electrical control system
6. Stamping mold

The production line is composed of an automatic feeding machine, punching machine, mold, automatic stacker, and waste recycling system.

aluminium foil container making machine
aluminium foil container making machine

Aluminum Foil Container Making Machine Parameters

ModelYG 21-45YG 21-60
Nominal Pressure450kn600kn
Slide Block Stroke220mm240mm
Slide stroke per minute70-5070-40
Maximum Die Set Height450mm450mm
Die set height adjustment70mm70mm
Slide Bottom Size480*340mm480*400mm
Stemhole size60*65mm60*65mm
Bolster surface size800*900mm1200*1100mm
Total power7.5kw11kw
Mold lifterYesYes

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Production Steps:

Lubricating material——Feeding material——Punching by the press——Collecting product by the stacker——Collecting scrap by the scrap collector.

Raw materials:

ordinary aluminum foil, oiled aluminum foil, coated aluminum foil, composite aluminum foil, etc.

Finished products display:

aluminium container making machine finished products
aluminium container making machine finished products

Features of the aluminum food container machine production line

  1. The feeder adopts a servo system, and the tension is automatically controlled, which is suitable for thinner raw materials.
  2. The position of the aluminum foil is easy to adjust, reducing the waste of aluminum foil during debugging.
  3. Optimized design of the pressure oil tank, the fuel saving is obviously controlled at 5 liters/ton of material, 50mic.
  4. The parameter program of the stacker is advanced, and the debugging is convenient. One or half people can operate and pack a production line.
  5. PLC adopts an intelligent model system, which can store 50 sets of mold specifications and mold adjustment data.
  6. One person can change the mold without worry, and the mold can be changed quickly and safely within 15 minutes.
  7. With the continuous upgrade design of machine and mold technology, the production noise is greatly reduced.
  8. Equipped with a safety door guard to protect the operator.

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Aluminum container machine price

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