Shot Blaster for Sale

The vertical mobile shot blaster for sale is widely used for the pretreatment of paint tanks and hull facades before construction. It is especially suitable for sandblasting of large oil storage tank vertical plates and large hull side panels. The whole treatment process is free of dust pollution, and can effectively remove surface scum, rust, stains, etc., and the treated surface is evenly flat and clean, which can effectively improve the adhesion of the paint and enhance the anti-corrosion ability of the surface.

The advantage of this set of equipment is that it improves labor efficiency, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and its work efficiency is more than 3 times higher than that of the ordinary shot blaster for sale tanks. In addition, YG also provides a floor shot blaster to choose from.

Shot Blasting Machine
Shot Blasting Machine

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Parameter of Shot Blasting Equipment:

Model YGPW-270
Shot blasting wheel diameter 200mm
Working width  270mm
Walking speed 0.5~20m/min
The surface cleaning efficiency of steel plate 15-25㎡/h
Dust removal connecting pipe 30 meters
Recommended steel shot diameter 1.2-1.5mm
Steel shot consumption 10g/㎡
Shot blasting wheel motor 11KW
Walking motor 0.5KW
Hoist 1.1kw
Dimensions (length * width * height) 800*300*600mm
Weight 180kg

Working Principle of Shot Blaster for Sale:

The shot blasting equipment uses a high-speed rotating shot blasting wheel to project steel shots to the surface of oil tanks and steel plates to remove the oxide layer on the surface of the steel pipe, and form a certain depth of anchor pattern on the surface of the steel body to increase the adhesion of the coating at the same time, it can eliminate the surface residues of oil tanks and steel plates due to cutting, welding, forming and other processes.

The shot blasting machine is mainly controlled by PLC (programmable controller) electrical control, the air valve cylinder controls the loading and unloading system, the projectile controllable gate and the projectile conveying fault detection, and realizes the automatic control of the whole machine, which has high productivity and reliability. Features such as good performance and an advanced degree of automation.

The rust removal process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and the waste and pollutants generated during the process are all recycled by the industrial-grade environmental protection collection system that comes with the equipment. Steel shot and pollutants enter the separation chamber, the dust collector recovers the dust and pollutants, and the available shot blasting is returned to the storage hopper and then recycled. There is a canister under the dust collector. It is easy to dispose of waste. shot blasting machine factory direct sales, welcome to buy.

Vertical Mobile Shot Blasting Machine
Vertical Mobile Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blaster for Sale
Shot Blaster for Sale

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Features of  Shot Blaster for Sale:

  1. The shot blaster for sale is environmentally friendly and pollution-free in rust removal, and the waste and pollutants generated in the equipment are all recycled by the industrial-grade environmental protection collection that comes with the equipment.
  2. The steel shot can be automatically recovered and separated to achieve recycling; the construction efficiency is very high, and different processing speeds and strengths can be selected to meet the actual rust removal needs of users;
  3. Clean up directly without harming the steel matrix;
  4. If the air volume of the separator is too large, adjust the tuyere baffle properly until the dust removal effect can be guaranteed, but it is better not to suck out the projectile.
  5. The rust removal effect is good, the surface cleanliness can reach SA2.5~SA3, and a certain depth of anchor pattern is formed on the surface to achieve the adhesion of the coating.
Shot Blasting Equipment
Shot Blasting Equipment

Shot Blasting Machine Price
Shot Blasting Machine Price

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Why Use a Shot Blasting Machine to Clean the Oil Tank?

As we all know, oil tanks must be cleaned every few years. Uncleaned oil tanks will have pipeline blockage and corrosion, which will easily cause oil tanks to leak due to corrosion and crude oil pollution.

The oil tank has a lot of work to clean the surface, and the conventional method requires a lot of labor to complete. And it is easy to cause serious pollution to the environment, and heavy on-site complex work after the clean-up. In order to make it easier to clean the inner and outer walls of the oil tank, the vertical shot blasting machine was born.

The shot blasting machine sold can remove the oxide layer and impurities on the surface of the oil tank, and form a certain depth of anchor pattern on the surface of the steel body, increase the adhesion of the new coating, and eliminate the oil tank, steel plate due to shearing, welding, etc. Surface residual stress generated by the process and the process of shot blasting is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Waste materials and pollutants are fully recovered by the equipment’s own environmental protection collection system to realize recycling. Different processing speeds and strengths can be selected to meet customers’ actual descaling needs.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers-YG Machinery

The equipment can be divided into three components, namely shot blasting machine, matching vacuum cleaner and automatic lifting and lowering device as an optional part, and realize remote wired and wireless remote control, single machine and a single person can operate. In the shot blast cleaning of petroleum storage tanks, different equipment hoisting systems can also be provided according to user needs. Welcome to click on the message box below, we will reply to you and provide you with a quotation as soon as possible.

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