Pavement Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting Machine for Sale in Thailand

The shot blasting machine for sale is hot sale equipment in our company. It can clean the road surface, remove impurities, steel rust, and paint. A Thai customer wanted to buy a machine for large engineering. YG-550 shot blasting equipment can meet his needs. The customer is very satisfied with the machine and paid the full price. The industrial shot blasting machine sent to Thailand contains the main engine, dust collector, pipeline, and other accessories. Because the measure of products is bigger, we had loaded them into two containers. Shot blasting machines and pipes are in one container, and the other contains a dust collector and random accessory.

Industrial Sandblasting Equipment
Industrial Sandblasting Equipment

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YG Road shot blasting machine has a better effect on road cleaning. It is suitable for all kinds of large-area flat roads, it has high efficiency and low cost. The operation is very easy, one person can operate the machine. YG shot blaster for sale will be your ideal choice. For more information and shot blasting machine prices, you can send an email to I will reply promptly.

Application of Shot Blasting Machine for Sale:

  • Clean up and grind the asphalt pavement, improve the friction of the road.
  • Remove old marking lines on the road surface.
  • Remove tire tracks from the airport surface.
  • Trust and roughen the surface of ships and steel plates.
  • Solve the problem of cracking, loosening, and unevenness of the waterproof base.
  • Apply to tunnel maintenance and industrial anti-corrosion treatment.
Concrete Shot Blasting Equipment
Concrete Shot Blasting Equipment

Bridge Shot Blasting Equipment
Bridge Shot Blasting Equipment

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Why Choose Floor Shot Blasting Equipment?

In the past, the old floor is removed usually by manual or mechanical chiseling. This way not only has low efficiency, but labor cost is high. The grinding effect is poor, and there is also a large amount of dust pollution on site. Now, the appearance of the floor shot blasting machine can solve the problem. Only one person can complete the grinding operation, and there is no dust or pollution during the whole construction process. Floor shot blasting equipment also has the characteristics of high efficiency and portable, no damage to pavement structure.

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