Summary: The hydraulic pile cutter is composed of modules, which can be installed and disassembled by itself according to the diameter of the broken pile head. Installed on the front end of the excavator or crane, using the power of the excavator or hydraulic station to break piles, mainly breaking solid cast-in-place piles and solid prefabricated piles.

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We all know that the most difficult problem for construction workers in construction is breaking piles. The construction of modern buildings requires foundation piles. In order to better connect the foundation piles with the concrete structure on the ground, the foundation piles will protrude many meters from the ground to make the steel bars intact. If you want to carry out construction work in such a place, you must first pull out the piles before you can work normally.

In construction, it is necessary to break the pile heads. Generally, artificial hammer crushers are used for crushing. But this method has not only slow efficiency but also high cost. So nowadays, we use usually Hydraulic Pile Breaker in many construction sites. What is the hydraulic pile breaker price? Read this article and buy a powerful pile cutter for your project.

concrete hydraulic pile breaker for sale
concrete pile breaker for sale

YG Hydraulic Pile Breaker for Sale

The pile breaker provides pressure to multiple oil cylinders of the pile cutter through the power source, and the oil cylinder directly drives the drill rod, and at the same time squeezes the pile body to cut off the pile head.

During the construction process of the pile breaker, the operation is simple, high efficiency, low noise, low cost, and suitable for pile group construction projects.

The pile breaker adopts a highly modular combination, and the modules are connected by pin shafts, and the number of different modules can be combined to cut off pile heads within a certain range of diameter.

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Parameters of Hydraulic Pile Cutter

Module Number PCS 4 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Combination of the total weight KG 1600 2640 2970 3300 3630 3960 4290 4620 4950 5280 5610 5940
Pile diameter range mm 400-600 600-800 800-1000 1000-1150 1150-1300 1300-1500 1500-1650 1650-1800 1800-1970 1970-2200 2200-2360 2360-2500
Hydraulic excavator T 20T-30T 30T-40T Hydraulic system/pump station
Max.Thrust 300KN Max.

Cylinder required

20L/min Machinery Tonnage ≥20T Location pin



Cylinder Trip

300mm Chisel diameter 110mm Single

module weight


Cylinder Pressure

300MPa Max.

Hoist Capacity

≤500mm Single




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Hydraulic Pile Cutter
Hydraulic Pile Cutter

hydraulic pile breaker
hydraulic pile breaker

Advantages of Concrete Pile Cutter

Versatility: Diversified sources of power can be equipped with excavators or hydraulic systems according to site conditions; free and flexible linking methods can be freely linked with a variety of construction machinery, truly realizing the versatility and economy of the product; the retractable hanging chain design, Meet the requirements of multi-terrain construction operations;

Safety: construction personnel do not touch the construction, suitable for safe construction requirements in complex terrain;

Environmental protection: full hydraulic drive, realizes low-noise operation of pile head construction, does not affect the surrounding environment during construction, and hydrostatic radial construction has no impact on mother piles and equipment;

Low cost: the operating system is simple and convenient, with less staffing, reducing labor costs, machine maintenance, and other construction costs

Multi-function: round pile driver and square pile driver realize the common use of modules, change the combination of modules to realize the removal of both round piles and square piles, one machine with dual functions;

Convenience: small size, lightweight, convenient transportation; simple module replacement design, by changing the number of modules, to meet the construction of different pile diameters, module reassembly is simple and quick to disassemble;

Long life: reliable quality and longer service life;

Bearing Equipment;

Excavators: Excavators provide both power and lift

  • Hydraulic system + crane: the hydraulic system provides power, and the crane provides a lifting force
  • Hydraulic system + loader: the hydraulic system provides power, and the loader provides a lifting force

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Concrete Pile Cutter
Concrete Pile Cutter

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Why Choose YG Concrete Pile Cutter?

Now the hydraulic pile breaker has been highly appraised and trusted by the majority of construction engineers. YG Pile Breaker adopts a high-quality policy to pursue high-quality inspection and management. It can be used flexibly when sold all over the country. The pile breaker can break piles instantly. The speed of breaking piles is 10 times that of manual pile breaking.

Why do you say that? The pile breaker machine is remotely controlled by construction machinery, which realizes safe and efficient pile head cutting and breaking, which can avoid the risk of personal injury caused by manual construction. The special hydraulic cylinder is durable and has a strong anti-collision ability. The pile body is broken as a whole and broken. High pile efficiency, up to 20 piles per hour, made of high hardness alloy drill bit, long service life.

The pile breaking machine does not require professional skills during the construction process. And the operation is very simple and arranged. The hydraulic Pile Breaker machine can be operated normally without special training, which is easy for the constructor to accept! The pile cutter is cost-effective, and it can achieve high efficiency for you with very little money! The principle of the pile breaker is to provide the power of multiple cylinders to the pile breaker through the hydraulic power station, and the modules are connected by quick joints, and then match the appropriate pile breaker according to different pile diameters.

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