You must have seen a concrete pile breaking machine on-site. What is a concrete hydraulic pile breaker price in France? How many piles can a pile cutter machine break one day? Read this blog to learn more.

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What is a Pile Breaker Machine?

Pile cutting machine, also known as pile breaking machine, is a kind of pile machinery. It can quickly clean up construction pile heads and pour pile heads. It is easy to operate and saves manpower and material resources. It is mainly used for breaking pile heads in batches. It has a low cost and can be completed quickly construction, has the unique advantage of shortening the construction period.

What is the Drive mode of the pile breaker?

  1. Excavator: The excavator provides power and lifting force at the same time;
  2. Hydraulic system + crane: the hydraulic system provides power, and the crane provides lifting force;
  3. Hydraulic system + loader: hydraulic system provides power.

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How much is the Concrete Pile Cutting Machine in France?

The hydraulic pile breaker breaks the pile head according to different pile head configuration modules. So the price is different according to your requirements. If you need a quote for pile breaker price in France, please contact us. WhatsApp/WeChat: +8613598866720.

Module NumberPCS489101112131415161718
Combination of the total weightKG160026402970330036303960429046204950528056105940
Pile diameter rangemm400-600600-800800-10001000-11501150-13001300-15001500-16501650-18001800-19701970-22002200-23602360-2500
Hydraulic excavatorT20T-30T30T-40THydraulic system/pump station

Cylinder required

20L/minMachinery Tonnage≥20TLocation pin



Cylinder Trip

300mmChisel diameter110mmSingle

module weight


Cylinder Pressure


Hoist Capacity





How many piles can a Pile Breaking Machine break?

The pile breaking efficiency of the pile breaking machine is closely related to the pile diameter. For square piles of 250 mm-650 mm, it can break about 200 piles a day. For cylindrical piles, the pile breaking efficiency varies greatly depending on the size of the pile diameter and the type of pile diameter (house construction piles or high-speed railway piles under rapid development).

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