2 sets of 6-inch crawler-type hydraulic core drill machines were exported to Mexico.

hydraulic core drill

Hydraulic Core Drill Machine for Sale

Core drilling rigs are deep-hole drilling equipment used in geological prospecting, hydrological water wells, coal field geological exploration, oil and gas exploration and development, etc. The drilling rig combines the advantages of the vertical shaft hydraulic drilling rig and can be used for small-diameter diamond drilling and large-diameter drilling, vertical drilling, and oblique drilling. It is an ideal equipment for deep-hole geological exploration drilling.

Technical parameters

Drilling depth130m180m200m
Hole diameter220mm220mm325mm
Final hole diameter75mm75mm75mm
Drill rod diameter42-60mm42-60mm42-60mm
Drilling angle90-75°90-75°90-75°
Supporting power13.2kw13.2kw14.7kw

Main features

  1. The rotating speed of the vertical shaft is high and the range of speed regulation is wide.
  2. The hoist is equipped with a water brake, and the drilling tool is lowered smoothly and safely.
  3. Oil-soaked clutch, stable start, with braking device.
  4. The hydraulic operating system reserves a special valve port, which can be used when equipped with a pipe wrench.
  5. The hydraulic core drill has a large forward and backward moving distance, which is convenient for hole operation.
  6. The diameter of the through hole of the vertical shaft is large, which can meet the requirements of various drilling techniques.
  7. The weight of the whole machine is moderate, the disassembly performance is good, and it is convenient for transportation and relocation.

Scope of application

  • This hydraulic core drill rig machine is suitable for drilling projects such as water well drilling, general survey exploration, geophysical exploration, road and building exploration, and drilling.
  • Alloy, diamond, and composite drill bits can be used for drilling according to the different bottom layers.
  • It can drill sandy clay and rock formations of grades 2-9.
hydraulic core drilling machine
hydraulic core drilling machine

System Components of Hydraulic core drilling machine

  1. The power system is the equipment that provides energy for the entire drilling rig;
  2. The working system is the equipment that works according to the requirements of the process;
  3. The transmission system is the equipment that transmits, transports, and distributes energy for the working unit;
  4. Requires coordination and accurate work;
  5. Auxiliary system: assists the work of the main system.

How much is a diamond core drilling machine’s price?

If you are considering buying a diamond core drilling machine, it is important to compare different models and prices. You should also consider the specific needs of your project to make sure that you are buying the right machine for the job. The price depends on the drilling depth and drill rig. You can leave your requirements and project plan, we can recommend you a suitable machine model.

What should be paid attention to when the drilling rig is operating?

The drill bit is an important part of the drilling rig, it directly affects the efficiency of the water well drilling rig and the quality of the hydraulic core drill rig.

  1. After the drill bit of the water well drilling rig drills into the structure, the center drilling tool needs to be replaced in time. First, the bottom of the hole needs to be cleaned, and then the residue at the bottom of the hole must be blown clean. After the drill bit stops rotating, the drill bit slowly lifts up the drilling tool. It is most suitable when the lifting force is just enough to lift the drilling tool.
  2. The drill bit is summarized during the drilling process. It is also necessary to carefully observe the follow-up of the casing, understand the specific situation in the hole in time, and keep the hole clean in time when necessary. You should note that the forceful lifting of the drill bit is prohibited during the process.
  3. Sometimes there will be a lot of residual rock slag at the bottom of the hole of the water well drilling rig, and the rotary part of the eccentric drill bit will be struck by the rock slag, which will affect its production. At this time, it is necessary to deliver compressed air to clean the hole again and make the down-the-hole hammer work for a short time, and then restart the lifting operation of the center drilling tool.

Drilling rig machine manufacturer – Henan YG Machinery

Henan YG Machinery covers an area of 80000 m2, with more than 300 employees, it is dedicated to the manufacturing of drilling machinery. The products are exported to 52 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, and Australia, and are well received by customers at home and abroad.

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