Dust Suppression Equipment for Sale in the Netherlands

On March 27th, A customer from the Netherlands contacted us by browsing our website and was very interested in our dust suppression equipment. want to know more about it. Let our sales manager introduce this product to him in detail. The main function of customers buying this equipment is to spray pesticides and disinfect the trees. The customer’s demand is a spray range of about 90-100 meters. Because the customer has a clear range of use, after communication, the customer bought of YG-100 dust suppression equipment. Our company has inventory and completion certificates. The configuration of the machine can be changed according to customer needs and usage. Finally, our sales manager confirms that customers can receive the goods in their own country, and we sell them at very low prices. And we also gave customers some disposable face masks. The customer said that there will be many orders in the future and look forward to our follow-up cooperation. Thank all customers for their trust in us!

Dust Cannon Machine
Dust Cannon Machine


  • Model:  YG-100
  • Horizontal Range:  100m
  • Fog Size:   30-200μm
  • Fan Diameter:   1200mm
  • Fan Length:   2.55m
  • Voltage:  380v
  • Fan Power:  55kw
  • Water Pump Power:  11kw
  • Dimension:   2700*2000*2300mm


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Application of Dust Suppression Equipment:

The dust suppression equipment has strong wind power and maneuverability, long-range, wide-coverage, and high working efficiency. Moreover, using the high-pressure fan with large air volume, the sprayed mist particles are scattered like the drizzle with the wind, and there will be no water droplets. By combining with small particles in the air, the effect of dust reduction is achieved. Not only can it be used in large construction sites to reduce dust, but it also can be used to disinfect and spray pesticides to complete daily agricultural and forestry operations.

Does the Fog Gun Machine Only Come to Dust?

Of course not. Not only can it be used for dust removal, but also for daily agricultural and forestry activities. For example, trees, orchards, grasslands, flower gardens, and other places can be used for watering or spraying pesticides to remove insects, It can also be used for daily disinfection and air humidification.because of its small spray mist particles, Wide coverage.

Dust Suppression Equipmen
Dust Suppression Equipment for sale

Mist Cannon
Mist Cannon for sale

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Application Range of Fog Gun Machine:

  1. The construction site and demolition construction site are mainly used to remove dust to reduce dust pollution, protect the environment and the safety of workers, and the dam water conservancy, highway, and bridge sites are used to reduce temperature and remove dust.
  2. It is mainly used for dust pollution treatment in coal yards, mines, steel plants, and other construction sites with relatively large dust.
  3. Agriculture, forestry, vegetable fields, park grass, etc. are used for watering and deworming operations.
  4. The vehicle-mounted fog gun can spray urban roads, environmentally friendly dust reduction operations, and mobile full disinfection operations.
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