A customer from Saudi Arabia customized 10 sets of YG-60 fog cannons.

mist cannon for sale in Saudi arabia
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Mist cannon dust suppression – Fog canon for sale

Mist cannons are machines that have been widely used locally and worldwide for dust suppression. They produce a high volume of mist that sprays out into a very long distance, which can be from 15m to 100m. The designed mist droplet size is scientifically proven to suppress PM2.5. It also generates a high density of negative ions by water droplets crashing in the nozzle and targeted area.

Working principle

In simple terms, a mist cannon uses highly pressurized water that is pumped through a series of jet nozzles, turning the water into mist through atomization.

Applicable places

All kinds of dusty raw material storage yards, material sheds, construction sites, roads, garbage dumps, artificial rain, environmental cooling, watering, pesticide spraying, etc.

mist cannon machine
mist cannon machine

Choose the suitable model for your project

Horizontal Range30m40m50m60m100m
Fog Size40-200μm40-200μm40-200μm40-200μm30-200μm
Fan Diameter500mm500mm700mm700mm1200mm
Fan Length1.25m1.5m2.1m2.1m2.55m
Fan Power3kw5.5kw15kw18.5kw55kw
Water Pump Power3kw3kw5.5kw5.5kw11kw

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Technical advantages of mist cannon dust suppression

  1. The automatic reset function is added. When the sprayer stops using, it will automatically reset to the initial position, which saves the re-adjustment of personnel and facilitates transportation and placement.
  2. The function of automatic water drainage is added. When the sprayer is not in use for a long time, the water drainage solenoid valve will automatically open to drain the water in the pump to prevent the water pump from freezing in winter.
  3. The design of the power distribution cabinet is light and handy; the external wiring is connected by aviation plugs, which is safe, firm, beautiful, generous, and fashionable.
  4. The supporting power is flexible, that is, the three-phase 380V mains power can be used, and it can also be powered by a diesel generator set.
  5. It can be fixedly installed on the concrete pouring platform, or it can be equipped with a diesel generator set to supply power and installed on a transport vehicle; it can also be used together with a sprinkler

An effective way to control dust – fog cannon dust suppression

Misting cannons are an effective way to control unwanted particles on-site. They have lots of benefits to reduce dust migration and save money in day-to-day operations. The machines provide fine droplets of water to capture and drop dust to the ground, reducing overall water consumption while running automatically. Misting cannons are the best option for dust control due to the use of tiny water droplets that drop dust to the ground.

Here is a working case of our fog cannon dust suppression in Chile. Please check it!

Where you can buy a fog canon?

YG Machinery is a dust suppression water cannons manufacturer in China. Our water mist cannon have been exported to many countries, such as Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Chile, India, Russia, Indonesia, etc. We provide after-sales services. 1-year warranty.

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