hydroseeding equipment for sale
hydroseeding equipment for sale

Congratulations! YG-8 Hydroseeding equipment for sale was exported to Malaysia.

Mr. Kenny from Malaysia contracted the slope greening project of a certain section of the high-speed railway. So he searches on Google Hydro Mulchers and Hydroseeding Equipment for Sale. And he finds YG Machinery and leaves an inquiry to us. Our sales manager Jane contacts him and offers a machine quote. Mr. Kenny is very satisfied.

“Jane is very responsible and patient with me. She knows the equipment very well! Thank you YG Machinery for your full support.” ── Mr. Kenny


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What is a Hydroseeding machine?

Hydroseeding equipment can mix plant seeds (grass seeds, flower seeds, or tree seeds) into the water, and mix them with a certain proportion of ingredients (including fertilizers, pigments, wood fiber coverings, pulp, adhesives, water-retaining agents, soil conditioners), and mix them, using the function of the high-pressure pump body to spray and sow modern vegetation planting equipment on the ground or slope.

Parameters of Hydroseeding Equipment for Sale

Model YG-3 YG-5 YG-8
Tank Capacity 3m³ 5m³ 8m³
Power 20kw 36.2kw 36.2kw
Cannon Shot 18m 20m 20m
Spraying Area 600 1000 1400
Dimension 3*1.8*2.1m 4.2*2.0*2.2m 5.2*2.0*2.2m
Weight 2100kg 2300kg 2800kg


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Note: What the hydro mulching equipment sprays are the grass seeds that have been germinated in advance, which can save the time required for the germination of the grass seeds. In addition, a layer of film is formed on the ground surface, which can keep heat and water. Therefore, the emergence is fast, the soil surface can be quickly covered, and the density is uniform, and the canopy closure is good.

Hydroseeder For Sale
Hydroseeder For Sale

Hydroseeding Equipment for Sale
Hydroseeding Equipment for Sale

How to choose the hydroseeding for sale?

What details need to be paid attention to when buying a sprinkler:

  1. The most important thing is of course the power. The power corresponds to the height of the spraying. The greater the power, the higher the height of spraying. Now the market is using dual-power sprinklers. To put it simply, it is one engine for spraying and one engine for stirring. One thing we should pay attention to at this time is that the height of spraying depends on the engine for spraying. No matter how high the stirring power is, it will not affect the height of the spraying. So when we choose a spraying machine, the most important thing is to see the power of spraying, not the total power. Let me summarize a few points. 60-100kw (approximately 20-45 meters for spraying), 100-200kw (45-65 meters), 200-300kw (60-80 meters).
  2. The second point is the volume: the general spraying machine is usually 8 cubic meters. The model 380/480/585 will use a volume of 10 cubic meters. You should ask this clearly when you buy a spraying machine. But, generally, there will not be a lot of difference in the volume. For example, the cost difference between 8 square meters and 10 square meters for the same 125kw sprayer is very small. So everyone must not order a spraying machine based on the amount. It mainly depends on the power (spray power).

This is the experience of buying a spraying machine. If you are looking for a hydroseeding machine for sale, please leave your messages here. We will give you the best price.

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Application of hydro-mulch machine

It is suitable for greening and spraying in rocks, hard soil, sandy soil, barren land, acid soil, arid areas, coastal dams, and other places where it is difficult for plants to grow. The hydroseeder is widely used in highway slope greening, high-speed railway slope greening, mine regreening, ecological restoration, desert control, and other projects.

Hydroseeding Machine
Hydroseeding Machine



  1. Greatly improved the safety of construction;
  2. It is easy to move, especially suitable for middle and low slopes and scattered slopes;
  3. The construction is more convenient, the whole machine can be operated independently, and it is easy to use.

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The Hydroseeding machine is a new method of greening. The grass seeds for greening, water retaining agent, adhesive, and fertilizer are mixed with water in a mixing container to form a gel-like mixed slurry, and the pressure pump is used to spray it on the land to be sown. superior. Since the mixed slurry contains water-retaining materials and various nutrients, the water and other sources of nutrients needed for plant growth are guaranteed, so plants can grow healthily and rapidly. The hydroseeding equipment for sale is suitable for large-area greening operations, especially in arid areas that lack irrigation facilities.

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