Customers from Italy leave a message on the website and say they want to know about our small asphalt milling machine for sale. This milling equipment has received many inquiries from customers, and today an Italian customer paid for it. The Italian customer wants to mill and rough the new road, in order to improve the road roughness. YG small asphalt milling machine for sale is ideal for road milling. It has the advantages of high efficiency, small size, simple structure, easy to operate, and maintain. After milling, the road texture is clear, the surface is even rough, and the appearance is neat.

Milling Machine For Concrete
Milling Machine For Concrete

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Parameter of Small Asphalt Milling Machine:

Model YG-250E/250G/250D YG-300E/300G/300D
Power 5.5Kw/190CC(gasoline)/168F(diesel) 7.5Kw/190CC(gasoline)/168F(diesel)
Specification of blades 8 stars 108 blades 8 stars 120 blades
Milling Depth 3-5mm 3-5mm
A Milling Width 250mm 300mm
Working Efficiency 30-100㎡/h 40-120㎡/h
Dimensions 1100*500*1100mm 1130*650*1050mm
Weight 170kg 195kg

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Work Principle of Asphalt Milling Machine for Sale:

Generally, a milling machine is composed of an engine, a frame, a milling rotor, a milling depth adjustment device, a hydraulic component, a collection conveying device, a steering system, and a braking system. The small concrete milling machine relies on the positive high-speed rotation of the milling drum, so as to swing several sets of hard tungsten steel alloy blades on the cutter shaft of the milling drum to hit the ground at high speed and use the tungsten steel alloy teeth on the alloy blades to break and grind. Cut the ground material to achieve the surface milling treatment effect.

YG asphalt milling machine for sale has had several different models, including electric asphalt milling machine, diesel concrete milling machine, gasoline milling machine, hydraulic milling machine.

Concrete Road Milling Machine
Concrete Road Milling Machine

Asphalt Milling Machine for Sale
Asphalt Milling Machine for Sale

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Features of Hydraulic Asphalt Milling Machine:

  1.  Its cutters can be replaced at any time. The cutter head is made of high-quality hard alloy, which is sharp and wear-resistant and has a long service life. It is made of good-quality metal materials. The production is relatively precise and there are many kinds of materials that can be processed. The choice of tool supply.
  2. The knife drum is connected by a tensioning sleeve, with large torque and impact resistance. Which can reduce the possibility of damage to the equipment during the construction process and improve the use-value of the machine.
  3. Asphalt milling machine for sale adopts a Honda gasoline engine with powerful power, engine, and large-capacity metal fuel tank; The motor and control system adopts the common specifications of well-known brands to ensure your continuous operation ability and operational reliability during construction.
  4. The engine is powerful, the milling depth can be flexibly adjusted, and the optimal milling depth and flatness of the construction are also guaranteed, and the road surface that does not need to be milled will not be damaged. At the same time, it is safer, more convenient, and comfortable to operate.
Small Asphalt Milling Machine Price
Small Asphalt Milling Machine Price

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The use of a Small Asphalt Milling Machine:

  1. The surface of the bridge deck is treated with water-proofing, and the surface of the high-speed railway box girder is flat and waterproof.
  2. The planning of asphalt pavement, rutting, net cracking, and potholes. Clear the ice and snow from the bridge deck and road surface.
  3. Lightly roughen the original old pavement before new paving or cooperate with a large milling machine to complete the milling and roughening of the corner area and the densely distributed area of ​​​​steel bars.
  4. Remove the ground coating, paint, and various traffic markings; when the ground is damaged or dirty and needs renovation, remove the old floor surface, etc.
  5. Clear the airport road markings, the brake marks of the runway tires, etc., and regain a rough surface with a high friction coefficient.
  6. Milling and leveling the over-elevated parts of the cement asphalt pavement, highway bridge deck, bridge dislocation, and epoxy resin wear-resistant ground.
  7. For the construction of the micro-surface of the road, the original old pavement surface layer shall be milled and planned to prepare for the slurry seal.

If you have a milling project, don’t wait any longer. We’d be happy to chat and answer any questions.

Pavement Milling Machines
Pavement Milling Machines

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