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Asphalt Recycler can recycle asphalt pavement. It saves a lot of raw materials such as asphalt, sand, and gravel. At the same time, the machine helps to process waste and protect the environment. Contact us to get the asphalt recycler machine price.

YG-1T Mobile Asphalt Recycler Machine for sale Details

ModelYG-1T Asphalt Recycler
Tank capacity1T
Discharge capacity1.5 m ³
Discharge efficiency1-1.5m ³/ 15min
Asphalt melting pool100L
Mixing motor250KW
Asphalt pump2.2kw
Heat transfer oil circulation pump1.5kw
Main burnerRiyadh G40 diesel burner
Auxiliary burnerRiyadh G40 diesel burner
Fuel consumption2.5-5L/tank
Generator set30kw four cylinder diesel generator set
Traction chassis4 wheels
Self weight2.5T
Size (length * width* height):5600mm * 1900mm * 2000mm

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What can be an Asphalt Recycling Machine used for?

  • Used for pothole repair on asphalt pavement;
  • Used for paving colored asphalt pavement;
  • Used for paving asphalt concrete in small area gardens.
asphlat recycling machine

Trailer mount Asphalt Recycling Machine Functions

  1. Heat and stir waste asphalt mixture for recycling.
  2. Heat and stir a small amount of new asphalt mixture in proportion.
  3. Equipped with a hot asphalt tank, which can add liquid asphalt to aggregate and waste asphalt mixture, and sprinkle and fill joints.

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Asphalt Recycling Equipment Features

  1. Asphalt Recycler adopts a touch screen to operate and display the whole production process and is automatically controlled by PLC, which is easy to operate and stable in product quality.
  2. New and old aggregates are measured separately and put into double-layer drums respectively. New aggregate is put into the inner layer, and old materials are put into the outer drum. The old materials are dried and heated by the waste heat of the inner drum.
  3. The double-layer drum is forward-rotating for drying and heating, and reverse-rotating for unloading; it adopts an imported fuel burner, automatically ignites, and can realize automatic control and adjustment.
  4. Double-shaft forced agitator is used to stir evenly and with high efficiency.
  5. The dust removal device is composed of a cyclone dust collector + water dust removal, which has a good dust removal effect and is environmentally friendly.
  6. The asphalt is double-heated by the fuel burner and heat transfer oil, with a simple structure and convenient operation. Asphalt metering adopts asphalt pump volume metering, which is convenient, reliable, and accurate.
  7. The Asphalt recycler equipment is arranged on the chassis of the car, the vehicle is flexible and flexible, and the transition is fast and convenient. The power on the chassis is driven by the hydraulic pump and controls the movement of the bodywork. Only the heat transfer oil pump and the dust removal centrifugal fan are driven by the motor, which simplifies the structure and facilitates maintenance.

Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Construction Process

  1. Investigate the structural condition of the old road, and pave the test road to determine the technical parameters such as the depth to be regenerated and the amount of new aggregate added. The length should not be less than 200 meters.
  2. Before cold recycling construction, the old road surface should be cleaned, and the obvious subsidence and potholes of the old road should be filled and leveled.
  3. Manual or mechanical paving additives (cement, lime, new aggregate, etc.), calculate the addition amount per square meter according to the designed addition amount.
  4. The cold recycling machine works. During the construction process, the depth and speed should be checked at any time to ensure that the regeneration depth and the gradation of the broken mixture are reasonable.
  5. Use a bulldozer to initially level and evenly discharge the pressure, and then use a grader to level it to the design elevation.
  6. Check the water content, add water if necessary to make it meet the water content, and then carry out road rolling to form a new road base.
  7. Road grassroots health care. The time for health preservation is not less than 7 days, and traffic control will be carried out during the health preservation period.
  8. Pave the surface layer and compact it to form a new road surface.

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