Asphalt Crack Sealer Machine

Asphalt crack sealer machine is a common equipment for road crack treatment, and it can reduce road maintenance costs. Road costs not only take into account the initial construction cost and service life, but also the costs of maintenance and retrofit measures. With the development of the economy, people’s demand is increasing, and the pressure on the road is also increasing. Therefore, road maintenance work needs higher requirements. As general equipment for pavement maintenance, the performance requirements of the crack filling machine are also increasing. From the statistical data, reasonable 3-4 preventive maintenance can save 45% -50% of maintenance costs. Asphalt crack sealing machines are widely used in the crack repair on asphalt and concrete pavements, and the joint sealing on cement pavements.

100L Filling Machine
100L Filling Machine


  • Model: YG-100
  • Filling Capacity: 100L
  • Heating Time: 30-40min
  • Temperature Range: 0-200°C
  • Discharge Capacity:  8 L/min
  • Generator: Honda 2kw
  • Walking Mode: Manual or Traction
  • Burner: Riello 445T1 Diesel Engine
  • Dimension: 2000*1000*1300mm
  • Weight: 400kg

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Asphalt Crack Filler Machine Types

If your filling work is big, there are also new types of crack sealing machine in YG Machinery. They can greatly improve maintenance efficiency and the effect of the construction. A large asphalt crack sealer machine is very suitable for irregular cracks in asphalt pavements, expansion joints in concrete pavements, preventive maintenance of pavement maintenance diseases, repairing and filling of cracks.

Asphalt Crack Filler Machine
Asphalt Crack Filler Machine

Crack Sealing Machine for Sale
Crack Sealing Machine for Sale

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Parameter of Asphalt Crack Sealer Machine

Model YG-200 YG-350
Filling Capacity 200L 350l
Heating Time 30-40min 30-40min
Temperature Range 0-200°C 0-230°C
Discharge Capacity 8L/min 0-30 L/min
Generator 2.8 KW 5kw
Walking Mode Manual or Traction Trailer or Self
Length of Electric Heating Tube 4-5 m 6-7 m
Hot Melt Kettle 200L 350 L
Dimensions 2400*1400*1700mm 3500*1000*2000mm
Weight 860kg 1000kg

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Structures of Asphalt Crack Sealer Machine:

1. Burner

The burner adopts an Italian RIELLO 445T1 diesel burner. It has high combustion efficiency, is safety, and environmental protection.

2.  Automatic Constant Temperature Control

Adopts SLA-5000 intelligent digital temperature controller.

3. Electric Heating Tube

5 meters electric heating discharge hose.

4. Hot Melt Kettle

Unique oil jacket hot melt kettle design equips with a safety valve, heats faster and more uniform. Hot melt kettle is designed for anti-clogging.

5. Steam-electric Integration Technology

Steam-electric integration of hybrid power, electric drive technology. It has the advantages of low emissions, low energy consumption, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

6. Intelligent Detection Technology

Advanced intelligent ignition, detection, and temperature control technology.

7. Thermal Cycle Heating System Design

The hot air double-circulation convection heating in the kettle, in addition, the metal sheet has high heat conduction efficiency, which makes the crack sealing machine more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The heat-conducting oil jacket has higher energy storage, an obvious heat-conducting effect, and stable constant temperature. A separation device is installed between the hot melt kettle, and it can speed up the melting speed and greatly improve work efficiency.

8. Efficient Discharge System

Efficient discharge system design, detachable built-in oil pump, no leakage. The temperature of the pump body is always the same as the filling glue, and there is no clogging phenomenon. A constant pressure protection device can effectively prevent the tube from scalding.

9. Low Center of Gravity Design

The low center of gravity design makes works safer and comfort and reduces labor intensity.

10. Stirring System

Electric high-torque stirring shortens the dissolving time by nearly half.

Asphalt Road Crack Sealing Machine
Asphalt Road Crack Sealing Machine

Road Joint Filler Details
Road Joint Filler Details

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The Correct Operation of Asphalt Crack Sealer Machine

Preparatory Work

  1. Choose a smooth road, take good safety protection measures, lay the crack filling equipment on the flat floor, and lock the wheels. Open the fuel tank cap of the generator set and burner. Inject an appropriate amount of gasoline into the generator set, and inject the appropriate amount of diesel oil into the burner. Lock the fuel tank caps, and clean up the oil stains overflowing the fuel tank.
  2. Turn off all electrical switches of the electrical control box.
  3. Set the choke valve handle of the generator set to the choke position, the flameout switch to the OFF position, and the carburetor oil switch to the ON position.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to inject fuel oil when the hot melt kettle is at high temperature, which may easily cause fire or explosion. Do not place flammable materials near running engines and hot melt kettles. If you are looking for asphalt crack sealer machine for sale for sale, please leave your message.

Crack Filling Machine for Sale
Crack Filling Machine for Sale

Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment
Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment for sale

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Operation Process of Asphalt Crack Sealer Machine:

  1. Start the engine. When the engine speed becomes stable, restore the choke valve to the running position.
  2. Close the power switch of the electric control box. After a few seconds, the burner will automatically ignite and burn. The hot mixed gas will discharge from the exhaust holes on both sides of the hot melt kettle. The hot-melt kettle starts heating at a constant temperature automatically.
  3. Close the thermostatic hose electric heating switch, and the thermostatic hose and the pump will start automatic thermostatic heating.
  4. Fill the solid sealant raw materials into the hot-melt kettle. The sealant gradually melts in the kettle. Turn the stirring handle on the kettle to accelerate the melting speed of the sealant, until the sealant is completely melted.
  5. Close the motor governor switch, rotate the speed governor, and set the highest speed position.
  6. Press the switch on the handle of the operation gun, the motor drives the pump to run, and the molten sealant will be continuously output.
  7. Adjust the speed adjustment knob according to the needs.
  8. Move the crack sealing machine and start the filling operation.
  9. After the sealing operation, turn off all control electrical switches and oil circuit switches.

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