Concrete Floor Scabbler

The concrete floor scabbler is usually applied in the cast-in-place concrete structure, preparing a concrete surface prior to pouring the next layer, so as to make the concrete bond firmly. Therefore, concrete scabbler is also referred to as a floor scarifier. The can the maximum limit to reduce the damage to the structure, prevent the infiltration of water.  are popular machines for concrete removal applications.

Concrete Scabbler
Concrete Scabbler

Concrete Sacbbler Machine
Concrete Sacbbler Machine

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Working Principle of Concrete Scabbler:

The concrete floor scabbler has several chisel heads, each carbide bits can hammer concrete surfaces. The machine operates by thumping a number of tipped rods down onto the concrete surface in rapid succession. It takes several hits can achieve the desired depth. It is mainly used for scabbling and reinforcement of various types of buildings, such as reservoirs, bridges, power plants, highways, tunnel, etc.

Hand-Held Concrete Floor Scabbler

The hand-held concrete floor scabbler has a small size and lightweight, it is cheaper than the hand-push machine. The chiseling head is made of high-quality tungsten steel alloy with high hardness. Excellent quality hand-held concrete scrabbler is mainly used for a small area, and will not cause damage to the original structure. Therefore, it is generally used in the construction of bridge engineering.

Concrete Scabbling Tools
Concrete Scabbling Tools

Hand-held Concrete Scabbler
Hand-held Concrete Scabbler


Model YG-1A YG-2A YG-3A
Working Depth 31mm 69mm 100mm
Gas Consumption 500L/min 700L/min 900L/min
Working Efficiency 3-10㎡/h 3-15㎡/h 3-20㎡/h
Chisel Depth 1-3mm 1-3mm 1-3mm
Air Compressor 1m³ 1m³ 1m³

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How Concrete Floor Scabbler works:

The hand-push concrete scabbling machine is a pneumatic tool, is also called a pneumatic scrabbler. The has a small size and heavy body. Each working head hammers the ground 2,200 times per minute. The surface of the concrete forms a pockmark, but it does not affect the structure. For large-area roads, the hand-push air scrabbler is the ideal tool. It is used for various types of building reinforcement and scabbling in reservoirs, dam seepage, power plants, highways, railways, tunnels, culverts, etc.

Applications :

  1. Chiseling the smooth surface and anti-slip layer of concrete pavement or marble floors, increase adhesion.
  2. The multi-angled chiseling of highways, railway bridges, and culverts to increase the adhesion between new and old joints.
  3. The chiseling operation of nuclear industry reactors.
  4. Removing the tire footprint on the airport runway, improving the friction.
  5. Removing the weathering and carbonization layer of the dock concrete dam for concrete pouring and secondary reinforcement.
  6. Removing rust paint and other chemical stains on offshore platforms, decks, hulls.
  7. Roughing, leveling, and pretreatment in various reinforcement projects.
  8. Remove floor coatings, paint, and various traffic markings.
Concrete Floor Scabbler Machine
Concrete Floor Scabbler Machine

Concrete Floor Scabbling Machine
Concrete Floor Scabbling Machine


Model YG-11A YG-15A YG-23A
Air Compressor 3m^3/min 3m^3/min 3m^3/min
Air Compressor Pressure 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa
Chisel Depth 1-3mm 1-3mm 1-3mm
Chisel Width 283mm 373mm 535mm
Working Efficiency 45-100㎡/h 45-150㎡/h 45-150㎡/h
Gas Consumption 1600L/min 2100L/min 3200L/min
Weight 80kg 108kg 156kg

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Concrete Scabbler Machine of working principle

The concrete floor machine has the functions of milling and chiseling. No air compressor, pure electric. The machine is easy to operate and the work efficiency is very high, which is favored by users at home and abroad. The chiseling and milling machine can be used for the concrete layer of the expressway, high-speed rail, bridge deck, and box girder; the concrete surface of the building and municipal engineering is chiseled, repaired, refurbished, and re-reinforced. If the indoor floor is raised, it can also be used to mill out the upper part, as well as the anti-slip treatment of marble granite.

The electric scabbling machine has the following features: simple and flexible control, free walking, wide working surface, significant chiseling efficiency, its main innovation is to save the cost of air compressors in the case of power, it is an ideal choice for current large-scale chiseling project.

Operation of Concrete Floor Scabbler

  1. Must add 8-10KG gear oil to the new machine.
  2. Access 380V power supply must have a corresponding matching leakage protection device.
  3. Before starting the machine, it must be ensured that no one is within 3 meters in front of the machine and in the left and right direction.
  4. The red indicator light is on after connecting the power, open the leakage protection switch in the distribution box, then activate the green button switch, the machine starts work normally, and it needs to swing forward and backward.
  5. During the working process, the six alloy rollers must keep rotating. If one of them does not rotate, it must be stopped, clean the dust inside, and the butter should be freshly applied to make it rotate. The bearing is found to be unusable and needs to be replaced immediately.
Concrete Scabbling Equipment
Concrete Scabbling Equipment


  • Model: YG-400
    Power: 5.5kw
    Voltage: 380V
    Number of Chisel Heads: 5
    Working Width: 3-5mm
    Working Efficiency: 30-50㎡/H
    Dimension: 1100*500*950mm
    Weight: 120kg

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What is Concrete Scabbler?

Concrete scabbler is an important process. It makes the pavement surface to be roughened or reduced, making it a useful process for removing road markings, preparing surfaces for grouting or paint processing. It is also widely used in anti-slip applications, such as creating wheelchair anti-skid channel, anti-slip of livestock. The slurry of cement concrete pavement is easy to destroy the waterproof layer of the bridge deck. When the vehicle load is passing, it is easy to cause the bridge deck to have insufficient shearing resistance, which makes the concrete peel off and affect the service life of the bridge deck.  can solve the laitance to facilitate the bonding and fastening of the concrete.

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