50 sets of YG 60m Fog cannon machines were exported to Chile. Fully automatic type.

Leonardo Ponce runs a trading company in Chile. He has received an inquiry about industrial dust suppression fog cannon machines from his customer. So he tried to find a factory that can manufacture this machine. As one of the top China fog cannon machine manufacturers, YG Machinery stands out with the factory price, high quality, and 18 years of experience in this field.

The customer is very satisfaied with the machine. You give me many support in the last 3 weeks. Thank you guys so much. And I will cooperate with your factory in a near future too.


Can a fog cannon machine really reduce dust? What is a fog cannon machine for sale? How does it work? You will find the answer below.

Powerful Water Mist Dust Fog Cannon Sprayer for Industrial Dust Suppression

The characteristics of the automatic fog cannon machine are long range, wide coverage, high work efficiency, precise spraying, and the sprayed mist particles are small. When in contact with dust, a moist mist is formed, which can quickly suppress the dust.

Fog Cannon for Sale Parameters

Horizontal Range30m40m50m60m100m
Fog Size40-200μm40-200μm40-200μm40-200μm30-200μm
Fan Diameter500mm500mm700mm700mm1200mm
Fan Length1.25m1.5m2.1m2.1m2.55m
Fan Power3kw5.5kw15kw18.5kw55kw
Water Pump Power3kw3kw5.5kw5.5kw11kw

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Scope of application:

  1. Open-air material storage yard, coal logistics park, open-pit mining, open-pit blasting dust, closed unloading area, truck unloading port, dump truck unloading dust, large loading truck working dust, coastal port loading, transshipment of coal, ore, Dust pollution control such as bulk powder handling;
  2. Dust control of building construction demolition, unloading and shipping of construction waste or waste residue, ship transportation, local dust control of mechanical operations, and road dust pollution control during heavy vehicle transportation;
  3. Dust reduction, moisturizing, cooling, and disinfection in airports, expressways, stations, docks, public places, sports venues, hot venues, etc.
  4. Environmental disinfection of livestock and poultry houses, industrial water mist cooling, humidification, urban sanitation, and epidemic prevention, etc., but with the rapid development of facility agriculture and the need for biological pesticide spraying, cart-type dedusting sprayers are also used in the field of facility agriculture Spraying chemical pesticides and biological pesticides and also has a certain range of applications in greenhouse seedling raising, greenhouse humidification and cooling, and foliar fertilization.


The spray distance of the dust suppression fog cannon machine is 30 meters to 100 meters. And it can rotate left and right, and the spray coverage area is large. Tap water can be used, and reclaimed water can also be used. And the water consumption is small. It can be used for fixed installation or for mobile use on a trailer. There are two modes of operation, manual and remote.

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China Water Spray Fog Cannon Factory

Henan YG Machinery is a professional fog cannon machine manufacturer in China. We have mobile dust suppression machines, truck-mounted fog cannon, hydroseeding machines, etc. The industrial mist cannon machine has many advantages, such as long-range, strong penetrability, wide-coverage, fine water mist particles, more uniform spraying, fast dust reduction, higher work efficiency, and rapid dust suppression and settlement.

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