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With the development of social economy, the improvement of people’s material living standards and the increasing requirements for environmental protection, citizens have put forward higher requirements for environmental public health and the cleaning of facilities. Therefore, the research and product development of road sweeper machine have developed rapidly in recent years.

What is a road sweeper machine?

This equipement is a High-tech mechanical road sweeper machine. We can see its busy presence in all walks of life. Its main function is to make the city cleaner, meet the needs of modern people, and create a clean and tidy environment for everyone to live comfortably. So what problems has his appearance helped us solve?

Types of sweeping machine for road

  • Walk-behind road sweeper
  • Self drive road sweeper or Ride on road sweeper
  • Sweeping machine for road
  • Vacuum road sweeper
  • Multifunctional vacuum cleaner for road cleaning
  • Street vacuum sweeper
  • Wet road sweeper
  • Back to black road sweeper

Functions of road cleaning machine

Road sweeper machines are specialized in urban roads, pavement cleaning, and specialized road sanitation cleaning.

Its scope of application is mainly on the city’s main highways, municipal roads and streets, airport flight pavements, residential areas where people gather, and road cleaning in large parks. The function of the road sweeper is not only to sweep out garbage from the road, but also to purify the air magazine that permeates the road. It not only beautifies the beauty of the road, but also maintains the normal working condition of the road.

Comparison between mechanical road sweeper and manual road sweepers

  1. Work efficiency. The time for the same working area is greatly shortened;
  2. Cleaning cost. It is certain that the cleaning cost per unit area of machinery is lower than that of labor;
  3. Cleaning effect, machinery can avoid the problem of uneven use of detergent and inconsistent cleaning effect;
  4. Safety performance. It allows cleaning workers to be in a safe environment (there are too many vehicles on the road and their own safety awareness is not strong)
  5. Economic return: The sweeping and vacuuming system of a road sweeper is equivalent to 6-40 times the labor required.

Road sweeper VS Road cleaning truck VS Road vacuum cleaner truck

The water tank of the road sweeper is small and uses a low-pressure water pump. When sweeping the road, the water only acts on the spray to reduce dust. Some stubborn garbage, such as dry soil stuck to the ground, cannot be swept away or sucked up by the sweeper!

The water tank of the road sweeper truck has a large capacity and uses a high-pressure water pump. When sweeping the road, the road surface is first flushed with water at high pressure. Even the stubborn garbage can be flushed directly, and then the garbage is sucked and collected to achieve a better cleaning effect.

Due to its good dust collection and dust suppression effects, Road vacuum cleaner truck is especially suitable for places with a lot of road dust, such as cement plants, coal plants, mining areas, steel plants, thermal power plants, ports and terminals, etc.

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How much is a road sweeper machine?

The price of the road cleanner machine depends on the model, brand, and functions. If you are looking for a high quality road sweeper machine, please leave your requirements below. Our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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