YG-180 Hand-push Thermoplastic Marking Machine

YG-180 hand-push thermoplastic marking machine is a new and special product. It is the ideal equipment in marking construction, can mark lines independently without hot melt kettle. thermoplastic marking machine can mark road safety signs, such as zebra crossing, sidewalk, driveway.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for Sale
Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for Sale


  • Model: YG-180 Thermoplastic Marking Machine
  • Spraying Capacity: 100kg/time
  • Width: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm
  • Thickness: 1.0-3.0mm
  • Speed: 1.5km / h
  • Heating Temperature: 180-230 ° C
  • Heating Method: petroleum liquefied gas
  • Volume: 1400*900*1150mm
  • Weight: 150kg

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YG180 hand-push marking machine consists of a heating kettle, clutch actuator, trunk, rear-wheel locator, glass bead box, coating bucket, heating system, walking system, and others.



YG-180 Marking Machine
YG-180 Hand-push Thermoplastic Marking Machine


  1. This machine is light, compact, and beautiful.
  2. The lifting design of the handle allows the operator to make adjustments as needed.
  3. The speed control buffer device makes the glass bead and paints spray simultaneously.
  4. Stainless steel heating kettle adopts detachable design and has a good thermal insulation effect.
  5. There is a filter in the kettle, which can filter out impurities in the paint.
  6. Adjustable pointers can increase productivity.
  7. The coating bucket adopts a high-precision steel plate, resistant to high temperature, corrosion, deformation.
  8. Wheels are made of cast iron and imported rubber, they are lightweight, strong, and durable.
Line Striping Machine
YG-180 Thermoplastic Marking Machine

Line Larking Equipment
thermoplastic road marking machine

Road Marking Equipment
hand push road marking machine

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Primer Spraying Machine

The road primer spraying machine is also accessory equipment for marking lines. Primer is a bonding material for coating hot-melt coatings. Road primer machine can improve the adhesion between hot-melt coatings and the road surface, and avoid film peeling off. In addition, primer can increase the fullness of the paint, make coating have anti-alkaline and anti-corrosion functions. And at the same time, it can ensure uniform absorption of topcoat, and make the line have a good visual effect.

Features of Priming Machine

  • The machine uses a gasoline engine as the power and is equipped with an automatic air compressor device. It improves work efficiency and reduces labor intensity.
  • Safe pressure controlling keeps pressure stable and sets a one-way ball valve.
  • The lifting design of the spray gun guide bar makes the spraying width more accurate and convenient.
  • No noise, no pollution, easy to operate and maintain, and has a long service life.
Primer Spraying Machine
Primer Spraying Machine



  • Model: Road Cleaning Blower
  • Cleaning Width: 220mm
  • Size: 1100*600*900mm
  • Weight: 48kg

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Road Waterline Machine

The hand-push waterline machine is the auxiliary equipment for road marking construction. The waterline machine is the special machinery for placing the reference waterline before marking construction. The operation is very easy. Add the water line paint into the bucket, put down the pointer, and find the baseline or datum. And open the value, then the worker can do the next painting work. The positioner can determine lines or irregular lines, and one to three reference lines can be placed at the same time. The operator can control the baseline width by changing the length of the telescopic frame. The telescopic rod and frame of the water line machine are detachable, light and flexible, easy to transport and use.

Road Waterline Machine
Road Waterline Machine



  • Model: Road Waterline Machine
  • Maximum width: 7.2 meters
  • Dimension: 1300*900*1000mm
  • Weight: 128kg

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Road Clean Equipment

It is necessary to keep the road clean before marking the line, road cleaning blower is ideal equipment for cleaning various road surfaces. The cleaning machine is mainly used for road surface cleaning before marking construction. The hand-push blower combines the characteristics of the sweeping machine and blower. It greatly improves work efficiency and saves construction costs.

Road Cleaning Blower

  • Cleaning force step-less adjustment range is strong, medium, and weak.
  • Wire wheel uses iron and special wear-resistant rubber.
  • Adopts turbocharged wind wheel.
  • The liftable handle design is suitable for different operators.
  • Throttle can control the adjustment of wind power.
Road Cleaning Blower
Road Cleaning Blower



  • Model: Road Primer Spraying Machine
  • Maximum Discharge Pressure: 0.5Mpa
  • Spraying Width: 100–450 mm
  • Walking Speed: 65-70m/min
  • Dimension: 800*400*850mm
  • Weight: 50kg

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How to Complete the Marking Line Effectively?

  1. Heat the paint in the thermoplastic marking machine. The temperature is controlled between 180 and 220 degrees Celsius, and fully stir the mixture for about 10 minutes.
  2. Clean the road surface, ensure the flatness and smoothness of the ground.
  3. Put the waterline on the road surface according to the design drawing, and draw the line that needs to be marked.
  4. Spray primer next to the waterline, which can increase the adhesive power of thermoplastic paint.
  5. Spray hot melt coating after the primer is dry and spread the reflective glass beads in the marking machine at the same time. It can increase nighttime identification. The thickness of the marking line is 1.5-1.8 mm.

Road Construction Machine Manufacturer – YG Machinery

Apart from the above auxiliary equipment, YG machinery also provides other machines for marking plastic pavement, such as plastic floor scraping machines, plastic floor spraying machines. The hand-push thermoplastic marking machine is very popular among road construction projects. It has played a huge role in urban planning and road construction, its efficiency and accuracy can maximally save the construction period and economic investment. In addition, YG thermoplastic road marking machines have many models. They have different appearances and functions, but the marking effect is better. Every style is popular and enjoys an excellent reputation for high qualities.

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